Can You Really Win Money With Online Casinos?


Can You Really Win Money With Online Casinos?

Believe it or not, leaning on luck for money is nothing new. 

What? You mean getting the same cash you can make from months of “regular” work in just a few seconds is a good thing?  

I mean, we don’t judge around here. But, yeah. Kinda. 

And doing it online from your couch in your gym shorts? Even better. 

But the one question we get asked all the time is:

“But… Mr. Bodog… can you really get major casino wins, Bodog?”

Considering we’ve spent two and a half decades (class of ‘94) fine-tuning our gambling game and seeing our players cash out astronomical sums of money, we’re gonna go ahead and say YES. 

But hold your horses, cowboy. There are some things you need to know before you can be pro enough to get what Bodog likes to call, shall we say, “big casino wins”. 

Every pro player needs to know where their game comes from. Your game is online casino gaming. And we’re the experts. 

So listen up. Class is in session. 

When did gambling get online?

Gambling online didn’t start making tracks on the web until the 90s. Punters were turning up Nirvana’s Nevermind to drown out the screeches and bleeps of dial up internet, while we sat cooly in the background waiting for the world to catch up.

In 1994 Barbuda and Antigua passed the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act which allowed companies to offer online gambling services. And for the record, Bodog was already in the works setting up their first online casino based in Costa Rica. That’s right, we’re in the history books, too. 

Then in 1996 the Mohawk Indian tribe based in Canada (represent!) started issuing gaming licenses when they formed the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. 

1997 was when online casinos really boomed. We’re talkin’ 15 cute little guys to 200 wildly popular online casinos. For you number folks out there, that’s 1300% growth in one year. Damn. 

Then that brings us to 2020 (save a few years), and online gambling is a $6.7 billion industry. 

So you’ve got to ask yourself, with so many online casinos out there, who is really legit? Hint: We are.  

And how do you make sure you can really win money? By following some guidelines. Ours, of course. Because we actually want our patrons to win. 

How to Make Your First Deposit Online

First things first. To get in on some of those big Bodog casino wins, you’ve got to make a deposit. 

Your first deposit bonus is crucial to making money because it gets you started off on the right foot, and gives you something to play with. 

If you haven’t tried Bitcoin as a deposit method yet, now’s the time to get in on it. Bitcoin is the most secure method for dealing with money in a casino, and we preach it. 

This is why:

  • Security. Nothing is more secure than Bitcoin. It’s backed by air-tight encryption through a blockchain, which has zero recorded cases of hacking.
  • Privacy. As far as the Bitcoin gods are concerned, you don’t exist… and…well… neither do they.
  • Speed. 15 minutes max. It’s digital. No lines, no awkward eye contact. That’s two cycles of November Rain.

As for your first deposit bonus, Bitcoin or otherwise, it’s really easy. 

This is the breakdown:

  1. Log in to your Bodog account.
  2. Press the menu icon on the top right corner.
  3. Push the red deposit button.
  4. Choose your favorite deposit method. Remember our old friend Bitcoin? Bitcoin deposits give you an extra 150% on your 1st deposit. Nice. 
  5. Select how much you’d like to deposit, and make sure to choose your favorite bonus.
  6. Push the red deposit button again.
  7. See your confirmation. 

Now you can choose your game – a popular table classic, like Blackjack or Roulette, perhaps? Or maybe slots is more your style. Whatever takes your fancy: the world is your bitcoin.

Picking the Best Online Casino Game to Play

Picking the Best Online Casino Game to Play


So now you’ve got bitcoin bullets in your gun, and you’re looking for a target. Relax: with bitcoin, you never release the safety (but there’s still plenty of bang for your buck).

Choosing the right game can reap big rewards. And the game you choose does matter for how much you can win. 

You need to have technique to your choices.  

With a casino like Bodog that has 300+ games, it can be overwhelming.

Here are some swords our biggest players wield to choose games for the best casino wins at Bodog:

Start with games you’ve played before. Both online or offline. Is Blackjack your poison? Well there’s your start. If you’re totally new to online gambling, just explore the different game descriptions and see if any stand out to you.

Test different games with minimal bets. (Read step #4) This is a low-risk method to get your feet wet and see what you like the most. 

Think outside of slots. Although there are an insane number of slots to choose from, don’t forget to explore hundreds of other classic games, too: Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Pontoon, and plenty more. These classics are also fun because they add a social scene to the mix. You’re one of us now.  

Think big, target jackpots. If you want to win legendary sums of money (literally in the millions), then you’ve got to focus on games with massive Jackpots. 

Keep track of your wins and losses in each game. See which ones have been the most profitable for you, and make a point to revisit them.

Stay on top of new promos and bonuses. Especially on your favorite games. Take advantage as they come, because we roll out fresh ones on the regular. 

Above all remember that finding your perfect combo of games for big wins takes a bit of trial and error. You’re not locked into the first game you choose. So play around. 

Bankroll Management to Help You Win Online

Your bankroll is one of the most important parts of gambling online and achieving big casino wins here at Bodog. And yet too many players can’t manage it. 

The thing is, if you have a clear bankroll in place and you stick to it, you actually increase your chances of winning. How? Because you have money left over to play the next day. 

If you go all in and spend everything at once, your chances of losing big are increased. But if you do what you can with that day’s budget, you can return the next day after Lady Luck got her beauty sleep. 

Basically, money management = better chances. 

Follow these tips for best bankroll practices:

Set a Budget. How much money can you play with WITHOUT affecting your quality of life? 

Set Your Bet Range. We recommend 1-2% of your bankroll per bet. 

Track Everything.  Wins, losses, deposits, withdrawals, etc. Write it all down, and look back on it before you make big decisions. 

Keep a Poker Face: Don’t let your emotions make the decisions for you. Stay in control. 

Cash It Out: When you’ve earned 2x your first deposit, cash it out quickly. Enjoy it. Come back later to try again. 

Never Chase Losses: Don’t try to catch a falling knife. Accept the realistic side of gambling, which is that you will lose sometimes. Spending more money isn’t always the answer, even if you’ve got that weird itch in your left eye that signals the Blackjack dealer is about to hand you an even twenty-one. 

Get a Welcome Bonus: That’s a huge part of the Bodog experience, and it increases your bankroll on our dime. That and many other bonuses. 

Believe it or not, with these tips you’re already lightyears ahead of other gamblers. At Bodog, our players (that’s you) know how to play smart to get their big casino wins. 

Let’s talk about progressives. 

The Best Progressives to Make a Fortune Online

Bankroll management is just the beginning of big wins.

And it happens to be the ticket to using progressives like a boss. 

‘Progressives’ are huge payouts that increase each time the game is played. It’s a collective fund that gets bigger as the game goes on. 

And there’s a right way and a wrong way to manage them. These are the right ways:

Keep playing like it was a non-progressive slot. Remember the trusty bankroll we talked about? Follow it. Otherwise, you’ll end up broke and with no progressive, or anything else.

Focus on games with progressive jackpots. Easy guess, right? If you want to win progressives, then you have to, ya know, play the games with progressives. 

Play when the jackpot is huge. This requires no more explanation, wouldn’t you agree?

Don’t fear your cash. As long as you’re following your bankroll (have we mentioned that?), play with the cash you have without fear. Go in, bet big, and reap rewards.

These are the progressives to make a killing with us:

Game                                          Jackpot Available
Shopping Spree                        $3,615,000
Food Fight!                               $841,000
Super Diamond Mine             $570,000
Strike Gold                               $150,000
Money Magic                           $113,000 

That’s it, Maestro. 

Properly managed progressives are your chance to turn a tiny little opt-in ($1) into massive fortunes. 

On to payout percentages, and the best games.

The Online Casino Games with the Best Payout Percentages

Some casino games are rich with possibilities. Shiny prizes, huge bonuses, and insane jackpots. Others, a bit dull. 

Naturally, you’re interested in playing the games with the highest chances of the shiny stuff, not the bleh

We couldn’t agree more. For the Bodog games offering the best casino wins, that would be these (all with progressive jackpots):

  • A Night with Cleo: x500 bet per line
  • Gold Rush Gus: x500 bet per line
  • Food Fight: x3,500 bet per line
  • One Million Reels BC: x900 bet per line
  • Shopping Spree: x600 bet per line
  • Multiplier Man: x200 bet per line
  • Robin Hood & His Merry Wins: x200 bet per line

Now for the best part of how you can truly make real money – bonuses. 

Lucrative Bonuses to Take Advantage of When Playing Online

Lucrative Bonuses to Take Advantage of When Playing Online


Congrats Bodog brothers and sisters.

You’ve officially made it to the juicy bonus section, where we talk cash (more cash, that is).

Bonuses are powerful tools for you to take advantage of. And there are plenty of options with casino wins at Bodog. 

So do yourself a favor and claim these:

  1. 100% Casino Bonus: Get 100% extra on your deposit up to $600 (amazing for slots!)
  2. 100% Poker Bonus: Get 100% extra on your deposit up to $1000
  3. 100% Sports Bonus: Get 100% extra on your deposit up to $200
  4. Refer a Friend (RAF): Get 200% extra on your friend’s first deposit up to $100
  5. 150% Bitcoin Casino: Get 150% extra on your first deposit up to $900
  6. 100% Bitcoin Sports: Get 100% extra on your first deposit up to $300

Looks nice, right? Yep. That’s what we do here. And you’re welcome. 

Go, on now. Start winning. 

Remember the key takeaway here, folks.

Making money with online gambling can be easy, if you do it right. 

Be wise with bankrolls, take advantage of progressives, and don’t forget to claim your bonuses as you play. 

Get out there and make some mullah!