Online Casino Strategy

Casino Strategy

Don’t just waltz in here like you own the place. Perhaps one day you will, but for now, these are our quickfire online casino strategies.



You’ve made your deposit, and you’re amped up. Ready to go all-in. Nice. You’re ambitious. We like that.

But what we also like around here is playing smart. Before any bettor plays his hand in an online casino, there are some things they really must do.

Check the rules.

Don’t just breeze over them.

They tell you:

  • The rules for your specific game. Even if you know how to play, each online casino might have slight variations that could be the difference between a happy dance and a “WTF” moment. Be informed.
  • About the pay table. Payouts vary for the value of winning hands, which varies by game. Know the pay table so you can choose the right one. We want you to make great decisions, because they bring you and your winnings closer together.


Get familiar with a game on Practice Play before you use real money. That’s especially true if you’re trying out new strategies. If only everything in life had the option of a

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Play big. Play with your head. Welcome to Bodog.