Best Bodog Casino Games Strategy


Best Bodog Casino Games Strategy

Welcome to the house of the Bodog Online Casino games strategy. Let’s talk. 

Now, every game can use a strategy to warm up Lady Luck (some with more success than others). We like to focus on the ones that have made fortunes in the past. Let’s play!

1. Blackjack

I’m sure you’ve played online casino Blackjack before. But have you done it with optimal strategies? 

This is a little taste of the Bodog Casino games strategy for Blackjack

Basically, you want to build a score of 17 or higher with hard hands, and 19 or higher with soft hands. 

When you have a 16 or below, you have to determine how likely the Dealer is to bust. A good thing to keep in mind is that low cards (Six and below) are the riskiest for the Dealer. That’s when it’s a good idea for you to hold back. 

As for doubling and splitting, you should double with a hard 10 and 11, and Split with Eights, Nines, and Aces.

2. Caribbean Stud Poker

The payouts for Caribbean Stud Poker are steep – especially when you play progressive. When you opt in to the progressive Jackpot with $1, you’ll also get 100% of the Jackpot. 

The payouts are so huge because, in order to beat the Dealer, you need to have high hands like a Royal Flush, which is the strongest with up to a 200/1 payout.

That’s not easy to get with only 5 cards.

For the Bodog Casino games strategy, we find that raising 82% of the time is optimal. Specifically, Raising pairs and Folding anything lower than Ace-King, and Folding with Ace-Queen or worse.


3. Let ‘Em Ride

Let ‘Em Ride for real money online

For Let ‘Em Ride, you get dealt 3 cards, face-up, and 2 cards, face-down. With Bodog’s finest online casino games strategies, you have the potential to lower the house edge to 3.51%.

Now, to get a payout, you have to get a five-card Poker hand, including at least a pair of Tens. You can get up to 1000/1 payout for a Royal Flush. Playtime has never been so rewarding.

This is the best games strategy to make it happen: 

After the first three cards are dealt, you have to decide whether or not you should raise. Some strategic games tips for when to raise: when you have a hand of Tens or Better, Three cards to a Royal Flush, or Three cards to a Straight Flush with no gaps. 

When the fourth card comes, you should raise if you have any Made hand, or four cards to a Flush. 

You can manage all that, right? Learning just a few sneaky tips can fill you with the confidence to play online casino games more strategically and deliberately. I can see you’ve got the true winner blood coursing through your veins already. You got this, player.