Online Roulette Guide – Learn How to Spin and Win

Online roulette guide at Bodog Casino

No sound is more satisfying than the staccata of the ball circling the wheel before giving way to a clunk in the slot. That’s Roulette. And we love it.

Apparently, so did the French. In the 17th century, a French guy named Blaise Pascal started the trend with a “perpetual motion machine”. (No machine is perpetual, as a matter of trivia, unless we need to upend the laws of thermodynamics. And you don’t have time for that right now). Ahem. So: by the time the game made it to the States, the cheating was so rampant that they had to put the game on a table to block players from controlling the wheel. Tsk Tsk!


Perhaps that’s due to the sum of the numbers on the Roulette wheel adding up to 666… true story. I ran the experiment to be sure, and for trivia buffs and superstitious types out there, it’s Bodog-verified and double-checked at the gate. Allow me to brush off that Gothic-era shoulder-devil you host, and then please step into my virtual office.

Nowadays, we’re kinda lucky in comparison to the game’s pioneers. But making bets on real money Roulette is really, really convenient. You can figure out how to Roulette online in a few quick seconds, and take your winnings home in the same breath.

Let’s get spinning, shall we?

1. How Online Roulette Works

In comparison to the old days of Mr Pascal and his troupe of rascals, real money Roulette online is pretty darn effortless for the average dilettante. Instead of trading in your cash for Roulette chips at the counter, you can click on your chips right there on the platform.

And rather than suspect human influence from the croupier when they spin that wheel (and sure as heck they do), at Bodog online, you click a button and the built-in Random Number Generator (RNG) takes care of the outcome. That’s how to Roulette online – fair and square.

2. Online Roulette Rules

There are plenty of bets you can make with Roulette for real money. The bets work the same for both online American and online European Roulette. They’re broken down into two main categories: inside and outside bets.

Inside Bets

These are the bets you make on the numbers marked within the inner (or inside) part of the table. They’re least likely to land, so they pay the highest.

  • Straight: betting on a single number. Pays the highest at 35:1
  • Split: betting on two adjacent numbers, pays 17:1
  • Street: Betting on 3 consecutive numbers in a horizontal line, pays 11:1
  • Corner: Betting on a square block of 4 different numbers, pays 8:1
  • Six Line: Betting on two street bets next to each other, pays 5:1
Outside Bets

These are, as you might imagine, bets made on the outside part of the table. Most of them pay at 1:1.

  • Red or Black: Betting that the ball will clunk in either a red or a black pocket.
  • Odd or Even: Betting on the winning pocket being either an odd or even number
  • High or Low: Betting on whether or not the winning number will be low with 1-18, or high with 19-36
  • Columns: Betting on just one number in a column (top, middle, or bottom) to win
  • Dozens: The wheel has three sets of a dozen numbers: 1-12, 3-24, and 25-36. A Dozens bet is choosing one set. If any number within that set wins, you win your bet. This one pays out 2:1.

3. Difference Between European and American Roulette

Online American and online European Roulette are similar when you look at the board. They both have the expected alternating black/red pockets. But there’s one slight difference that has major consequences. And it’s not about Italian vs New York-style pizza, though one of these offerings is a clear winner.

It’s about the house edge.

In online European Roulette, there’s only one zero. With 37 pockets, the house edge comes out to 2.7%.

American Roulette, on the other hand, has two green zeros (00) and 38 pockets. That brings the house edge up to 5.4%.

Many players choose to stick with online European Roulette for that reason. And we can’t blame them. The lower house edge creates better odds across the board, which means bigger wins. But what else can you do in either version to maximise your own chances?

Difference Between European and American Roulette

4. Online Roulette Strategy

Since outside even money bets are the most reliable, start your game with those. Once you build up a solid bankroll, increase your risk a bit more and go for a higher paying bet, eventually putting your money on Straight.

You could also try some “Progressive” Roulette for real money strategies. Basically, you increase the size of your bet just a little more each time that wheel blurs in a perfect pirouette.

For example:

Martingale’s strategy: start with small bets but double the bet size after each loss, so when you win, you get all your money back.
Paroli’s strategy: double your bet after each win, until you reach three wins or a loss.

Or perhaps you can suggest another approach, which may one day bear your name. Either way, that’s how to Roulette online. And when you play real money Roulette, it’s sure to bring you some real thrills. With our spin and win chat concluded, you’re free to make like Pascal and throw down a big ole’ wager.