Learn to Win Real Money at Canada’s Online Casino


Learn to Win Real Money at Canada's Online Casino

Feeling lucky today? Or maybe you struck gold yesterday, and now you’re planning to double it. Even without that lucky itch, there is ample opportunity to apply skill and strategy to your game. Perhaps the plan is to simply overwhelm us with your charm. Hey, we’ve succumbed to less. 

On the subject of charm, welcome to Bodog: your one and only online casino for real money, for those who lead with their heads and those who lead with their hearts. 

We’ve got games galore. You can play online Blackjack, Baccarat, casino slots, modern interpretations of old classics, and just the old classics. We have thousands more games. As far as the eye can see and farther than your imagination can stretch. 

And you’ll be happy to know that in this online casino for real money, we’ve got strategies just waiting for you to adopt. Tips, tricks, and plans. Advice. Lessons. Fashion guidance (you won’t be needing that, though – look at how stylishly put-together you are!). We’re like your mentor on-call joining forces with your favourite high school teacher, collaborating to make a better player – ergo, a better bettor every time.

Once you’re acquainted with the best strategies, we’ll have you saddled up to play real money casino games now

Let’s start with the best part: games with mammoth, real money Jackpots

Learn about Progressive Games and How they Work

Learn about Progressive Games and How they Work


When you play at an online casino for real money, your aim is to win the most money possible. Astute observation, I know. Anyway, winning all that money comes down to playing games with progressive Jackpots.

Progressives are most often found on casino slots, for sure. But they can be on table games, too. Either way, if you want the big bucks, progressive Jackpots are how it’s done. 

This is why: a progressive Jackpot starts with a small amount (called a seed) given by your provider. That’s us. Greetings. Then, each time someone plays, the Jackpot gets bigger. Into the millions. Then some lucky brother or sister wins it. Then it starts all over again. 

And we even turn up the fun dial, because there’s no cap on how many players can contribute. Nor on how many players can win. 

Remember one thing, though: in the case of casino slots online, you usually have to make the max bet to be eligible. Don’t forget this. Otherwise you could win the Jackpot, but only keep a portion. It’s enough to make a grown man cry…

And for table games, you have to be eligible as well. Like when you play online Blackjack and various forms of Poker with progressive Jackpots. You have to opt in with $1 by clicking on the circle before dealing your first hand.

And while it’s true that progressive Jackpots are the most legendary kind when playing casino slots ($4.7 Million – Mega Moolah, baby), certain table games are just as luscious. 

Like when you play online Blackjack. So we’ll start there. 

Learn Optimal Blackjack and Improve the Odds

Learn Optimal Blackjack and Improve the Odds


When you play online Blackjack, your odds start at around 2%. That’s when you do the bare minimum… but you do have the power to lower the house edge to 0.5%. That’s insanely small. And on top of that, the progressive Jackpot is available, too. But in order to get all of this, you have to play the game right.  

First, the point of Blackjack is to have a sum of cards as close as possible to 21 without going over. And you want to get it before the Dealer does. 

In order to win when you play online Blackjack, you should know when to make your actions. Mainly when to Hit (take another card) or Stand (keep your cards without taking any more). 

Let’s start with Hard totals, or totals that do not contain an Ace. 

When you have a Hard total of 16 or less, you’ll want to Hit if the Dealer shows 7-K or an Ace. Those are your best odds. If you do this when the Dealer has 7-9, for example, your odds are 25% to beat them. Then let’s say you have a Hard total of 11 or lower. You should Hit when the Dealer’s upcard shows a 4, 5, or 6. In this case, you have a 42% chance of winning! 

Soft totals, or totals that have an Ace, are a bit different. 

Let’s say you have a Soft 13 (Ace+2) and the Dealer shows a 3. You should Stand. Or when you have a 17 (Ace+6) and the Dealer has anything at all, always Stand. You’re super close to 21 at this point, and you have a 52% chance of busting if you take another card.

Learn Baccarat and Keep the Wins Steady

Next up at your favorite online casino for real money. Baccarat.

It’s you against the Dealer. But in Baccarat, the Dealer is called the Banker. And you are the Player. You bet on either the Banker or the Player to get a sum closest to 9. You can also bet on there being a Tie. 

Remember that in Baccarat, it doesn’t matter whether or not you get closest to 9. The only thing that matters is who you bet on, and whether or not that person won (or a Tie occurred). 

It’s done like this: you and the Banker each receive two cards, face up. Then you add up the total to see who’s closest to 9. If the sum is a two-digit number, like 15 for example, you drop the first digit. So now the sum is 5. Then, depending on each person’s hands, a third card may be drawn.  

The key to making the most regular wins in Baccarat comes down to the odds. 

The Banker has the best odds of winning, at 45.8% of the time. Next is the Player, at 44.6%. And betting a Tie comes last, with only 9.6%. For this reason, betting on the Banker most of the time will have the best odds for you. Switching it up between the Banker and the Player is also not a bad idea, and your odds will be similar. The only one you shouldn’t rely on for steady wins is a Tie.

There are some other approaches out there, like noticing that a streak lasts 4-5 times, after which you should switch up your bet. If you’re feelin’ it like that, then, by all means, go with your gut. But remember that there is zero statistical advantage to that strategy. It’s merely a hunch (known as the Gambler’s Fallacy). 

Learn Unique Slots like A Night with Cleo to Win Huge Jackpots

No online casino for real money is complete without a sexy casino slot. What, you didn’t know slots could be sexy? Well then – it’s time to reassess your entire world view. Get ready for Cleo.

A Night With Cleo is a casino slot with a progressive Jackpot and a seductive twist. Cleo is perhaps history’s most revered Egyptian Pharaoh whose sensual beauty and sexual potency would raise the eyebrows even today. These elements make for a thrilling game with, shall we say, voluptuous rewards.  

Your night with Cleo takes place over 5 rows, 3 reels, and 20 paylines. In order to win, you must land between two and five matching Symbols. 

Cleopatra herself is the Wild and the top-paying Symbol. She doubles anything she touches, bursting open with prizes. The Free Spins icon is the Scatter, and you can win up to 180 Free spins. Anything to make it through the night, right?

To take home the big bucks (which also happens to be Cleo’s objective, ahem), you want to go for the progressive Jackpot. This Jackpot can only be won during the free spins. Right now, the Jackpot sits at $21K, but it continues to inflate by the minute.

All other wins are multiplied by 3x, or even 6x, when your seductress Cleo appears. If you win in the base game, you’re swept away to Cleo’s chambers for the tantalizing Gamble Feature. 

In the Gamble Feature, you have the chance to double your wins – and your chances for some hanky panky with Cleo. With every correct choice, Cleo reveals another part of her, errr, ample femininity, slowly undressing for you as you rake in the cash. 

Big wins, and sexy times. I told you casino slots had it all. 

So: whether you play online Blackjack, Baccarat, or casino slots, the point is the same. Go for the big bucks with progressive Jackpots. Make the right wagers. Follow the Bodog strategies. Get regular, real money paydays. Sunshine, lollipops, and cold-hard cash.