Win Big at Bodog Casino


Win Big at Bodog Casino

Come a little closer. Listen in. These 2 sentences could change your life:

  1. Millions of dollars are given away every month at Bodog through our Canadian online casino big wins.
  2. We’re about to tell you how.

Got your attention? Excellent. Let’s start. 

Play progressive slots at Bodog Casino

Progressive slots are when the Jackpot gets bigger as you play. That’s how the Jackpots reach legendary sizes. And at Bodog, in the case of Canada’s best online casino, weekly big winners are the norm.

Here are a few to try. 


A Night with Cleo

This has the fastest-growing Jackpot of any game at Bodog. It grows randomly and can increase after any spin. 

It also has:

  • Free spins
  • Special Wild Payout (x10,000 your bet)
  • Gamble Feature (A 50/50 chance to double your win)

Gold Rush Gus

If you live for bonus features, this is your game. Special icons, bonus games, free spins, a Treasure Chest scatter, re-spins…the whole money lot. You even get your own progressive jackpot meter.

To say there’s a lot of opportunity in Gold Rush Gus is a massive understatement.

Food Fight

What do 5 puddings in a row equal? In Food Fight, they equal a mammoth progressive jackpot. 

Food fight isn’t blessed with loads of bonus features, but it does have regular big wins during standard play. 

Play Progressive Tables Games Online at Bodog

Play Progressive Tables Games Online at Bodog


These 3 are the most popular. 

Caribbean Stud Poker

You can opt into the Jackpot by adding $1 to your stake at the start. Hit a royal flush and you win it.

It’s played like this:

  • You and the Dealer get five cards.
  • If you think your hand is better, hit raise. If not, then fold.
  • If you win, you get paid according to your hand.

Bodog Pro Tip: Hit raise when you have a pair or better.

Caribbean Hold ‘Em

Caribbean Hold ‘Em shares the Jackpot with Caribbean Stud Poker. So make sure you toss in your $1 if you want to win. This time a royal flush will win you 100x your stake, plus the Jackpot if you opted in. 

Bodog Pro Tip: Hit fold on the flip if you have 2 non-paired undercards and no straight or flush draws.

Let ‘Em Ride

It’s a simple game, with big wins. Definitely worth the ride. 

  • You get three cards.
  • You can raise or continue before getting your 4th card.
  • Repeat before getting your 5th card.

If you make a pair of tens or better, you win. Get a royal flush and you win a whopping 1000x your stake. Opt in to the progressive Jackpot and a royal flush sends you packing with a fortune.


And that’s it, folks. Bodog makes big wins at your trusted online casino easy. We like it when you win. Remember that.