Strategy and luck. A winning combo. Get more out of your Keno game by following these very basic strategy tips.



Keno is like the lottery, but with a juicy twist: you can bet more money on more numbers. And that means you can win more money, too.

So, surely a game like Keno has no place for strategy, right? Mmmm. You’d be wrong. At Bodog, we find winning strategies in every game.

Here’s what to do for optimal Keno play:

Start with fewer numbers. The odds of hitting every number if you choose all 15 are astronomically high. Start with four to eight.

Try using “multi-race” cards. Choose a set of numbers at the beginning and keep those numbers for the entirety of the game.

Don’t stick with familiar “lucky” numbers. Luck is for amateurs. Change it up. Use a random number generator to pick the numbers for you.

Always measure your personal risk/reward meter. How much are you willing to lose for the possible rewards?

Slow down. Keno is easy. And fun. So it’s a common mistake to keep a heavy hand on the “play” button. Lighten it up a bit. Take a break. Enjoy the ride.

And like any other online casino game, always remember to collect your deposit bonuses and honor your bankroll. Get out there and play like a Bodog player: smart.