benefits of playing at an online bitcoin casino

Benefits of Bitcoin

If you’re not yet a card-carrying member of the cryptocurrency revolution, then let us introduce you to bitcoin: the fastest, safest way to transact online



Here at Bodog, we’re big fans of fast paydays and zero risk with your money. That’s why we keep our good friend Bitcoin so close. Are you acquainted yet?

If not, you may have just met your new best friend, too.

Here’s what Bitcoin brings to the table:

Quicker Deposit: Load up your account and start playing within 60 seconds. No more waiting around as your inspiration drains and Lady Luck gets tired.

Faster Withdrawals: Payday is processed and in your pocket within 15 minutes. Not later. Not in 5-10 business days. Now. 

No Fees: Bodog charges you exactly nothing to use Bitcoin. No better way to save money than to never spend it, am I right?

Better Bonuses: If Bitcoin is sounding like a choice deal so far, just wait to see what your wallet and your bankroll will have to say. When you deposit with Bitcoin you get $150 extra up to $900, or 100% extra up to $300 for Sports Betting. That is prime.

100% Guarantee: And a 100% success rate for transactions. No risk. No fear.

Bitcoin is a pretty nice pal to have around, right? We thought so, too. Nice to meet you, Bitcoin