Zone Poker Guide – Online Hold ‘Em to Keep You Moving

Your online guide to Zone Poker at Bodog Casino

If you like the idea of life in the fast lane, you’re going to love Zone Poker. There’s nothing else like it.

Unlike regular online poker, where the game is slow and steady, Zone Poker is a new type of game. It’s like online Hold ‘Em on speed. Not to mention gives you 7x more chances to make money per hour. And it’s safe to say that around here, we warm up to any game with chances like that.

But don’t bother looking for it in your local land casino. This epic online poker for real money is just that – online only.

Stick around here and we’ll show you what’s up with the game – especially if you’ve never tried it before. We’ll break it down for you along with exclusive tips so you can get in the zone and fully dominate.

Let’s start with how the game works.

How Zone Poker Works

When you play regular online poker, you play out the entire game on one cash table. That means you’re at the mercy of the table’s pace. If you fold your hand, you have to wait until the next game to try again.

Not with Zone Poker. For example, in regular online Hold ‘Em you can only play around 75 hands per hour at a 9-max table. But when you play Zone Poker, you have the chance to play 250 hands per hour. Sometimes you can even get up to 500, depending on your pace!

You play the game like you would regular online Poker for real money. Except now whenever you fold, you’re automatically whisked off to another game to play again. And every time you switch tables, you face another random set of opponents. It’s like playing all the best parts of online Hold ‘Em on repeat.

In comparison to regular online poker for real money, all that switching around can be a very good thing, if you do it right.

Allow me to explain.

How Zone Poker Is Different From Standard Tables

In a standard table for online poker, the players size each other up and develop a read. There’s no time for that in Zone Poker. Each time you switch, there’s a new table with new opponents and different play styles.

That’s good for you because:

  • You don’t have to worry about your own style of play so much
  • The other players have less of a chance to get a read on you
  • You can play the same strategy in every game, without fear of being “figured out”

Another thing is that regular online poker tables let you play slow and steady. That means you have a lot of time to think about your actions and learn from your mistakes. Not so much with Zone Poker. With all the switching being done, you’ve got to think and act fast.

How Zone Poker Is Different From Standard Tables

Zone Poker Tips and Strategies

Since this type of online poker for real money is unique, you’ll want to catch up on some tips and strategies before you play Zone Poker now. It’s only wise.

Keep these things in mind:

Take it easy. If you’re used to playing at one cash table, don’t try to go in at full speed and play 7x the hands per hour at the same stakes. Even if your brain can keep up, there’s a good chance you’ll pay the price from your bankroll. A better way is to lower the stakes as you start slowly adding more volume.

Don’t rush it with too many tables. Even if Poker is old hat for you, the constant switching can be tough to stay on top of. Think about it. You’re basically making three times as many decisions per hour than when you play at one cash table just by adding one more. If you’re doing well with that, then it’s time to add another. But take it slow.

Don’t focus on opponent-specific strategies. Since Zone Poker jumps around so much, don’t ever focus on strategies that rely on your opponents’ read. It’s totally irrelevant here.

Focus on the right (and fewer) factors. The only thing you can use to judge your decisions are your own position, your own starting hand, the number of players in the pot, your opponent’s positions, and their betting patterns for the one hand they’ve got. Based on that information, you can make snap second decisions about check-raises, re-raises, new betting patterns, and even the occasional bluff.

Are you in the Zone yet? Of course you are. Just talking about online poker for real money gets a punter pumped. Why don’t you give the fast lane a try for yourself? Welcome to the poker zone at Bodog!