Why You Should Play These Popular Bodog Casino Games

popular real money casino games to play onlineAs soon as you open the Bodog home screen, you see hundreds of games competing for the spotlight and vying for your attention. The slot machines want you to roll over and drop in a penny, the table games are pulling out their chairs, and the jackpot online slots are showing off bright red banners boasting astronomical payouts. They’re all so enticing, and you may find yourself wondering where all the regulars show up and spend their time.

That’s a great question, and this guide is exactly where you’re going to find the answer. You see, some games are more appealing than others in terms of ease of play, winning potential, and pure entertainment value. For those reasons and more, the best games we’ve got are listed under the “Most Popular” tab. We wouldn’t put them there if they didn’t offer a very unique, very worthy appeal to our most esteemed bettors (like yourself, fine patron).

So read on here to see which games lie within the “Most Popular” tab, and precisely why you should join the popular gaming crowd and give them a shot.


This one’s easy, and I bet you can figure out why it’s deemed a popular choice. Blackjack is the most classic game of any casino. It’s easy to learn, and the strategies are easy to follow, too. In fact, using optimal online Blackjack strategies is a sure way to decrease the house edge so it’s lower than any other table game out there. Basically, it’s a simple game than almost anyone can master.

Another huge draw of online Blackjack is that it works divinely on mobile. Since the game itself follows a simple, linear flow and there are only a few actions to take, the mobile interface is clean, sharp, and quick. It makes it easy to smash through a few rounds while you’re out and about and bouncing around between your car and the supermarket and wherever else you frequent in the great outdoors.

You’ve likely heard the rules before (it is popular, afterall), but to refresh your memory, the aim of the game is to either hit or stand in an effort to get as close to 21 without going over. If you beat the dealer, you get paid 1:1 just that like. It’s easy to see why it’s such a hit.

A Night with Cleo
a night with cleo online mature slot

Moving on from the table, we’ve got some online slots to show off. And “show off” here is not taken lightly. When it comes to online slots, the characters and the features are really what make the game (aside from the jackpot, but this game has that, too).

Cleo is an Egyptian Pharaoh who is more than willing to show off some skin in exchange for a few rounds of bets. Hell, she’s even willing to let it all out if you can just choose the correct hand in the Double Up Gamble Feature. Every time you choose the right hand holding a lotus flower, Cleo seductively drops another piece of clothing. After you’ve chosen correctly 5 times, she’s totally nude from the waist up, and you’ve successfully doubled your winnings 5 times over.

Even in the main game your heart rate stays elevated in an excited flurry. A Night With Cleo comes with a randomly awarded progressive jackpot. That means that after any winning spin at all, the jackpot could trigger and you could be the big winner, straight up.

See? Sex and money. It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular online slot machines.

Keno Draw

Maybe you’ve had enough…ahem…adult activity for the day and you’d like to focus on something more concrete than the devious lure of a seductress: numbers. They may not be sexy, but numbers are what bring the bacon in Keno Draw.

Like online Blackjack, Keno draw is an awesome game to play on mobile. You can pull it up and play the casino app now for a fast-paced, highly lucrative game on the go.

The idea behind Keno Draw is to correctly predict the right numbers selected from a pool of 1-80. It’s kind of like the lottery, but the rounds happen in a matter of seconds. You can choose anywhere from 1-15 numbers, although the recommended selection is around 6-8.

The amount you can win changes up with your bet size and the more numbers you pick. All that thinking and calculating is done automatically and you can monitor the paytable as it changes with your selections on the left side.

All in all, a round of Keno Draw that takes just a second or two could garner enough of a payday to take the rest of the week off lounging around in piles of well-earned prizes.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah means Mega rich, that’s what we like to say. So far, we’ve covered games that offer extremely generous paydays that are usually in the six figures. Those games are approachable, fun, and well worth an investment. But if you’re interested in the types of paydays that could change your life and send you soaring through winner’s heaven on a cloud of cash, Mega Moolah is the game you’re after.

The progressive jackpot in Mega Moolah starts at $1 million every time. That means that whenever it’s won, it already starts off higher than most other online slots. Then thanks to its unmatched popularity, the jackpot grows exponentially bigger than most all other slot machines online, almost always set at $2 million or more. At this very moment, the Mega Moolah jackpot is $2.3 million and growing.

The game itself isn’t a bad one to pass the time. With a wild safari theme, you spin through lions, giraffes, monkeys, and elephants. Free spins are available through the game, but it’s the randomly triggered bonus round that gives you the chance to win the progressive.

Needless to say, Mega Moolah is popular as the money-maker’s online slot, and it sure has a knack for keeping the suspense metres up Mega high.

Jacks or Better 1 Hand

Stepping away from online slots, we’ve got some popular choices for the poker lovers among us, too. Even if you’re not particularly keen on poker, you’ll be surprised to see how accessible these games are, as well as easy to learn and play.

Jacks or Better is the video poker game that almost all the others are based on. If you already have some experience with poker, you’ll find the rules an absolute breeze to get through. If you’re new, this is the best place to start and pick it up.

To play, you get dealt 5 cards. In an effort to make the best possible poker hand, you hold on to some cards and draw again to replace the others. All you need is a pair of Jacks or better to win, as the name so adeptly implies.

You’ll notice we mentioned the “1 Hand” version is on the most popular list. With Jacks or Better, you can play with multiple hands like 3, 5, or 10. Obviously those are more challenging to master, but when you do, the payouts are staggering. For now, you can start with 1 Hand and hang on to those others as something to aspire to once you get good.

Classic Tri Card Pokerclassic tri card poker online

This is another popular way to play poker that doesn’t involve any opponents. Unlike Jacks or Better (and most traditional poker games) that are played with a five card draw, Tri Card poker has only three cards to think about. It also has two different payouts available per game. That’s why it’s so popular!

Both you and the dealer get three cards, but you can’t see the dealer’s. Based on those three cards you can decide to either fold and forfeit your ante, or raise and face the dealer. If the dealer has a queen high or better, they qualify and you face off. If your hand is better than theirs, you win on the ante and the raise.

The real kicker, and the reason this game is so popular, is that even if the dealer didn’t qualify or if you lost the hand altogether, the Pair Plus bet can save you and let you win something. You win the Pair Plus bet if you had a pair or better within your three cards.

Just remember that you have to opt in to the Pair Plus bet separately at the very beginning of the round by putting your chips in the right circle. After that, just hit “Deal” and let the game flow!

Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a popular type of guy or gal, there’s a very good reason for the “Most Popular” games at Bodog Casino to win their title. Whether it’s slot machines, online slots with huge jackpots, online Blackjack, or various types of poker, these beloved games attract a crowd for their easy play, easy wins, and sheer, gratuitous entertainment value. Head to the “Most Popular” tab and see for yourself what all the hype is about!