Bodog Casino Games to Play When You Stop Playing Blackjack

play more games like blackjack onlineWe’ll be the first to say it: Blackjack is the best way to get started with table games at Bodog in Canada. It’s a classic choice, reliable for winning, and thanks to Bodog Blackjack charts, so easy to master. But if you’ve been spending a lot of time at the Bodog Blackjack table, you might have missed some other games that share the same virtues.

There are plenty of games within the Bodog lineup that are just as easy as Blackjack to learn, play, and win. They each have their own unique strategies, payouts, side bets, and unforgettable flavor of fun. Whether you’re a video gamer at heart, a lover of cards, or a champion of high stakes and fast-paced thrills, Bodog Canada has just the game to transition your skills beyond the Blackjack table.

As always, use the Bodog Welcome Bonus to get started with a bang to your bankroll, then check out one of these prime table games or Bodog slots to master after Blackjack.

Bodog Baccarat

If you’re the type of player who values speed in a game, then buckle in for Bodog Baccarat. With only one decision to make at the start, Baccarat kicks off at full speed, and the results are in instantly.

The idea behind Baccarat is to be the player who scores closest to 9. Sound familiar? That’s an awful lot like Bodog Blackjack, where you have to get as close as you can to 21. It’s different with Baccarat, though, because whether or not you got close to 9 doesn’t matter. It only matters who you bet on.

There are two parties in the game, you (the Player) and the dealer (the Banker). You’re betting on which person will get closest to 9. You can also wager on a Tie, where both people get the same outcome.

The primary payouts are similar to Bodog Blackjack, too. You get paid even money whenever you’re correct for the Player and the Banker, although there’s a 5% commission for the Banker. A Tie pays 9:1 which is more than a natural Blackjack, but it is also very unlikely to occur (read: avoid the Tie bet).

Either way, if you want to ease into a game that’s arguably similar to Bodog Blackjack, start with Baccarat.

Bodog Slotsonline slots for real money

If instead you want to immerse yourself in an interactive, cash-multiplying gaming experience, Bodog slots are your jam. With Bodog slots, the experience is riddled with quirky characters, themes, bonuses and features.

Many Blackjack players love Bodog slots because it gives them a break from the charts and numbers. After placing your bet, you simply hit “Spin” and let the magic happen. As for the money you can make, well, it varies wildly between games.

There are literally hundreds of unique slots to play at Bodog in Canada. Most have either 3 or 5 reels. Each slot has multiple ways to win, and 5-reel slots have the most. All have special features that help you stack up prizes such as free spins, prize multipliers, and huge progressive jackpots.

Since there’s no skill involved in Bodog slots, these games are all about the random bursts of heart-thumping thrills, most often resulting in crazy sums of cash you can’t win in any other game. So if it’s the wow factor of Bodog Blackjack you’re looking to recreate, go for Bodog slots.

Bodog Caribbean Poker

Don’t be fooled by the name. Caribbean poker may be relaxed like a day at the beach, but it’s certainly not lacking in excitement, either. There are two versions of Caribbean poker at Bodog in Canada, and both of them deliver what regular poker simply can’t: speed. Instead of hours at a table, these poker games are done in a matter of minutes, and they have just as much winning potential with insane progressive jackpots on top of base game payouts.

Caribbean Stud PokerCaribbean stud poker for real money

For this version of the game, you and the dealer both get 5 cards. You can see all of yours, but only 1 of the dealer’s is face up. You can either raise if you think your hand is better, or fold if you don’t think it’s going to cut it. The dealer’s cards are revealed, and they have to qualify with an ace/king or better. You get paid the most on your ante and your raise if they qualify and your hand wins. Even if they don’t qualify, you still get paid 1:1 on your ante.

Caribbean Hold ‘Em

For this version, you still only have to decide whether to raise or fold, but this time twice. You get two cards face up, the dealer gets two face down, and three community cards are placed in the middle, face up. Your first decision is whether or not to fold based on your own 2 cards and the 3 flop cards . Then two more flop cards go down and you decide again. For the dealer to qualify, they need only a pair of fours or better. After that, the best poker hand wins.

The best part of the Caribbean poker games at Bodog in Canada is that the progressive jackpot is shared among both of them. That means it’s enticingly big all the time, and you can switch up between poker styles to give the same jackpot a shot. You won’t see that feature in Blackjack, that’s for sure!

Bodog Tri Cardtri card poker online for real money

If you like the pace of Bodog Blackjack but you wish there were more winning opportunities, it’s time to try Tri Card poker. Ahem. It’s actually played in a very similar way to Caribbean Stud, but now you only have 3 cards to manage, plus more options to get paid outside of the base game.

You and the dealer each get three cards, but you can’t see any of the dealer’s. Based on your own three cards, you decide to either raise or fold. If the dealer has a queen or higher, they qualify for the round and you have a face off. If your hand is better, you win on your ante and your raise.

But before any of that occurs, there’s an optional bet you can place at the beginning of the game called a Pair Plus bet. With this wager, you win if anything in your hand is a pair or better, regardless of how you did against the dealer.

Bodog Let ‘Em Ride

If you like the aspect of Bodog Blackjack where you’re in control of your hand, the Let ‘Em Ride table is a great place to slide over after your Blackjack game. Like Tri Card poker, this game only involves three cards. Unlike Tri Card, you now get multiple opportunities over 2 rounds to raise your bet and increase the stakes.

After placing your ante, you get 3 cards face up, and 2 community cards are dealt face down. Based on your first three cards, you decide if you want to raise and move on, or move on without raising. When the next round happens, one of the community cards is revealed, and you decide again: raise and see the last card, or reveal the last card with your current bet.

If you have a pair of tens or better in your final five cards, you’re the winner. If your final cards have a top-tier poker hand, you get either a portion of the progressive jackpot or the entire thing (for a Royal Flush).

Bodog Zappit Blackjack

This game is Bodog in Canada’s way of spicing up the old Bodog Blackjack classic for a fun, zappy twist. Every Blackjack player knows that hard totals from 15-17 are the most difficult to play since they could go in either direction. Zappit Blackjack solves that problem for you and lets you “zap” those hands and replace them with new ones.

The rest of the game is done exactly the same. Six decks are re-shuffled after each hand, and the card values are the same with numbers cards being their face value, face cards are 10, and aces are either 1 or 11. Through either hitting or standing, you have to get as close to 21 as possible without going over and while being higher than the dealer to win.

Aside from the whole zapping thing, just remember the dealer has to hit on a soft 17, and a Blackjack that’s won after splitting Aces isn’t considered a Blackjack, but a regular even money win. If you get a Blackjack during the regular game, however, you’re paid 3:2 just the same.

If you’re already a master at the Bodog Blackjack table, why not shake things up and see the game from a new Zappit lens?

Whether it’s Bodog slots, Baccarat, Poker, or other types of Blackjack, there are plenty of games for you to transfer your handy Blackjack skills and win in new and novel ways. As soon as you’ve mastered yet another game at Bodog in Canada, your seat at the Blackjack table will still be open and ready for your old phrase: hit me.