The Basics of Bodog Canada Slots

slots basics guide for playing online for real money

In a lot of ways, playing slots is the easiest form of Bodog betting in Canada. Technically speaking, all you need to do is place a bet and away you go. But if that’s all there was to having a loving relationship with slots, there wouldn’t be so many suitors lined up for miles to take a spin.

The only way to truly enjoy the game is to know why the reels are spinning the way they do, and how your bankroll balance keeps increasing. Because when it comes down to it, the best part of playing Bodog slots is the suspense of pulling all the right tricks in the game at the tap of a button. Not a euphemism.

So whether you’re playing on the Bodog app download or watching the reels go round on the computer’s generous screen, you’ll want to know exactly where your wins are coming from and what to look out for in your preferred game. Ready to deepen your love for slots, and become the biggest slots expert at Bodog Casino in Canada? Hit “Spin” and let’s do it. (Not a euphemism.)

Reels and Paylines

Reels and paylines are the foundation of any slot game at Bodog Casino Canada. The reels are literally the parts that spin, and the paylines are the ways you can win. Both reels and paylines change between games. The most common number of reels for Bodog betting Canada is either 3 or 5. The more reels that are involved in a slot game, the more paylines are available. That means more winning combinations.

Paylines are the patterns that symbols can fall inside to win. Traditionally they go left to right in a straight line. In more modern slots, they can go any direction at all, including zig zags and diagonals. A typical number of paylines is 25, but in some 5-reel slots they can reach up to 243 or more. Remember, that means 243 ways to win!

You don’t have to have them all memorized, though, because the game follows them automatically. But understanding how the tumble of symbols can create wins large and small will bring a lot more sense to the seemingly patternless paylines. There is, after all, a method to our madness.

How to Find Symbol and Game Payouts

So now you know how reels and paylines factor into Bodog betting in Canada. What about all those endless symbols in the game? If you can think of it, there’s probably a symbol for it in some theme, somewhere. But what do they represent?

To find out the value of the game’s symbols, you need to refer to the pay table, or the information table for each game. You can find that with either the small “i”, the question mark “?”, or the hamburger icon on the game’s controls. Here you’ll see a list of the game’s symbols and what you can get from them, including how much they can pay you. You’ll also see which symbols you need in the game to win prizes like free spins, multipliers and jackpots.

While each symbol in each slots game has its own special value, some symbols are more important than others. Enter the Wild symbol.

Look Out for Wild Symbolswild symbols at an online slots game

Wilds have the potential to make or break your game as you master Bodog slots betting in Canada. Every game will have a different symbol that serves as the Wild, and some do extraordinary things to help you win.

Generally, a Wild symbol will replace any other symbol in the game with a new one. This is incredibly handy because it’s often just what you needed to get that final winning combo. In some slots, the Wild can expand, stick on the reels, or scoot around the screen, rapidly spouting out wins as it goes.

Whatever its specific role, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the wild at the beginning of your game. It sure explains a lot when your screen erupts out of the blue in a huge spike in winnings.

Understand and Enjoy the Bodog Slots Bonus Rounds

The Wilds might be the most important for keeping the slot game alive, but the bonus rounds are the stars of the slots show.

You can reach the bonus rounds by landing the right combination of symbols in the base game. Depending on your game’s theme, the bonus game could be shooting down birds, spinning a wheel, riding a go cart, or taking a penalty kick. If your game has a progressive jackpot, the bonus round is often where you’ll find it.

Auto Spin and Other Standard Featuresauto spin features for real money slots

Aside from all the exciting, organized chaos within the game itself, you may be wondering what all those little controls are for.

The Auto Spin feature means you keep the game going without needing to re-click the spin button. This option is handy for speed, but it’s easy to get carried away. Most games will ask you to signify how many spins you want to use, as well as how much you’ll allow your funds to deplete. Rather than making an on-the-spot decision, it’s a good idea to set yourself these parameters in advance.

The betting option is usually the dollar sign “$”, Re-Spin let’s you spin again on the same exact bet, and max bet automatically applies the highest bet amount to your spin.

Slots Casino Promotions

And finally, the most important part of Bodog betting in Canada is to grab yourself a bonus and use it for free play. If you’re brand new, you can make a deposit and snatch up the Welcome Bonus to get $600 to play Bodog Casino games in Canada. Once you’re in, you can refer some friends and make up to $100 after they make a deposit. Use bitcoin, and you can get up to $900 in free money for Bodog betting in Canada!

Now that you’re up to speed on the mysterious inner workings of slot games, it’s the perfect time to use the Bodog Deposit Bonus to play now. You can play them through the Bodog app (no download required, just open your browser), or on your PC. Have yourself a merry little slots game and go Wild!