Fortune Dragon Game Review

Fortune Dragon game review

Dragons and Lucky No. 8s combine for the ultimate good luck slot in the newly-launched game, Fortune Dragon. This game already has a fanbase growing due to its simplicity and emphasis on luck and wealth. If you appreciate the feel of a classic 3-reel slot with a single central payline just like the old one-armed bandits in Vegas, then Fortune Dragon may be the perfect game for you. Sit back and relax as we go through our Fortune Dragon game review for your pleasure.

In East Asia, dragons are at the top of the hierarchy when it comes to supernatural creatures and animals alike. The most popular of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, dragons are celebrated at major cultural events, like Chinese New Year, and worshipped at special temples; they are the symbol of China. Known for possessing great wisdom, supreme strength and good fortune, the dragon is a mythical creature that people strive to incorporate into their lives in order to benefit from its luck and power.


The Dragon game symbols in Fortune Dragon are twisted to create figure Eights to further enhance the game’s potential for good luck. After all, eight is considered the luckiest number in China and is commonly associated with great wealth. In 2008, when Beijing hosted the summer Olympics, they held the opening ceremony at 8:08 PM on August 8, 2008—and with 51 gold medals that event, it was the first time they dominated the competition.

If you are lucky enough to land three eight-shaped dragons on the payline in Fortune Dragon, you will be showered with gold coins. We’ll explain how the game works in this Fortune Dragon game review, so that you can channel the luck of the Chinese dragon.

Fortune Dragon Gameplay and Design

Sometimes, the best casino slot games are the simplest ones. With just three reels and one payline, Fortune Dragon is about as simple as they get. To start a session, you set up the betting configurations to match your bankroll budget. You can select either one, two or three coins to stake per spin and also determine the value of each coin, making it easy to customize the total amount that you spin per round.

Picking the right number of coins can have an impact on the game’s returns. The paytable is just left of the reels, and on it you’ll see that payouts increase incrementally with each additional coin staked—up until you get to the top-paying icon (the Yellow Dragon), which pays more than incrementally when you wager three coins and land three matches. For this reason, it makes sense to always bet three coins and simply adjust the coin values to whichever denomination lets you stay within budget.

With your stake set, you’re free to start spinning the reels with the circular “Spin” button at the bottom-right corner of the game screen. The Dragon icons come in three different colours: yellow (highest-paying), green (second-highest paying), and blue (third-highest paying), and pay when you land three matching colours in addition to mixed colours on the central payline. There is a toggle for sound, game rules, auto spin, and a special feature we’ll discuss in a moment.

Fortune Dragon Features

You won’t find typical bonus features like wilds or free spins in this 3-reel slot game, which focuses on the basic spin-to-win formula that made slots so popular in their early days. However, one intriguing feature found in the settings is the “Spin Summaries” page. This page shows the outcome of each round in your session, including the date and time, bet, payout, balance and a screen shot of the reels. With this feature enabled, there’s no more guessing how your session went; you can review it when you’re done and see if the dragon bestowed fortune upon you.

Fortune Dragon: Bodog’s Rating

With its simple 3-reel, 1-payline design, Fortune Dragon is an 8 out of 10 for beginner slot players and people who feel connected to this mythical creature. There’s no need to learn how scatters and wilds work in this game, or even any need to read the game rules; simply spin the reels and see if any matches line up on the central payline—it’s that easy. The graphics are vibrant and lively, making it a fun slot choice for anyone who likes to keep things simple.

Play Fortune Dragon with Crypto

All of the slots in our online casino can be played with cryptocurrency, Fortune Dragon included. Not only is cryptocurrency the preferred way of depositing and withdrawing funds from your Bodog account, it also leads to the best promotions on the market.


If you already have a digital wallet loaded with cryptocurrency, you simply need to log in to your Bodog account and select the “Deposit” button. All of the deposit options will appear on screen, including the five cryptocurrencies that we currently accept. Select the cryptocurrency that you have, and a digital address code will appear for you to copy and paste into your wallet when you go to send the funds. Once the money makes its way over to your Bodog account, it will convert automatically to CAD, allowing you to play any game you want, including Fortune Dragon, with the ease and comfort of Canadian dollars.

If you’re still unsure if Fortune Dragon is the game for you, there is a Practice Play mode that will enable you to test it out free of charge. Take it for a spin and see if the dragon and good luck theme appeal to you. If so, simply switch over to Real Play and begin playing for real money payouts, which can be accessed in lightning speed if you use cryptocurrency as a withdrawal method. Good luck with the dragons—their good fortune needs to land somewhere.