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If you thought Bodog poker was basically Texas Hold ‘Em for skilled players, expect to walk out with an entirely different concept of the game. At Bodog in Canada, we’ve got unique takes on poker that don’t require even a single opponent to play. This kind of Bodog Casino betting on poker will see you face off against the computer. Or, as we’ll refer to it, the Dealer.

Only one or two actions are needed to keep up the flow, and after just a minute of play, your paydays could be set.

So grab a seat and take off those masks – you won’t need your poker face here. Between you and the Dealer, you’re about to play Bodog poker  like you’ve never done before!

Bodog Caribbean Hold ‘Em

We’ve all witnessed Texas Hold ‘Em hoarding all the love at a poker table. Caribbean Hold ‘Em might be a different game, but this version of Bodog poker has stepped it up to give the Texas version a run for its money.

After you make a starting ante as either $1, $5, $25, $100, or $500, the game begins.

  1. You and the dealer both get two cards. Yours are face up and his are face down.
  2. Three community cards are dealt to the middle face up
  3. Based on these 5 cards, you have to decide to either raise (double your ante), or fold and forfeit your bet (ending the game).
  4. If you choose to raise, two more community cards are dealt face up.
  5. Now you have 2 cards in your hand and 5 cards in the middle. Based on all 7 cards, the person with the best 5 card hand wins the game.

For the biggest win, the Dealer has to have a pair of fours or better to qualify, and your hand has to be better than the Dealer’s. In this case, your ante bet is paid according to the hand’s ranking, and you get even money on your raise. If the Dealer did qualify but held a better hand, you lose both your ante and your raise. If the Dealer didn’t qualify, you get paid on your ante while your raise is returned as a push.

If you’d opted into the progressive jackpot at the start of the game and your hand happens to be one of the five top tier poker hands – then you win a portion of the progressive, too!

Bodog Caribbean Stud

Before we go over how to play Caribbean Stud, you should keep in mind that the progressive jackpot is shared with Caribbean Hold ‘Em. Since these two games are some of the most popular at Bodog in Canada, the progressive swells to epic proportions. So before anything, tap that red circle and opt in with $1 before dealing the cards.

Alright, now let’s talk about the game.

Just like the Hold ‘Em version, you have to start with an ante. That’s the only bet required to play.

  1. You receive 5 cards face up, and the dealer receives 5 cards with only one face up.
  2. Based on your own 5 cards and one of the dealer’s cards, you have to make your only action in the game: raise by doubling your ante, or fold and forfeit your ante and end the round.
  3. If you decided to raise, it’s time for the showdown.
  4. The rest of the Dealer’s cards are revealed, and whoever has the best poker hand wins the round.

Now, just like Caribbean Hold ‘Em, some things have to happen that determine the final amount you’re paid. For one thing, the dealer has to qualify with an Ace-King or better. So let’s say the Dealer does qualify, and you have the better hand. You get paid on your ante 1:1, and on your raise according to the rank of your hand. If the Dealer does not qualify, it’s all good for you, because you still get 1:1 on your ante and your raise is given back.

Bodog Let ‘Em Rideplay let em ride online

Time to pack up those beach chairs and slide into the Maserati. We’re about to experience in the smooth, cruising style of Let ‘Em Ride.

Like the Caribbean versions of Bodog poker described above, Let ‘Em Ride is a totally new take on the game. Unlike those versions, Let ‘Em Ride offers multiple chances to take control and multiple ways to increase your final payout.

As always, the game starts off with a starting ante bet, plus the option to play for the progressive by clicking on the red circle and tossing in a buck.

  1. After you hit “deal”, you get two cards face up, and two community cards are dealt face down.
  2. Based on your own three cards, you decide if you want to raise and move on to reveal one of the community cards, or continue on simply without raising.
  3. Either way, the next round reveals one of the community cards. Now you get to decide again whether to raise and see the last card, or see the last card without raising your bet.
  4. Once the last card is revealed, your winning hand is determined and you see what you’ve won.

Based on the five final cards in the game, your payout is determined by the quality of your poker hand. As usual, a Royal Flush is the highest payout at 1000:1, and a pair of 10s is the minimum you need for a win, and that pays 1:1.

Bodog Tri Card Poker

This version of Bodog poker might have only three cards, but you’ll quickly notice that fewer cards do not mean fewer chances to make money. In fact, Bodog Casino betting in Tri Card poker offers some of the best payouts there are, thanks to the Pair Plus (Pair+) bet.

This is how you play:

  1. To start the game off, you need to make a wager of $1, $5, $25, $100, or $500. This is also where you should opt into the Pair+ bet by clicking on the middle circle and dropping your chips there.
  2. Hit “Deal” and get 3 cards face up, while the dealer gets 3 cards face down.
  3. If you raise here, you double your ante and face the Dealer. If you fold, you lose your ante.
  4. After you’ve made your decision, the dealer’s 3 cards are revealed, and they have to qualify with Queen-High minimum to compare your hands.

Alright, easy enough. So how do you know if you’ve won? Tri Card poker is Bodog Casino betting at its finest, because there are so many options:

  • If the Dealer does qualify with at least a queen-high but your hand was better, you get paid 1:1 on your ante and your raise.
  • If the above is true but your ante was a straight or better, you get paid a higher payout based on the rank.
  • If the Dealer does not qualify, you get paid 1:1 on your ante and your raise is returned.
  • If the Dealer does qualify with a hand better than yours, you lose both your ante and your raise.
  • To top it all off, regardless of qualifying or the final result of the showdown, you get paid on your hand if you had opted into the Pair+ bet and you have a pair or better.

Despite how the name sounds, having fewer cards does not mean having fewer payouts!

Bodog Video Pokervideo poker games online for real money

The types of Bodog poker we’ve gone over until now have been table game versions of the classic; they’re loosely based on the original game, but with fun and quirky twists.

Bodog casino betting with video poker takes you back to the roots of traditional poker. Even still, each version has a different structure, some different rankings, and some unique payouts. The core of the game is played the same across all types:

  1. For all versions of video poker, you start out with a wager. Easy.
  2. After you get your first five cards, you have to decide which ones to keep. If you’re playing video poker with multiple hands, the ones you choose to keep will be kept across all the hands.
  3. Hit “draw” to replace the cards that aren’t held, and see what you’ve got.

If you’re playing a version of Bodog video poker with a wild card, like Joker Poker or Deuces Wild, that extra card can help you form a brand new hand, like 5 of a Kind, or some special pair. 4 of a Kind pays out especially well in Double Double Bonus Poker. For all games, the paytable is displayed front and center on the game screen. You can always see what the rankings and payouts are for that game as you play.

Give them all a shot, and remember where it all started: Canada’s very own Bodog Casino.