Guide to Canada’s Online Progressive Slots

Hit your stride with online progressive slots in Canada with Bodog Casino's guide

Two words: Big. Money.

Progressive slots at a real money casino are the holy grail of online jackpots. How could they be anything else? While most things get worse with use (like your car or your phone or your chewing gum), other things are more appreciative, shall we say – and gain hyper momentum as they mature.

Just as fine wine and cheese gives a bigger reward over time, progressive slots lift their game with each and every play. The more you play the game, the bigger the payout will be… which we’ll explain in a second. But for now, you should know that if you want a jaw-dropping payday at the end of the yellowbrick road, then Bodog’s the place you want to be. Oh my.

And why? Well, we’ve got the largest number of progressive real money jackpots in Canada. And the best platform. And the best tips. Basically, we’re the Kings of real money slots with progressives. And you, my friend, are the Kingdom’s most esteemed guest.

Arise, good Dame or Sire, and let’s talk progressive online jackpots – assuming you like to win.

1. What is a Progressive Slot Machine?

Most real money slots come with jackpots (to state the obvious). But only the select ones come with the Big Daddy payday. You heard it here: not all slot machines are created equal. If that’s of concern to you,

And big, they are. Progressive jackpots get bigger each time someone makes a wager. A small amount of their wager goes to the pot. You can even watch the metre creeping up each time a player makes a bet. Super fun. Super tense. Super, man.

The initial value of a progressive, real money jackpot is a little modest, with just a seed contribution from the House. It rapidly grows to the thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, and double-digit millions. Once some lucky player gets it, the whole thing starts again with a new contribution. Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble.

Like lots of other online jackpots at a real money casino, you have multiple ways of winning these progressives. But! There are some guidelines you’ll have to follow in order to hit the big time, too. Nothing a preschooler couldn’t handle, but important nonetheless.

Let’s take a look. Follow me.

2. How to Win at Progressive Slots

Max Betting

When you play real money slots, you have to make a bet on the paylines. That can be anywhere from a handful of cents to hundreds of dollars. If you’re playing just for kicks, it’s fine to make a nickel bet. No, not Nickelback. Relax. I mean, we won’t judge you for being so… economical . We’re very open-minded. But if you’re playing for that coveted progressive, that usually (usually) won’t cut it. Cough it up, El Cheapo.

Most progressive slots at a real money casino require you to make the maximum bet in order to be eligible for the online jackpots. That means if the max bet is $1 and there are 25 paylines, you have to bet $25. If you don’t do this and you do score the Jackpot, you won’t be eligible. And you will likely spend the next week crying into your pillow.

Some players prefer to play exclusively progressive games on max bet. That’s dedication. Or determination. Probably both. Others like winning smaller payouts more often, and they bet less. It’s the tortoise and the hare. Find your own groove – you do you – and check the paytable to be sure you know what you’re eligible for.


Nothing could be more exciting than playing real money slots and knowing that at any moment, a massive progressive jackpot could erupt on your screen, sending millions of real dollars your way. Imagine!

That’s what happens when a jackpot is “randomly awarded”. It means that while you’re playing the game (remember, usually on max bet!), there’s no telling when you could win. Oftentimes they’re awarded at the end of a game spin, or during some bonus round or special feature. But you’ll never know for sure, which is why it’s such an enduring thrill.

Interactive Bonus Round

If you’re not playing a slot with a random progressive jackpot, then it’s likely your real money jackpot will be won during a bonus round.

A “bonus round” is a special feature in a real money slot. When you hit the right combination of Symbols, you’re swept away to a fancy new mini-game. This is where your progressive jackpot lies waiting – assuming it’s not randomly awarded like we described.

You get to step sideways and into something new, perhaps to spin a wheel, pick the correct cards, or complete a board game. Your “performance”, if you will, during the bonus round will determine which jackpot you win. Sometimes there are as many as five! How incredibly generous of us. Then again, around here, our ethos is more is more.

3. Top Progressive Jackpots

Wow, that’s a ton of money-talk to loosen even the stiffest of collars. I’m sure you’re at the edge of your seat wondering how you can best get your hands on some of these real money jackpots. I can feel the enthusiasm from here. Alright, because you’ve been so very patient, let us point you in the right direction.

Below we’ve listed the best slots for progressive jackpots, and sum up how they’re won.

Top Progressive Jackpots for online casino games

Mega Moolah

One of the reasons this safari-themed game is one of the most legendary real money slots is its disproportionately massive jackpot with insanely reasonable wagering requirements. Jackpot = $4.8 million. Wagering requirement = $0.01 per 25 lines (so $0.25 per spin to be eligible). Case in point. You’re already wondering how that money smells, amiright?

But it doesn’t stop there. Because the more you bet per spin, the more chances you have. So let’s say you double that to $0.50 instead of $0.25. Now you have twice the chances per spin. Raise it even more, and get even closer. The max bet is $6.25. It’s just so… charitable.

During the actual game, the bonus wheel is randomly triggered. When you’re gifted with all its promise and opportunity, simply give it a spin. And breathe! You have the chance to get one of four jackpots. Whatever the wheel lands on will determine which one you get. Fingers crossed, my friend.

Absolootely Mad: Mega Moolah

Remember how we explained that progressive jackpots start out with a seed contribution? Of course you do. Absolootely Mad: Mega Moolah starts with a $1 million contribution in the Mega Jackpot.. Which is a pittance when you consider that, right now, it sits at $5.75 million. And as progressive jackpots do in real money casinos, and as sci-fi creatures do on screen, it grows larger all the time.

This real money slot is themed around Alice in Wonderland. It has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 paylines. The jackpot is awarded randomly, making for a thrill well beyond the looking glass.

As you land Wilds in the base game, they’re collected in a golden teapot above the reels. The Mad Cuckoo Jackpot Wheel randomly bursts on to the screen, and lets you spin to win one of four progressive jackpots. It’s all too easy to fall down this rabbit hole if you’re after adventure.

A Night with Cleo

Another randomly-allocated jackpot at your favorite neighborhood real money casino, where everybody knows your name. At any point in that night, you and Cleo could very well be the big winners. This game is a prime choice for online jackpots because it regularly sits in the six figures. Right now it’s at a humble $241K. Cheers to that!

Cleo’s bet sizes range from $0.20 – $200. And the best part? You can wager any amount to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. Thank us later, Scrooge McDuck.

Wait, though – lest we forget one very important detail: there’s a second best part to this plotline. We confess; another reason that A Night with Cleo is one of the most sought-after real money slots is because of dear Cleo herself: an impossibly sexy Egyptian pharaoh who is determined to lure you into her seductive trance… as well as to remove her clothing during the double-up feature. Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just more real-money-slots talk? Guilty as charged, Your Honour.

Sigh. There are so many reasons to play for real progressive slots now.

Gold Rush Gus

As you and Gus stomp through the hostile terrain with pickaxe in hand, you’re on the lookout for riches. Diamonds, gems, and keys lay under the earth, each awarding different prizes.

Unlike the other three real money slots we just mentioned, the three online jackpots in Gold Rush Gus aren’t random. You have to score the right combination of Symbols at the right time to win them. Say what now?

Okay. When you land two keys on rows 1 and 3, a mysterious treasure chest appears. This is a very good thing. Open the chest. If you see a diamond inside, you’re the lucky winner! That progressive baby is aaaalll yours. But even if you don’t get the precious jackpot-triggering diamond, you could still win one of the two mini progressive jackpots by landing 5 of the same gem on a line.

That’s real money jackpots done right.

Shopping Spree

High class and timeless sophistication: who says you can’t have it all? The naysayers’ rhetoric is defeatist, and it should be said that we hope you don’t harsh our vibe. This is meant to be a trip to pure indulgence; ladies and their would-be suitors line up to spin through diamond necklaces, rings, lipsticks, and fancy handbags for the opportunity to win the ultimate $100K shopping spree. Paris, here we come. Baguette! Baguette, S’il vous plaît!

To get the fancy, real money jackpots that grow in Shopping Spree, you have to make the max bet of $1.25 per line. With 9 lines at play, that makes it $11.25 per spin. Then, all you have to do is land 5 Diamond rings on any one of the 9 paylines and – eureka! – your sweetheart or your beau can strut around in Gucci and Prada. Or nothing but a spray tan.

Even if you don’t land the big one, you could land three mystery grab bags with a surprise inside. Or three dollar signs that trigger a scatter bonus that pays out based on your wager.

Either way, online jackpots have never been fancier than Shopping Spree.

Real money slots at your favorite real money casino = nice. When you want the big bucks, be prepared to play the big games. And ’round here, big money games with real money jackpots are everywhere. Just remember to make the correct wager laid out in the paytable, and be sure to stroke Lady Luck a little more attentively on that day. You’ll be the winner we know you are.