A Night With Cleo Game Review

For those bettors who appreciate a more risqué thrill to their gaming experience, A Night With Cleo at Bodog is a game that leans seductively towards the adult side of entertainment. 

It’s not just the thrilling payout potential from features like a random progressive jackpot, generous free spins, and a rather special bonus feature that makes this game so incredibly popular. Players can also expect to be enamoured with the possibility of being summoned by the game’s sensual heroine herself, for a night to remember. 

Let’s begin our journey to ancient Egypt, where the lustrous Cleopatra awaits within her chambers, and a lucky player like yourself gets the chance to make her acquaintance. 

How to Play With Cleo

You find yourself within the palace grounds besides a fertile stretch of the Nile – the very place where the royal Pharaoh Cleopatra spends her days pining over a special lover to stumble through the stone gates of her palace. Don’t worry, Caesar is apparently nowhere to be found. 

You can place a bet as low as $0.20 and as high as $200. Keep in mind, the higher your bet size is, the higher your chances are to win the jackpot. You can also use autoplay for as few as 10 spins and up to as high as you can count.

This is what you can expect on Cleopatra’s palace reels:

  • 5 reels
  • 3 rows
  • 20 fixed paylines
  • Free spins
  • Random progressive jackpot
  • Gamble feature
  • $0.20 minimum bet
  • $200 maximum bet
  • RTP: 92.5%
  • Max win per spin is 2500x your total bet

Features from A to R-rated

With features galore to get the heart pumping, it’s safe to say you’ll want to save A Night With Cleo for those moments where G-rated ears and eyes aren’t in the room. Oh, and NSFW.

There are six regular symbols to spin through, in order from highest paying to lowest:

  • the eye of Horus
  • Egyptian beetle
  • traditional beaded necklace
  • gold ring with a red gem
  • gold ring with green jewels
  • playing cards A, K, J, 10, 9

The main feature of the game – or should we say the desert in the dessert – is found within the bonus feature, where Cleo welcomes you into her private abode for an intimate surprise.

Of course, you want to know more. Wish granted!

Double Up Gamble Feature

After any winning spin, you have the option to use the gamble feature by clicking on the stacked coins on the bottom right of the game screen. 

This famous feature whisks you away to Cleo’s secluded chambers where a tranquil lilypond shimmers in the moonlight and Cleo’s most voluptuous womanly assets sway enticingly beneath her sultry, come-hither gaze. 

Cleo holds two lotus flowers, and if you choose the right one, you can double your winnings. Which is really only the icing on the cake, because each time you choose correctly, Cleo breathlessly removes one article of clothing. If you make the correct guess five times in a row, you’ve officially multiplied your winnings by 32x, and Cleo’s bare figure stands before you without a scrap of material left to shed. And this, as if it needed to be said, has players reeling themselves into a frenzy. 

Special Symbols

If you can still concentrate after getting a glimpse into the explicit gamble feature, then don’t go anywhere – let’s see what else this game can offer. 


The Wild Cleopatra symbol works like Wild symbols typically do in most slots games, by  substituting all regular symbols in the game except for the scatter. 


Look for a blue keyhole symbol, because it’s one of the most important. Landing just three scatters anywhere on the reels will trigger the free spins bonus round that comes with those multipliers. 

Alluring Bonus Features

Aside from the gamble feature, there are two more bonus features that are bound to light your fire. 

Random Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot in Cleo’s palace is especially exciting because it can trigger randomly after any winning spin. Unlike most progressives, it doesn’t require a maximum bet in order to be eligible for the prize. 

Free Spins

This is the main money-maker among the temples, and yet another opportunity to get closer to Cleo. After you land three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you enter Cleo’s boudoir, where you’ll find her lazing on her bed invitingly. She smiles coyly as you’re rewarded 15 free spins and all your wins are tripled. It really is your lucky day.

Game Mechanics

Let’s pick that jaw up from the ground and return to stone-cold practicalities. The game has a number of functions that you’ll want to be familiar with before you get familiar with Cleo. Here’s how to use them. 

Spin: The round arrow will start the game.

Autospin: The triangle inside the arrows. You can spin from 10 times upward

Stop autospin: The regular spin button will have a countdown of your spins, and this button will stop them in their tracks. 

Gamble Feature: Represented by stacked coins on the bottom right of the screen

Bet: A round coin with a dollar sign “$”

Hamburger icon: The game’s main menu which includes settings, rules, and features 

Titles Similar to A Night With Cleo

Whether it’s the sex appeal, free spins, or jackpot potential that brought you here, these three games are bound to satisfy your drive almost as much as Cleo has. 

Fast & Sexy

You’re speeding down a raceway, and the reels are your accelerating tires. As you hurdle over sticky, expanding Wilds, free spins, and through a bonus round that can multiply your wins by up to 300x, you’re in the company of a particularly hot woman, one of several who take turns riding shotgun. Jump in!

Agent Jane Blonde Returns

The name’s Blonde: Jane Blonde… and, like Cleo, she’s your strong and beautiful female lead in this comic book-inspired game. You’ll join Ms Blonde in her mission for wilds, scatters, free spins and re-spins. Welcome, new recruit – let’s play.

Caesar’s Empire

If you visit Caesar, be sure not to divulge details of your rendezvous with his Cleo. This Roman emperor imitates his Egyptian lover by welcoming you into his inner circle, but don’t expect a similar show thereafter. With a randomly awarded progressive jackpot ready to drop with just the right winning spin, Caesar’s Empire is a game worth conquering. 


If you like your thrills risqué, A Night With Cleo is hands-down the best slot to pique your adult interest. From the randomly awarded jackpot to the breathless bedroom bonus, your special night will prove to be the perfect release for a night alone and in the mood… to win money, of course.