Best Music-Themed Casino Slots

With the Grammy Awards upon us, Bodog is getting into the spirit by curating some of our favourite slot games that reference music. Let’s get the party started.

This theme is going to be music to your ears – quite literally. With the Grammy Awards  upon us on April 3rd, artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, and Lil Nas will put on their Sunday best and try not to think about the excruciating buildup (best use of bassoon in a prog rock song, etc) to the announcements that will determine their place in music history.

For the likes of us, Bodog Casino has its own ceremony planned! Except we’ll be announcing a list of our very favourite music slots to play before the Grammys, after the Grammys, and any old time you please.

Put on that sequined bodysuit. Find the matching shoes. And drag a comb across your head one last time, because some of the best online casino slots in Canada include all the right notes to make musical magic.

… and the best slots to play at a casino related to music are… coming up, just in time for the Grammys!

Barry the Disco Leprechaun

What could be more fun than pulling on your bell bottoms to dance up a storm at the disco? That’s not rhetorical! It’s disco dancing with a lucky leprechaun in one of the best online casino slots!

Barry is your boy at this disco party, and it must be said, he really does have the moves. As the beat takes you over during Barry the Disco Leprechaun play, you might even pick up some Wilds and scatters on the dance floor.

When the music really starts to speak your language, don’t be alarmed if you catch the Disco Fever Bonus via three scatters. Keep your eye on Barry, because he may change his clothes a few times, and collecting all five of his outfits can award you a rather unique disco prize.

Boogie Monsters

You’re only getting warmed up, and in one of our players’ favourite music slots at Bodog, you get to feel the beat and boogie down with a posse of Boogie Monsters.

A deep bass beat sets the reels in motion; from the get-go, the monster symbols over the reels are just dying for the chance to bust out a move. When you land those symbols, watch as mummies, monster Elvis, witches, and other ghastly characters animate to life and show off their dance skills.

This spooky dance floor is full of surprises, like the lamp scatter that will have you doing a happy dance with either free spins or the Fat Bat Bonus round.

Disco Bar 7s

If you’re feeling nostalgic and you’d like to feel the beat as well, then head on over to the retro dance floor in Disco Bar 7s! The lights flash in time to the funky disco beat, and classic 7s and BARs spin through as you move your finger from above your head and across your body to the tempo.

Like you’d expect at any good disco, you’ll be feeling properly wild as you let loose and feel the music take over, as Wilds offering doubled prizes rain down on the stage. Although there are only a few regular symbols, the Mix n’ Match feature will allow a different combination of symbols to form a win – even though the disco party mixer is already a winner!

Highway to Hell

The tune is recognizable to young and old, from all four corners of the globe. It’s a smash hit in hell, too, we hear. The familiar guitar riff commands the audience and begins to drive the tempo, then the drums kick in, and the gravelly voice of Brian Johnson cuts through the air, and we know we’re in for a wild ride.

It’s not just the Highway to Hell that ACDC sings about in their famous song that will have you bouncing in your chair in this music-centred slot; there are some massive semi-trucks and motorcycles making their way through the reels and breaking speed limits down Route 666. If you really want to speed down the hellish highway and live on the edge, you could always opt for the gamble feature after any winning spin for the chance to double those winnings.

Hip Hop Panda

Are you hip enough to get into the club with Hip Hop Panda? As long as you fit the funky dress code, Bodog will whisper the password to the doorman, who will and bust open the doors to the dancefloor!

Lucky sevens, golden bells, watermelons, and cherries are all tapping their feet to the rhythm as you do The Smurf over three reels and rows. This panda in his top hat and lucky-seven bling is all about watching his favourite hip hop dancer win. You can get your own bling from Hip Hop Panda through the Golden Wild. If there isn’t a win after any spin, any bomb symbols on the reels can blow up just like your newest album, and make space for new symbols to help you win.

Jungle Jam

Everyone loves a good outdoor party in the sun, and in Jungle Jam, you can really live it up with the talented creatures that rock out till the sun comes up. There are 1,024 ways to get in the groove, and the owls, bats, chameleons, and mosquitos are all enjoying the party with their own respective instruments contributing to the music.

Whenever the scatter symbol comes your way and offers you a sip of jungle juice, don’t hesitate to gulp it down – you could be enjoying 20 free spins and multipliers up to 64x.

Ladies Nite

For those with a discerning eye and plenty of pizzazz, there’s something magical about Ladies Nite that makes it a lot more fun for  This club doesn’t discriminate at the door. You only need an ID, a smile and… some funky, boom-shak-wakka-wakka dance floor moves.

In one of the most upbeat and player-friendly – if not one of the best online casino slots at Bodog – you’re dressed to the nines for a big night out. There’s perfume to spritz, lipstick to glide on, and a classic black clutch to hold the bare essentials. As soon as the last pair of heels has snapped around the last pair of ankles, the ladies are ready to roll. A ripped and shirtless cocktail waiter makes his way through the club to serve pink martinis, and to serve as your scatter. Catch him at the right moment and he’ll give you up to 15 free spins with tripled prizes – and a flirty wink.

Be ready to pull out those funkalicious shimmies and shakes, though, because a burst of infectious grooves could call your name at any moment.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t know your brass from your elbow. The only thing that counts at Bodog Casino is the beat, and that’s just a one-two-three-four! You’ve got the rhythm, and you love to nod and tap as you punch out paydays – cha-chink! cha-chink! We’ve got tunes, the slot games and the paydays sorted. That’s perfect harmony, wouldn’t you say?