Canada’s Online Specialty Games Guide: Cast for Cash, Cavalier Cash, Gunslinger’s Gold

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You’ve heard it before: life is like a box of chocolates. Or sands in the hourglass. We are stardust, we are golden… And we’re quite fond of the “come-what-may” attitude. We like to think that our online specialty games are blowin’ in the wind, too. Like a rolling stone. With so many to choose from, you never know exactly what you’re gonna get. Which also happens to apply to our lackadaisical and irreverent guides and articles by Yours Truly. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And you can think of us as the one-stop-idiom-shop for Canada’s specialty games (not a typo).

Online specialty games are fun to play because they’re usually quite simple, with a lot of unique graphics, features, and ways to win. And with so many to choose from at Bodog, you’re bound to find just the right style of specialty games for real money to scratch your itch for novelty and variety.

Whether you’re into relaxing afternoons with your fishing gear in hand, or riding your horse into the blood-orange sunset, or whippin’ out your guns to fast-draw for the gold.

Online specialty games at Bodog have just the vibes you’re after.

I’ll show you what I mean.

Cast for Cash

Grab your sun hat, row boat and tackle box. It’s time to go fishing for specialty games for real money. If you like the idea of a chill afternoon out on the river with just you, the fish, and the serenity of nature, you’ll love Cast for Cash.

Set on a tranquil river in the midst of a peaceful, green slice of pristine land. This scratch and win is one of the most relaxing options for Canada’s specialty games. Four fish, a frog, and an eel lay waiting under the tranquil river’s surface. When you cast your rod, you’re bound to catch more than just the big fish of legends.

To play, start by selecting your number of coins (up to 100) on the bottom left. Then select “New Card” at the bottom right. A brand new set of darkened mystery fish will appear on the screen. Scratch each shadow one by one, or simply click “reveal” to cut to the chase and see what you caught. Hopefully it’s not malaria.

You have to match at least three fish on the card to win. The little orange minnow is the smallest, regular payout at 1x your stake. Next is the frog at 2x, the eel is 5x, the purple fish is 10x, and the blue fish is 20x. But just like the legend has it, what you’re really after is the Big Fish. When you reveal 3 of the big green fish, you win 50x your stake.

Not bad for an “online specialty games” style afternoon of rollin’ on the river, fishing risk-free.

Cavalier Cash

Get cavalier with cash at Bodog Casino with this sword-wielding game to rule them all

Prepare your steed and wield your wieldly sword! It’s time to play online specialty games now. Riches are strewn far and wide across the land. And it is you, the swashbuckling knight, who has come to collect your treasure and your position on the throne. A story concept that has surely never been fleshed out in the real world before now.

Throughout your noble quest you shall encounter riches, the likes of which Canada’s specialty games have never seen: rubies the color of crimson, ocean-blue gems, glittering green jewels, shiny golden coins and challices, and the jeweled crown itself.

Cavalier Cash is a scratch and win game, and the most daring and noble of all specialty games for real money. As you reveal a new card, nine mysterious draw bags appear. Click on the bag and wiggle your mouse to shake out the contents from inside. Or if you’d rather speed the game up, simply click on “reveal” to see all the bags at once. If you reveal three or more matching treasures, a prize is yours.

Unveil three ruby gems for 1x your stake, blue gems for 2x, and green gems for 5x. Fortunes unveil further with three gold coins for 10x your stake, and the gold chalices for 20x. But your quest will not be complete until three golden jeweled crowns appear, and you win 50x your stake. For each win, the trusty legions blow their trumpets in your honour, and your loyal steed neighs in delight as you collect your nobel treasure.

Whoever said chivalry is dead? That’s certainly not true for online specialty games.

Gunslinger’s Gold

Well, you’ve come driftin’ round these here parts, have ya? We sure do like ourselves the kind gun slingin’ folk like yourself.

It’s time to sharpen up your sharpshootin’ skills, slap on your cowboy boots, and head to the Wild West of Canada’s specialty games… where cowboys chew on wheat straw, and their horses stand outside the waterin’ hole while their masters knock back a couple’a breskis.

When you stumble outside ready for some specialty games for real money, keep an eye out for that Sheriffs badge. But don’t worry – he’s not here to arrest you. When you click on the badge, a new gold card appears with three of your roguish cowboy pals. Scratch away at the golden card and reveal your prizes underneath.

Unlike most scratch and win online specialty games, Gunslinger’s Gold is unique. The symbols don’t leave any room for guessing. They range from 1X, 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X, and 50X. You can scratch the whole golden card clean to reveal your symbols. Or if you’d rather cram in the games and make money faster, click “reveal” to see them all at once. Trigger warning: you can play hundreds of games before you’ve had a chance to holster your Smith & Wesson.

When you land three in a row of any matching symbol, you get paid with its respective number.

A volunteer from your cowboy cohort on the side holds up a card to keep track of your wins. Charitable of him. Perhaps deserves a tip? Something to consider. When you match three symbols, three cowboys of varying stature hoot n’ holler with their guns in tow, celebrating your win.

Just make sure you stay alert. You don’t want any of these gun slingin’ outlaws taking over your specialty games for real money and ridin’ off with the cash. Once an outlaw, always an outlaw. A modest tip (even of your hat) might stymie any such plot.

Anyway. See what I mean? Specialty games for real money are all about finding your groove with something that seems especially tailored to you. Once you get your style down, you can chill out, scratch some cards, and make some money with Canada’s online specialty games. Can we add that to the national anthem? Oh Canadaaa…