Bodog Canada Complete Live Dealer Guide


Live dealer guide at Bodog - learn everything you need to know to play live with a dealer online

There’s no denying that we love the convenience of playing real casino games from home. You can go full beast on your computer or mobile device, and never worry about the concerned stares from strangers.

But despite the comfort and convenience, even the best of us crave a more human touch every now and then. Not to mention the authentic experience of a land casino that we know and love.

At Bodog, we’ve got real casino games complete with a live dealer online. And unlike regular casino games, online live casino games are full of perks you can’t get anywhere else.

Curious to see what they are? Let’s go human.

How Live Dealer Games Work

A live dealer online works much like a video chat, but this time it’s one-sided. The professionally trained dealer is a real person in a studio who is leading real casino games in front of a camera. They can’t see you, but you can communicate with them through live chat.

Aside from that, you play the game like you usually would. You have the same controls on your screen where you make your virtual wager, hit “Deal”, and make your moves. The live dealer online can see your actions, respond, and record your wins.

Live Dealer Strategy, Does it Differ from Online?

When you play online live casino games, the game itself is done exactly the same. Having said that, the addition of the human part may introduce a slight change in your approach.

For instance, consider the pace. When you play online live casino games, you play at the speed set by the dealer and the other players, including time limits for when you can act. This could affect your strategy in the games that often rely on frequent, rapid betting, such as Baccarat.

Another thing is that online live casino games are played at higher stakes. You’ll have to wager a minimum of $5 to participate in a game. Since every good strategy starts with solid bankroll management, this could have a huge effect on your betting strategy.

Side Betting

Learn about side betting with live dealers at Bodog

A side bet is an optional bet you can make on top of your regular hand bet. Side bets revolve around smaller events in the game that aren’t related to the game’s actual outcome.

Two popular side bets for online live casino games are the Rummy side bet and the Pairs side bet.

For the Rummy side bet, you’re betting on your first two cards and the Dealer’s up-card to make a three-card “Rummy run” when combined. The Pairs side bet means you’re betting that your two dealt cards will be a pair like 5-5, J-J, 9-9, etc.

If you really want to know about a side bet that’s truly unique to real casino games, then listen up. Back betting is where it’s at.

Back Betting

This side bet is also referred to as bet behind. It means you can back another players’ hands in the game, and experience the same wins and losses they do.

The coolest thing about back betting is that you don’t even have to be at the table to do it. You can bet behind a player who’s seated at the table you’re waiting for. That means you can start racking up paydays before you’ve even placed your tush on a seat. Talk about perks.

Just remember that while it’s a great way to inflate your wins, back betting also means you double the risk (if you’re betting on your own hand as well), and you’re required to split and double down just as they do. So use it wisely.

Tipping and Other Perks

There’s no better way to stir up happy feelings in your live dealer online than to share the wealth with a tip.

You can tip your live dealer online with either a regular tip or by giving them some extra off the top of a winning bet. Don’t be surprised if they remember you fondly!

That’s the beauty of a live dealer online. You can build a relationship with your favorite dealer and experience the same raport you love from a land casino. That’s true for your fellow players, too! By using the chat function on the screen, you can reach out and say hello. You know, socialize. Make some friends!

There’s no denying it. Online live casino games are where it’s at for a warm, authentic, human experience. Wrangle up your strategies and tighten your bankroll. It’s time to say hello to the people and play live dealer now.