Learn Bodog Video Poker in Three Easy Steps

learn video poker and play onlineAs far as Bodog Poker Canada is concerned, video poker is the truest-to-life experience of online poker-based gaming. Beating away the other opponents and their long-winded game sessions, online video poker with Bodog is an excellent choice for those looking to kill a few minutes and sharpen up their skills.

And, for the love of trivia, you’d be surprised to learn that video poker has close chronological ties with slots machines. In fact, poker developed alongside slots from their shared birth year: 1898! At this time, there was no ability to “draw”, but once that became a thing in the 1900’s, players were all over video poker, and a classic was born.

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to pop open your computer and smash out a few rounds of poker. With the highest Bodog odds for payouts, as well as advanced games with multiple hands, you’re about to see that Bodog poker in Canada cranks up the thrills on this classic game for an unforgettable session.

We’ll show you how to get in on it in 3 easy steps.

1. Learning Bodog Video Poker Rules

Before we get into the rules, you should know that there are 8 versions of video poker to play at Bodog Casino. While each of them are based on the same rules of play, they do have differences, which we’ll cover shortly.

For all versions of Bodog video poker in Canada, this is generally how it’s done:

  1. First you need to select the value of your coins by clicking the hamburger icon and “Coin Value Setting”.
  2. Then you can select the number of coins to play with.
  3. Now the game begins. Hit “Deal” to get five cards face-up.
  4. Choose the cards you want to keep by clicking/tapping them.
  5. Hit “draw” to replace the ones you didn’t hold.
  6. New cards will appear, and your payout is determined based on the value of your poker hand.

You’ll notice that as you change your coin value and number of coins, the paytable switches up to reflect the new value. This will tell you the Bodog odds and how much you’re winning for each result. You’ll also notice the hand rankings on the paytable. Most of them will be familiar, especially with a standard game like Jacks or Better. In some other games, you’ll see new hand ranks in the mix, and the overall order may be different.

If that sounds worrying, fear not. We’ll touch on that right now so you’re up to speed.

2. Learning Video Poker Hand Rankingsvideo poker hands guide

Every version of Bodog poker in Canada has a unique ranking system. They’re based on regular poker hands, like with a Royal Flush towards the top, the middle being 3 or 4 of a Kind, Straight and Full, and Pairs towards the bottom.

The differences come in with the theme of the game. Take Bonus Deuces Wild for instance. In this game, the 2 acts as a wild card, allowing you to form new hands. You get an extra-special payout for having 4 deuces, a Royal that includes a deuce, or even 5 of a Kind.

Joker Poker is closely related because the Joker acts as a wild, which also gives you 5 of a Kind and a Royal with a Joker. In this case the top hand is actually a Sequential Royal Flush, with a regular Royal Flush just under it.

The most “standard” of the rankings belong to Jacks or Better, where the minimum hand to win is a pair of Jacks, and no fluffy extras jump out to entice you..

Double Double Bonus Poker is decidedly the best of both worlds. It also requires Jacks for a minimum win, but includes special hands with bonus payouts for 4 of a Kind, presenting in several different ways.

The good news is that the pay tables with the Bodog odds are very clearly displayed on the front of the screen. There won’t be any guessing about which hand is what, and if you’re even vaguely familiar with poker hands in the first place, you won’t break a sweat.

Alrighty, Poker Master: you’ve come this far. Let’s go over some unique variations of Bodog poker in Canada that will have you rolling in dough from a poker game you’ll never forget.

3. Learning Video Poker Variations

As you just learned, each style of Bodog video poker in Canada comes with multiple, distinct ways to arrange winning card combinations. These are accompanied by unique Bodog odds. But that’s not all, either:  there are some ways you can play Bodog poker in Canada with epic, instant paydays that you won’t find at any real-life table.

Jacks or Better and Joker Poker both offer either 1, 3, or 10 hands to play simultaneously. And before you run away screaming at the idea of playing with 10 hands, first hear us out.

It’s really the same thing as playing with one hand, but now you have either 3 or 10 more opportunities to win. It goes like this:

  1. Place one bet for all 3 (or 10) hands and hit “deal”.
  2. In your primary hand, you’ll get 5 cards face up. The rest of the hands are still blank.
  3. On these five cards, click the ones you want to keep. Those cards that you keep now appear in your additional hands.
  4. Click “draw”, and the rest of the cards are replaced uniquely throughout each hand, giving you multiple chances to score a winning poker hand.
  5. Review your hands, and see what you’ve won!

Remember that Bodog Casino’s multi-hand poker is only played with Jacks or Better and Joker Poker. That means the Bodog payout odds for those games stay the same no matter how many hands you have. One less thing to think about.

At its heart, video poker at Bodog in Canada is full of familiar features. You already know the cards and you already know the hands. That leaves only the rankings and the flow to grow used to, and then naturally you’ll see that Bodog poker in Canada is the best place to be for a grand night in with the smarts and the cards.