Bodog Casino Games to Start With

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Although most games you encounter at Bodog are already relatively easy to learn and play; from slot machines to Blackjack through to Bodog Keno Draw – some games are decidedly more beginner friendly and stand out from the pack for several reasons. Varied winning potential, huge jackpots, and memorable characters are some good ones, just to name a few.

Whether you’re totally new here or you’re a seasoned player looking to revisit some well-loved classics, we’ll go through the top games to get you warmed up and your bankroll stacked. Once you master these, there’s a whole slew of games beyond the starter’s circle that will keep up your skills and multiply your paydays.

First up: the most recognised classic game in the casino universe.

Bodog Blackjack
Bodog Online Blackjack

Blackjack: unless you’ve been raised by wolves and live deep in the jungle, you’ve at least heard of it before. You may have even played a round or two at a land casino. Bodog Blackjack is the same deal, but a whole lot more convenient since you can play it on a desktop or anywhere on your mobile, save for driving or crossing the road.

Bodog Blackjack is a solid first game to play because it’s easy to learn, and relatively easy to win. All it takes is a few simple tips to lower the house edge and get the flow of the game. Then you can elevate your play even more with optimal strategies and different styles like Zappit or European Blackjack.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Since you’re just starting out, stick with Classic Blackjack. This is the backbone of the game, and mastering this version will set you up nicely for the others.

Bodog Slots: A Night with Cleo

The next beginner friendly game to kick off your Bodog adventures is up there with the very best slot machines in the market. A Night With Cleo brings seduction to a whole new level with a randomly awarded progressive jackpot and a voluptuous Egyptian Pharaoh who’s all too willing to show off some skin.

In the Double Up Gamble Feature which you can play after any winning spin, Cleo invites you into her private chambers. There she stands provocatively by a serene pool, surrounded by royal Egyptian finery, her hands beckoning. Every time you choose the correct hand, she awards you by removing an item of her clothing, plus doubling of your winnings. Guess correctly five times, and she’ll fill out your screen with her womanhood for a NSFW memorable win. Now that’s how you start gaming off right.

Bodog Slots: Absolutely Mad: Mega Moolah

Once your heart is racing from Cleo and your bankroll has collected a few starting wins from Bodog Blackjack, it’s time to invest that money into a slot machine that’s loved purely for its life-altering cash potential.

Absolutely Mad: Mega Moolah is based on Alice in Wonderland, with all the recognizable characters of your childhood. This is a huge money-maker, with a progressive jackpot in the millions. The game itself is a blast to play with a whimsical touch surrounding the reels. As you collect wilds inside the teapot, you get closer and closer to your chance to win the multi-million progressive.

Who says you can’t go straight for the gold if you’re just starting out? Go for it anyway!

Bodog Rouletteonline roulette table for real money

If you’re just starting out with online casino gaming – and if you’ve got this far it’s a safe assumption – the big, colorful Roulette wheel might look intimidating. What’s up with all those numbers, all those bets? How in the world do you get started here?

You’ll be happy to know that while Roulette certainly can be a complicated game with its tons of betting options, it can also be as easy as simple slot machines if you know the right actions to take at the right moments.

Try this out for your first time: instead of choosing a lucky number or something at random like you do in Bodog Keno Draw, focus only on outside even money bets. Those are the bets situated on the outside of the wheel. You can choose red/black, odd/even, first 18 or second 18. The payout odds are 1:1, and these are the easiest to win. See? simple!

Bodog Craps

While it can’t be denied that Craps tends to draw a more experienced crowd, you’d be surprised to hear how fun and simple it can be for beginners, too.

You see, you don’t have to participate in the multitudes of side bets to play Craps. All you have to do is follow along with the basics. You start the game off with the Pass Line bet where you bet for the shooter to roll a 7 or 11. Then you make a Come bet which is the same exact thing but at a different phase of the game. For a win on either of those, you get paid even money.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can add in some more side bets like taking/laying the odds, a place bet, or a hard way. The point is, Craps is a diverse and dynamic game, and it will always keep you on your toes no matter the experience level you start out with.

Bodog Baccarat

This one’s for the Bodog bettors with a little swagger in them. Baccarat is the game of Agent 007 himself. While the shaken [not stirred] martini might be optional, the guarantee to have a swanky good time is certain.

Unlike games such as Bodog Blackjack or even Bodog Keno Draw (a lotto-style numbers game) where you have to make multiple decisions, Baccarat is much, much easier to handle. It’s more like slot machines in that you only have to place one bet and make one snap decision.

Your big decision in the game is whether to bet on the Banker, Player, or a Tie. Actually, it’s even easier than that once you figure out that the Banker has the best odds of winning. True story! How’s that for just starting out? The answer is already there. A casino that tells you how to win riding the system.

It’s officially time for you to use a Bodog promo code and play now. All of these exciting games are waiting for you to roll up and have some fun. Once you get going, the entire casino floor is all yours to master.