Keno Draw Game Review

If you’re a fiend for the lottery, but you wouldn’t mind having your shot at the prize money more than just a few times each week, then Bodog Keno Draw could be just the game for you. 

With Keno Draw, you can get the thrills of the traditional lottery any time you get the itch, wherever you may be. Plus, unlike regular lotto where the outcome is a one-hit wonder, Keno Draw allows you to win all sorts of prizes along the way. It’s the journey and the destination.

Even if the lotto is a completely foreign concept to you, it’s an easy concept to latch onto, and great for those short snatches of free time you find throughout a busy day. Keno Draw consistently brings the thrills without running down the clock. 

So, are you ready to get your Keno on? Good: this is how it’s done. 

What is Keno Draw?

Keno Draw is a classic style numbers game. It begins with the selection of those numbers, takes off as you watch multiple balls drawn out of the pool at random, and ends, hopefully, with a prize based on the matches you get from the balls. 

Sounds awfully familiar, right? It’s not called the “lotto-lovers game” for nothing! 

The biggest difference between the two games is that, with Keno Draw, your prize amount increases in lockstep with your matching numbers and the size of your bet. And this isn’t any community hall bingo: you could see insane paydays of up to $1 million, in addition to all those smaller ones.

That’s the beauty of Keno – it’s a game that players of all bankrolls can enjoy and easily come out on top. 

How to Play

Keno Draw is fast-paced and super easy to play: 

  1. The game starts off on a screen of numbers from 1-80. Your first task is to pick up to 15 lucky numbers. 
  2. Once you’re satisfied with your numbers, place your bet from $0.01 to $10
  3. Glance at the left hand side to see the paytable. The prize amount changes based on your bet size and the number of numbers you’ve selected. 
  4. Happy with your selections? Hit “GO!”
  5. Watch as 20 numbers roll out at random and see which ones match your selections.
  6. When the reveal is complete, a little pop up will tell you how many you matched.  

The whole game is finished in a minute or less, depending on how long it takes you to choose your numbers. Sometimes getting that feeling takes more than a minute! 

Numbered Features

When it comes to picking your numbers, everyone’s got their own method to their madness. You can choose any number that’s calling your name, the birthday method, or simply try using the game’s auto-select feature to shake things up. 

My Numbers

Maybe you’ve got a stash of lucky numbers that always bring the groove. You can speed up the game by dropping your luckiest numbers in the “My Numbers” feature. Then, each time you click the icon, those numbers will be populated in the game. 

Quick Pick

Keno Draw is a game run by randomised software. If you’d prefer to fight random with random, just hit “Quick Pick” to get the same randomised software to pick your numbers for you. Let fate do the rest.  

Game Mechanics

Now that you’ve got the gist of things and you’re equipped to start picking your numbers, let’s do a quick once-over on the game screen operation. 

  • “New Game” plus symbol “+”: Clicking this will bring you to the screen to select your numbers and start a new round.
  •  “My Numbers” clover symbol: If you want to use your pre-selected lucky numbers in a particular game, just click on the clover icon and they’ll get a straight shot to the game screen.
  • “Bets/Rounds” dollar sign symbol “$”: This is where you can select your bet size; anywhere from $0.01 to $100. The “rounds” refer to how many times the game will play on one set of numbers automatically. 
  • “Back” right arrow “>”:  Clicking this symbol saves your bet/round selection and puts you back inside the game
  • “Quick Pick” lightning bolt: The game will select 15 numbers for you at random – good luck!
  • “GO!” big green arrow: Click that big button to draw the balls and see what you’ve won! 
  • “Stop” green square: When a game is in session, you can click on the green square to stop drawing out balls. Whatever winnings you’ve collected up until that point will be added to your balance, but nothing beyond it.
  • “Re-bet” circular arrow:  This uses the exact same bet amount and numbers you just played with, and sets them off for another ride around the track.
  • “Clear All” “X”: Clicking on this icon will clear out all the numbers you selected and let you start afresh. 

Games Similar to Keno Draw

If you like the fast-paced style of Keno and its winning potential, then get a taste of these other frenzied and fast-cash games. 

Go-Go Bingo

Go-Go Bingo offers the same convenience and clean, simple design as Keno Draw, focused only on the cash. You get four cards, multiple winning patterns, and multiple types of pay.  

Jacks or Better

If you already know the basic poker hands, you can fly through rounds of this card game in less than two minutes each and pick up astounding paydays at the drop of a jester hat. 

Amazonia Bingo

There’s that Bingo word again, but this time it comes with a hefty progressive jackpot. Amazonia Bingo is for those who love the fast-paced play of Keno, but appreciate some extra visuals and an engaging theme to liven things up. 


Any time you find yourself with a few minutes to spare and in need of a jolt of escapism, Keno is already in your pocket – just reach for your mobile and, mere clicks away, you’ll find your adrenaline hit. Keno Draw hits that sweet spot when time is of the essence, or even when it isn’t. Plenty of us simply prefer classic games without all the hoopla that accompanies so many others. As well as being profitable, this one is fast, fuss-free, and fun. Just like it should be.