Jackpot Sit and Go Strategy Guide

Sit and Go jackpot strategy guide at Bodog
Jackpot Sit and Go. Otherwise known as the fastest way to a poker payday.

Sometimes you’ve only got a few minutes to spare. Sometimes you’re not up for a big social scene. If so, Jackpot Sit and Go online is just the ticket. It’s a totally new type of online poker tournament. Made for your quick and agile side. And designed with a huge payout potential in a very short amount of time. And that’s the kind of game that’s right up our alley.

But before you play online Jackpot Sit and Go poker now, remember that Jackpot Sit and Go online is not like other types of online poker. In order to play it right and maximize your paydays, you’ve got to have a solid Sit and Go strategy.

We’ve got your back, and we’re here to make that happen. Let’s start with the beginning. That would be logical.

1. How Jackpot Sit and Go’s Work

Jackpot Sit and Go online is kind of like an online poker quickie. It’s a three-player poker game with tournaments that run all day. You can play up to four tournaments at once, if you want to show off. So even if you have just a few minutes to spare before you jet off to work, you can bust out a game or two. Or three, or four.

Each of the three players has 500 chips. Your goal is to be the player with all 1500 chips by the end of the game. That would make you the winner.

Buy-Ins and Prizes

The buy-in for Jackpot Sit and Go online is typically from $2 – $60, but we’ve just recently added a buy-in for $100, just for you high rollers out there.

Unlike most other types of online poker, with Jackpot Sit and Go online there’s a randomly determined cash prize. The prize amount is randomly set once all three players have registered for the game. You could win up to 1000x your buy-in if you get it. So let’s say you buy in at $60. That means you could win $60,000 in just a few minutes! Not bad for a little pre-work quickie. Ahem.

But wait. There’s more.

For the $100 buy-in, there’s a prize pool multiplier of 2,500. That means the first place winner gets $208,333.34, and the second and third places get $20,833.33. Once again. 3 minutes. The chance at over 2 Gs. That’s why we love Jackpot Sit and Go online.

2. How to Start Playing in Three Easy Steps

I’m sure at this point you’re dying to know how to get your hands on these delicious prizes. We’ll talk about Sit and Go strategy in a second. But first let’s first Go over how to actually start playing.

Easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Register for the game and choose your buy-in amount: $2, $7, $20, $60, or $100
  • As soon as a third player registers at your table, the prize pool is randomly determined.
  • Review your Sit and Go strategy, and start your game. (Don’t worry, we’ll provide all the Sit and Go strategy you need in Section 4.)

3. Where to Find Jackpot Sit and Go Tournaments

For now, you can only play Jackpot Sit and Go from your laptop or desktop. Mobile’s not on the cards just yet. But the good news is we’ve got top-tier online poker software to make playing nice and comfy.

This is how to find Jackpot Sit and Go online tournaments at Bodog:

  • From the homepage, click on “Our top poker tournaments” towards the bottom of the page
  • Select the number of tournaments you want to play. You can choose up to four at the same time! I know you want to.
  • Select “Jackpot Sit and Go” and scroll down to the big red button that says “play now”

4. Jackpot Sit and Go Strategy

Jackpot Sit and Go Strategy

Remember the whole point of Jackpot Sit and Go online is take all three of your opponents’ chips, resulting in 1500 chips (3 players X 500 chips each). The games move quickly, so the bottom line of any Jackpot Sit and Go strategy is that you’ve got to think of your feet.

Get a solid read as soon as you can. Who’s a tight player and who’s a maniac? Are they defending their blinds properly? Once you identify the different characters at the table, you can make fast decisions about how to compete.

Test the waters with repeat opponents. You won’t see repeats too often. But when you do, raise more hands than you usually would. See how they react.

Put your most aggressive foot forward. You don’t have much time and only 25 big blinds per 3-minute level. So don’t shy away from a strong play right off the bat. That’s especially true when playing at a lower buy-in. That’s because most recreational players will be playing at low stakes. They’re likely playing tight. If you’ve got some experience, you already have a solid edge in the game, and your aggressive plays are more likely to win.

When you’ve identified a maniac player, stick with the basics of Sit and Go strategy. Wait for a solid hand and meet them head-on. It doesn’t take too much to profit from their rash moves. For instance, any Ace, a decent King, two of either Ace, King, Queen, Jack, or Ten, or a mid pair or higher is more than enough to call with.

Always raise as soon as you’re in. A good rule of thumb is to raise pre-flop, around 2.5% the big blind, assuming you’ve got 25 big blinds.

Push or fold once you get to 8-10 big blinds.

If you have AA or KK, play hard against any aggressive players and call.

Now you’ve got your Sit and Go strategy. And I’m guessing you’ve got a healthy dose of inspiration to get your hands on that prize pool. Perfect. The players are waiting for you, and the jackpot is itching to be rehomed. Go ahead and register, and we’ll see you at the table.