Bodog Online Casino: The Best Payout


Bodog Online Casino: The Best Payout

Playing online casinos is a rush. 

And what’s more thrilling than playing online casinos? Winning at online casinos. And what’s more exhilarating than winning at online casinos? Say it with me now: Winning big at online casinos.

Bit of a problem with that, though: not everyone can win big. I mean, if everyone hit jackpots all day long, you wouldn’t have a casino to play at anymore because we’d all go out of business. 

Heavens forbid.

Anyway. Fact: someone always comes out on the bottom. Another fact: it doesn’t have to be you. 

So it sounds to me like what you need is some expert guidance on winning from the best payout online casino Canada. Which is… us. Bodog. 

Before we start, there are two important terms you need to know:

  • House edge. You know the phrase ‘the house always wins’? Well, that’s not always true. Plenty of people ‘beat’ casinos and walk away with profits. 

But remember how we both agreed you want your best payout online casino Canada to stay in business? Yeah, that means the tables will be set for us to make some money, too. 

House edge varies between games and casinos. But overall most casinos operate with an edge of 2-3%. That means that for every dollar spent, the casino makes about $1.03.  

  • Payout percentages. This is pretty much the same thing, but from the player’s side. It’s the return that players get for every dollar they spend on a game. 

So if the payout percentage was 50%, then you’d expect to receive 50 cents for every dollar you spend. Note: If a game has a 50% payout percentage, for the love of god do not play it.

Great. That’s sorted. Now let’s find out more about winning games with yours truly: the best online casino payout in Canada.

Best Payouts For Online Casino Games In Canada

Best Payouts For Online Casino Games In Canada


This, my friends, is the money section. This is your personal Maestro giving you the golden ticket to the best online payouts. 


These are the casino table games with the best payouts:

1. Blackjack

Blackjack is great. It’s easy, it’s fun, and the payout percentage is usually over 99%.

You’ve probably played the game at some point. It’s no accident that it’s number one in the best payout online casino Canada games category. 

The basic idea is this: It’s you against the Dealer. You have to get as close to a score of 21 as possible, without going past 21, aka ‘bust’. And while there isn’t too much you can do but basically say “yes” or “no”, it is a numbers game after all. 

That means there are strategies you can use to beat the odds. 

And while this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, these are some of our best winning methods:

  • Always split aces and 8s (split means to divide a pair into two hands)
  • Never split 5s and 10s
  • Split 7s against a Dealer 2-7
  • Split 9s against a Dealer 2-6 or 8-9
  • Double hard 9 vs. Dealer 3-6
  • Double soft 13 or 14 vs. Dealer 5-6
  • Double soft 15 or 16 vs. Dealer 4-6
  • Stand on hard 13-16 against a Dealer 2-6, otherwise hit
  • Always stand on hard 17 or more
  • Always hit soft 17 or less

Ok, so it’s slightly more complicated than a head nod up or sideways. But listen, players. The list can go on forever. There are Blackjack charts that outline every possible outcome during a game. Do your homework. Study the charts. 

2. Craps

Craps. Aka the dice game. Craps has a house edge of between 0.6% and 1.2%. The payout percentage varies wildly based on your betting type.  

Craps can look intimidating. Loads of different betting options can be confusing. Plus you’re betting on the roll of a dice. That sounds dicey. But here’s the secret: place Pass Line bets.

A Pass Line Bet basically means you bet with the dice. 

For instance. Maybe you bet that either a 7 or an 11 will be the first number rolled. If it is, then your money doubles right there. If anything else is rolled, that sets up a ‘point’. Once the point is set, you want that number to be rolled again before the 7. 

I know it sounds complicated. But after a few tries on the tables turn profits, you’ll see what I mean. 

3. Roulette

The shining star of all online casino games. It also happens to have the payout potential of 35:1. As with craps, you’ve got a lot of different betting options. But you only need to know about one: Just place ‘even money’ outside bets

Put your chips on either:

  • Odds or even
  • Red or black
  • 1-18 or 19-36

0 is the only number that stops this being a 50-50 bet. There’s only a 1 in 37 chance of landing a zero. Stick with the even money outside bets.  

And remember you could always go the adventurous route and try single number bets for bigger wins (but fewer chances). Why not, right?

4. Baccarat

Bond is the name, Baccarat is the game. And it’s mega simple. The house edge is usually around 1.06%.

The aim of baccarat is to have cards that have a combined value of nine. Aces are worth 1, 2-9 are worth face value, 10 and royal cards are worth zero. If you go over nine, you go back to zero – but you don’t go bust.

To get the best odds, remember this: The Banker will win just over 50% of the time. Keep placing your bets on the Banker until he loses. Ultimately this will be your best chance of a Player win. 

5. Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em Poker


This is the version of poker with the lowest house edge at roughly 2.2%. 

It’s similar to regular poker, but there’s one key difference that vastly improves the payout percentage: In Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em you only have to beat the Dealer. That means you can ignore Captain Smugface staring you down across the table. 

One of the best strategies for winning this game is to make strategic moves Pre Flop (before the Dealer places the community cards). Bet the maximum 4x bet when you’re dealt premium hole cards. Otherwise, never bet more than 3%. 

Payout Percentages For Slots And Top Table Games

Visit any online casino, especially the best online casino, (yours truly: Bodog), and you’re faced with a goldmine of choices. Slots, table games, and “WTF is this?” games.   

And while we know how much you must love strategy talk, the bottom line is that you’re here to figure out how to increase your payday. Preferably as easily as possible. Right?

Let’s break it down into the 2 major types of games.

1. Slot games

There are a lot of slot games. Actually that’s an understatement. There are more slot games than there are moose in Canada (save the Googling – that’s over 1,000,000. We checked.) They all scream their promises of wealth beyond belief.

When it comes down to it, though, a lot of them are not optimal for payouts. Hey, not everyone can shine all the time, right?

Some even have payout percentages as low as 90%. But since you, my friend, have a little key called “free will”, you don’t have to choose those. 

We’ll make it easy for you. These are the online slots with the best payout percentages: 

Game                                             Payout Percentage
Mega Joker                                  99%
Monopoly Big Event                    99%
1429 Uncharted Seas                 98.6%
Jackpot 6000                               95-98,10%
Bloodsuckers                               98%

Cool. So all you need to do is head for a site that has Mega Joker and look forward to a massive win? 

Well, not really. Online slot games are fickle. Some more than others. While Mega Joker could bless you with a huge win, the reality more often than not is that it won’t own up.  

Then you have games like Bloodsuckers and 1429 Uncharted Seas which are far less volatile and stick loyally to their payout percentages. 

Basically, in order to win big at Canada’s best online casino for payouts, you have to choose the best slot game for payouts.

And that really just comes down to how risk-averse you are. 

2. Table games

We’re Canada’s top casino dog (Bodog, to be exact). And that doesn’t happen by accident.  

We have low house edges, which means, when played by our tips, higher payout percentages for you. Now see how transparent we are: like panes of glass.

These are the house edges for our table games:

Game                                                              House Edge
Blackjack                                                       0.13-1%
Craps                                                              0.60-1.2%
Roulette                                                         2.7% (variable)
Baccarat                                                        1.06%
Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em Poker                 2.18%

And just like slots, this all depends on how concerned you are by risk and the possibility of losing games. 

So when you make your choices, always consider what’s in your bankroll, how much strategy you’re in the mood to plan, and how confident you are about your lucky streak. 

There you have it. Best payouts of any online casino in Canada, at your service. Go forth, brethren. Make a fortune.