Sweet Bonanza Game Review

Welcome to a place where the mantra is this: greed is good. Life here is pretty sweet.

That’s because there’s nothing quite like the sickly satisfaction of a sugar rush, except perhaps for the dollar signs that tumble after it. In this most indulgent of slot games, you’ll have a mixed bag of reasons to bounce off the walls, as sugar-coated symbols fill the lolly jar that is both your wallet and your inner-child’s dream come true. 

The Sweet Bonanza slot features piles of sugar-dusted prizes in as many flavours as the candy it tosses around. Be sure to show up ravenous for your just desserts, and prepare to experience the ultimate rush.

How Does it Taste?

The game is deliciously addictive. You’ll hit your groove right away with this Party Mix: pink lollipop scatters, lime-flavoured Jolly Ranchers, hearts oozing a strawberry tang… in fact, just one lick of the reels, assuming your screen is freshly sanitised, will give you a buzz to get your sweet tooth singing and your wallet craving for a payday sugar rush.

How to Play

Don’t jump in head-first just yet, because you might get the wrong kind of surprise if you devour all the sweets at once. Within the rolling candy hills of Sweet Bonanza, there’s a bottomless bucket of ultra sweet prizes that will satisfy your sweet tooth, one piece at a time.  

Sweet Bonanza has:

  • 6 reels
  • 5 rows
  • 20 paylines
  • Minimum bet: $0.20
  • Maximum bet: $125
  • RTP: 96.51%
  • Tumbling feature
  • Ante bet
  • Free spins
  • Multipliers

To start getting your fill, place your bet size, set your coin value, and select the number of paylines you’d like to play with. Remember that the higher your bet size is, the more chances you have of scoring big wins. 

Regular Symbols

There are six reels and five rows in this delectable game, which is plenty of space to fill out with sweets. We’ve got handfuls and handfuls of jolly rancher candies in lime-like hues along with plumped up fruits oozing with sugary juices to sweeten up your prize winning appetite. 

These are the symbols in order of value (highest is first):

  • Strawberry heart
  • Grape square
  • Green apple pentagon
  • Blueberry rectangle
  • Ruby red apple
  • Plump purple plum
  • Rotund green watermelon
  • Bountiful blue grapes
  • Curvaceous yellow banana

The symbols are just the beginning, just wait until you get a taste of the decadent features that are the nectar of the game. 


Ante Bet

Here’s a novel feature: Ante Bet allows you to increase the bet multiplier by 25%, which puts it at 25x your bet per line. This feature also increases your chances of landing the coveted scatter that all the candy-coated, money-making features revolve around. 

Tumble Feature 

There’s no point in taking it slow here once the sugar rush starts: it can’t be stopped! After each spin, any symbols involved in a win will pop off the screen, and the juicy symbols just above them will tumble down in their place until there are no more winning combinations left. Your mother may have told you to lay off the sugar so you don’t get sick, but she didn’t know about the bountiful prizes within this prize bonanza feature! 

Multiplier Symbol

The extra luscious Multiplier symbol is like an extra big gobstopper with dizzying colours swirling into a round shape with the protruding wick of a bomb. You’ll only find this decadent treasure during the free spins round. Give it a gigantic lick, and allow its sweet stickiness to stick it onto the reels for the entire tumbling sequence. When the tumbles are complete, the value of all the multiplier gobstoppers are summed up and multiplied by the final value of your candy prize pot.  


The scatter is a swirling pink lollipop, and the most delectable of them all. You can snag a lick on any reel, and the scatter pays in all positions. This pastel pink treat is your ticket to the free spins round, and you’ll need four of them anywhere on the reels to trigger it. 

Free Spins Round

It’s not only gorging on all these sweets that’ll give you a proper high. Once you activate the free spins round by way of the Lollipop scatter, 10 free spins begin twirling with delight in a sweet and colourful whirlwind. 

Don’t even think about taking a break to let it settle, because if three more scatters land during free spins, the whole ride sets off again with five more sweet spins to keep the sugar rush going. Even better is when the multiplier symbol lands, accumulating multipliers and adding it to your final prize. 

Game Mechanics

With so many bright candies and bursting colours whirling past your head over so many reels, you may get dizzy before you nail down the controls. Let’s set those straight before you begin.

Circular arrows: Spin the reels and start the game!

Minus and Plus sign (-/+) on either side of the spin button: Use these buttons to change your bet size, coin amount, and lines played.

Hamburger Icon (three stacked lines): Open this to view your settings which include options for battery saver, ambient music, sound, and the intro screen. You can also change your bet size quickly. 

Small “i” icon: This is the game’s pay table. It gives a detailed description of the game’s features, as well as details about the rules and what happens in case of a malfunction. 

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Sugar or shouldn’t I? For those inclined to skip the savoury dish in favour of mouth-watering prizes on sweet adventures, Sweet Bonanza is just the slot to tempt you forward. From tumbling symbols and multipliers topped off with a powdering of free spins, this is just the decadent slot to patisserie in. And participate in.