Bodog: Canada’s Most Trusted Casino Since 1994

bodog is the most trusted online casino in canada

6 Reasons Why We’re The Best Online Casino in Canada

If you ask us, we’d say you‘d have to have a loose screw to turn down free money, huge cash prizes, insanely fun games, and payouts faster than a bat out of hell.

But we know there’s nothing wrong with your hardware. And we know you’re the type of player who’s ready for a casino like yours truly – Bodog – Canada’s most trusted casino since 1994.  

Some might call it bragging, but that’s not our style. We like to think of it more like… owning up to greatness. We’re kind of a big deal.


Let us explain.

Reason #1: Hundreds of Casino Games to Choose From

When you’re with the best online casino in Canada (Bodog, of course), you get an unlimited supply of insanely fun and lucrative games. And the money is real, of course. 

Slots: Hundreds of choices – from classic to hyper-real 3-D.

Blackjack: Classic, single deck, double deck, European – you choose the flavour. 

Baccarat: Get your James Bond on with a 6 card deck – choose your dealer and set your table limit from $5-$25,000. 

Roulette: Classic, American, European – take your pick. 

Poker: Consider us your go-to table for hot plays. We’ve got a treasure trove of poker games just waiting for you to try your hand.

So what happens with your money? 

Reason #2: Secure Deposit Methods

When you roll with Bodog, you get the safest deposit methods in Canada complete with banking grade encryption – guaranteed.

Check our methods:

  • Bitcoin – IMPOSSIBLE to intercept and steal
  • Visa Debit/Credit Cards
  • Bank Wire
  • MyPaylinQ
  • Click2Pay
  • eWallet Express
  • Rapid Transfer

Look, casino games are fun. Cash is fun. But we believe in: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. And it’s a seriously stupid game to take any risks with security when it comes to your cash. We get that. 

And by the way, we realize Bitcoin might be new for some of you. That’s why we created our bitcoin guide to get you up to speed. 

One more thing to note here: when you gamble, you have to know how to place bets. Things like: being realistic, setting a budget, being selective, and having a good strategy. 

But above all, the most fundamental way to protect your hard-earned cash, even before you place your first bet, is to ensure you’re wagering with a legit and trusted casino. That’s why we take such serious security measures – yet another reason we’re the best online casino in Canada

Reason #3: Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator casino games


Bodog uses a real Random Number Generator that ensures ALL the casino games are fair and random. We don’t have any hidden advantages for ourselves. There’s no “secret door” of hidden cash on the skin of our players. 

If you lose, which we all know happens, you can be damn sure it won’t be because of cheating software. Hey, losing is part of the game. It makes the wins feel a whole lot sweeter. But you’ll never lose just because we’ve underhandedly designed it that way.

Reason #4: Fast Payouts and Withdrawals

Want more? Easy done. Bodog is the best online casino in Canada because, on top of generous bonuses, iron-clad trust, and 100s of fun games at your disposal, we don’t waste time when it comes to payouts.

This is what you can expect:

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash: 15 minutes

Bank Transfer: 3-5 days

Cheque by Courier: 10-15 days

Not bad, right? But we’re not done just yet. 

Reason #5: The Most Generous Casino Bonuses

What does the best online casino in Canada do? It brings you generous bonuses in generous quantities. And by that, we do mean mountains of shiny online casino promotions. By now you’ll be wondering if we’ll cook you some eggs. 

We offer 100% on casino, poker, and sports welcome bonuses. And depending on the game, or type of bonus, you get up to $1000 free cash from $100 deposit. 

Other bonus opportunities include: royal flush, bad beat, refer a friend and exclusive Bodog rewards bonuses like up to $1 free for every 1k points. 

The bottom line is, we know why you play. We understand that when you give a little, we give a little back. 

Reason #6: 24/7 customer service makes us the best online casino in Canada

Customer service is the kryptonite of most online casinos. In our experience, they don’t seem to care about the players as much as the money they’re getting from them. We like you guys. We don’t forget that there’s an actual person behind the digital one.  

At Bodog, we actually want you to reach us. And we’re available 24/7. 

You can call, email, or visit the Help Centre. We’ll get back to you. Promise.