Bodog Mobile Casino Sites On the Go

There’s now little you can’t do on a mobile phone; cashing up at your online casino included. Mobile gaming reaches new heights with these masterful designs.

There’s now little you can’t do on a mobile phone; cashing up at your online casino included. Mobile gaming reaches new heights with these masterful designs.

There’s now little you can’t do on a mobile phone; cashing up at your online casino included. Mobile gaming reaches new heights with these masterful designs.

Bodog Mobile Casino Sites On the Go


How do you pass the time when you’re the first of your friends to show up? If you’re like the majority of Bodog patrons, you’re probably winning money. How, you ask?

Mobile gaming: that compact, powerful device you’ve probably got in your pocket right now. Perhaps you’re staring right at it. After all, it does a lot more than texting and keeping you up with the socials. 

Because, believe it or not, Bodog isn’t just Canada’s #1 choice when it comes to casino gaming for real money online: we also happen to be at the top of the list in mobile casino gaming for real money. That includes online slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and loads upon loads more. 

So if you ask us, there’s no point in staring at a wall while you wait for the microwave to finish, or the kettle to boil. Fire up that portable mobile machine and unglaze those eyes to play mobile casino now

And if you’re out and about? We’ll show you how to make your day a whole lot more interesting. Get ready for a mobile casino for real money. Just for you.

How to Play Mobile Casino for Real Money

First of all, don’t worry about downloading anything. It’s much easier than that. In order to play at our mobile casino for real money, just open the game from your mobile or tablet’s web browser.

  1. Log into your Bodog account
  2. Look for the “Casino” tab
  3. Choose your variety – Slots, Table Games, Specialty Games, etc.
  4. Once there, pick a game. If it’s a slot, you can click on the one you want to play and dive right in. If it’s a table game, look for the ones with the blue background. Those are optimized for mobile. 
  5. Once you click the game from your phone or tablet, you’ll automatically be directed to the mobile interface. No extra headaches. 

Keep in mind, however, that your phone will need to be in landscape mode so the game display can be fully visible. Now, to operate within the game, look for the “hamburger” icon which will display the game’s menu. Not recommended on an empty stomach.

One little benefit about casino gaming for real money on mobile is that the interface is less cluttered. It may take some getting used to, but once you hear the “cha-ching” of dollar signs ringing up, you’ll feel right at home in your minimalism.

Best Mobile Slots Available for Real Money

Back to that “game selection” part. If you’ve spent any time at Bodog, I’m sure you’ve tried some of our legendary online slots. But now, thanks to your mobile casino for real money, you can play those bad boys from anywhere. 

We present to you a select few of the best online slots for mobile:

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the most popular online slots with Bodog players, both on computer and on mobile. This Mega progressive slot equals Mega good times anywhere you go. 

With an African safari theme featuring lions, giraffes, monkeys, and elephants, Mega Moolah will have you galloping straight for the $4.37 million progressive Jackpot. 

Even if your gallop slows down and you stop just short of the Mega Jackpot, you could land straight into the open arms of the Major, Minor, or Mini progressive Jackpots. Embrace it! 

Golden Buffalo

This is one of the most fun online slots because you get to immerse yourself in nature’s alluring beauty. With 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4096 ways to win, Golden Buffalo doesn’t lose any magic over mobile. 

Maybe you’re intently chasing the elusive Buffalo as you kick your feet up in the sunshine. And, on screen a glorious sunset arises carrying Wild Multipliers which multiply any win up to 3,125x. Nature, you beautiful beast.

Gold Rush Gus

Gold Rush Gus is one of the best online slots when it comes to animation. It’s got quite the reputation. And the striking visuals and immersive 3-D effects this slot is famous for are just as vivid on your phone, provided it’s not a flip-top… 

You and Gus grab your pickaxes and set about cracking open the earth in search of forgotten treasures. Diamonds, gems, and treasure chests. Three progressive Jackpots (1 big and 2 minis), bonus games, free spins, and re-spins. 

Gus will stop at nothing to uncover your riches. Even if you’re just standing in line at the grocery store, getting a quick round in… With Gus, you won’t know the difference. 

Best Mobile Blackjack Available for Real Money

When you’re casino-gaming for real money with Blackjack, you want to be in it. We totally get that. Which is why we’ve gone above and beyond to make the perfect Blackjack game for mobile. 

The experience is totally streamlined. Your buttons appear and disappear when needed. In landscape mode, this creates a fully immersive, almost video-like experience. 

When you go to the “Blackjack Games” tab, choose the game with a teal background that says simply “Blackjack”. That’s the version fully decked out for mobile.   

You can even customize the game to change the table color, type of deck, and labels on the buttons. Woo-hoo.

To play, it works the same as the classic Blackjack you’re surely used to. You can play up to 3 hands per round, and get payouts up to 3:2 when you score a Blackjack. You also have the option to surrender. Step away from the vehicle…

Best Mobile Table Games Available for Real Money

We wouldn’t be a true mobile casino for real money if we didn’t offer table games too, right? Exactly. We go far beyond online slots and Blackjack, and deep into the wonderful world of real rewards at the table. 

To play table games on your mobile, click on the “Table Games” tab. Then choose your game (look for the blue background). These are some of our top choices: 


We’ve taken Craps to a whole new level with the mobile experience. A smooth interface makes it easy to follow the quick-moving rounds in Craps. You play it almost exactly as you would online. Place your bet by clicking on the chips, and the chips sail onto the table. 

Craps on mobile makes placing your bet super easy, because the areas where you can bet turn green, and the areas where you can’t bet turn red. To remove your bet, just drag the chip or stack off the table with your finger on the touch screen. So intuitive!


Online Roulette for real money


The satisfying roll and clunk of the Roulette ball has got to be one of the most gratifying sounds in the unnatural world. And now with Bodog’s new Roulette optimized for mobile, you get the fun and the audio right at your fingertips. 

Roulette on mobile works in exactly the same way as online. You can play both the American and European version. 

Once in, you place your bet by tapping the chips. Choose your number or color, and give the wheel a spin. What’s great about the new mobile version, is that now you can choose to “double up” if you’re having a hot streak and want to maximize your payday. 

Not a bad way to do casino gaming for real money, that’s for sure. 

Let ‘Em Ride

Another great game for mobile. It’s you against the Dealer, same as always. The game is fast-paced, and it’s a perfect choice for when you’re trying to pass a few minutes. 

When you get your 3 cards, check the quality of your hand with the community cards. Then simply choose to either Raise or Check. If you get a pair of tens or anything higher, you win. Get a Royal Flush, and your day out just got a whole lot nicer. Drinks on you, Fancy Pants.

Casino gaming for real money has never been easier or more impressive. So put the computer to sleep for a while. Go out. Get some air. Make some money. All in a day’s work.