Get Paid Fast And Securely At Bodog Casino

Get Paid Fast And Securely At Bodog Casino

You like waiting 5 business days for payouts, right?

Sure, you say. What’s the hurry? 

It’s your winnings, that’s the hurry! No traditional casino would tell their patrons to come back next week for their payload. So, unlike some online platforms, we don’t either. At Bodog, we pay you lightning-fast (spoiler: 15 minutes or less). We staunchly believe that our players deserve a casino that pays quickly and delivers on the fattest bonuses and government-grade security.

So to answer your question, “Which online casino pays the quickest?”, that would be us. Bodog. 

Now, if you want to check for yourself which online casino pays the quickest, there are 3 things you need to know: 

  • The right game, 
  • The right bonus, and 
  • The right withdrawal method

Let’s keep our minds out of the gutter now, and back on the table. 

The Best Table Games


Which online casino pays the quickest when you play online table games?

You’re right, of course … it’s Bodog. 

And we’re here to tell you that a huge part of getting paid quickly is finding the right games to play. Table games with huge and achievable payouts are a good start.

These are the top 3 classics.

best classic blackjack and casino games


A classic mix of luck and strategy. Blackjack is famous for its steep 99.6 payout percentage and measly .05% house edge. It’s a game that makes huge winnings especially speedy because every hand brings the possibility to win up to 150% on each bet (by getting a natural Blackjack). All it takes is one good hand to ring in dollar signs. Not bad. 


This is our expert gamblers’ favorite pick – and a truly authentic game of chance. Roulette offers huge payouts up to 3500% (35:1) for one bet (by choosing a single number). In other words, when it happens, winning big happens fast. At the click of a button, in fact.   


Ever dream of a quick flick of the wrist on a dice roll that ends with enough cash to set up a trust fund? With payouts as big as 3000% (30:1) for a single bet (6-6 or 1-1), Craps is a straight and speedy path to riches on one little die. 

Now, the next step to knowing which online casino pays the quickest is to assess their jackpots

And since our players show up to the table with a hungry ambition, we serve up the biggest ones. 

The Biggest Online Slots Jackpots

Jackpots = astronomical sums of money from one single bet. That’s what this game is all about. 

When you play at your beloved slots, focus on the ones with the largest jackpots. If you’re gonna play, you might as well play big, right? 

These are our top 3. 

  • Shopping Spree: Currently our biggest slots Jackpot that reaches up to $3,615,000. I won’t speak for you, but we could certainly do with a few extra mill for all play and no work.. 
  • Food Fight! An amazing slots game with a generous jackpot of $841,000, sent straight to your wallet in 15 minutes (no lie – see the next section).
  • Super Diamond Mine: Test your luck at Super Diamond Mine and win a jackpot as big as $570,000. That’s enough to buy something real pretty.

So now you’re playing the best table games, and you’re winning the best jackpots. Regardless of how much you’re expecting to get paid – the main question of which online casino pays faster than the eye can see can only be answered in one way: how are they paying you?

Whether you want to cash out $10 or the entire Shopping Spree jackpot of $3 million+, Bodog pays up in 15 minutes or less.

Use Bitcoin to Get Paid Fast and Secure

When you ask again which online casino is the fastest draw in the West, you can get your answer in one word: Bitcoin. Who’s using it? 

Look: whether you’re a crypto fan or not, you can’t deny that Bitcoin gets you paid fast. It doesn’t matter what the sum is. And it’s secure. Anonymous. 

With Bitcoin (BTC), you can officially say bye-bye to your bank, credit card issuer, or any other financial institution. Maybe even ‘stick it to the man’, if you will. Forget about “we don’t work on business days”, network problems, ridiculous fees, and taxes. 

It’s a peer-to-peer thing. Only you and Bodog. Mano-y-mano. No middleman.

And it’s easy, too. This is what you do:

  1. Get a Bitcoin wallet at
  2. Get your Bitcoin wallet address and paste it in the “Your Wallet Address”  field on Bodog
  3. Choose how much cash you want to cash out
  4. Now just wait for the cash to arrive – as soon as 15 minutes.

Is it clear now which online casino drops your money like it’s hot? Hint: it’s the one that understands the value of Bitcoin. That would be Bodog. Have you heard of them? You’d really get along.

Use Bonuses to Get More Chances at Bigger Wins

So with all these mega fast paydays, how can you maximize your earnings?

Well, my friend. The more money you play, the more money you win. 

The whole point of figuring out which online casino pays the quickest is to see how far your money will get you. 

And Bodog makes it possible to bring forth and multiply without using more of your own money. That’s because of bonuses. And we are, shall we say, obsessed with them.

That’s Bodog, for you. Check these out:

  • The Casino Bonus: Get 100% extra on your deposit up to $600 (amazing for slots!)
  • The Poker Bonus: Get 100% extra on your deposit up to $1000
  • The Sports Bonus: Get 100% extra on your deposit up to $200
  • The Bitcoin Casino Bonus: Get 150% extra on your first deposit up to $900
  • The Bitcoin Sports Bonus: Get 100% extra on your first deposit up to $300
  • The Refer a Friend Bonus: Get 200% extra on your friend’s first deposit up to $100

Easy peasy. And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll already know that these massive freebies are in your hands in 15 minutes or less… which is also thanks to the easily-achievable wagering requirements, by the way. 

So, there you have it. That’s what it’s all about. 

Claim a bonus, make a deposit, increase bets, and cash out in 15 minutes or less with Bitcoin.  

Safe. Fast. Profitable. Once again. Bodog. Jot that down.