Best Online Casino Bonuses in Canada


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Everything is sweeter when it’s free. The sweetest part of gambling online, in fact. 

At Bodog, we love nothing more than a good ol’ fashioned bonus. We consider ourselves seasoned experts at both giving free stuff, and…well…being Canadian. 

As long as you’re a fan of free money, we think you’ll find this guide quite useful. 


Online Casino Welcome Bonuses

When you’re just starting out, you can use your position as a newcomer to make free cash right off the bat through welcome bonuses. 

These are the most common types of online bonuses for Canadian newcomers you’ll find:

  • No Deposit Bonus: You don’t have to pay anything down to get the money. They’re usually small, for obvious reasons, but free all the same. 
  • Free Cash Bonus: For example, $100 free with your first deposit is a big one. 
  • Percentage Bonus:  Let’s say the casino brings you an extra 100% and you’ve deposited $100. You’d get $100 for free in addition to your deposit (total: $200)
  • High Roller Bonuses: The bonus for big playas who deposit $1000+. The casino will cash up in the form of an extra % or a fixed free cash sum.
  • Free Spins and Plays: Pretty self-explanatory – you get the green light to play on slots or other casino games with no strings attached. 

Free bonuses are thrilling enough – but hang tight, cowboy: we’ve got a secret little loophole to slip to you, too. Shhhhh…


Codename: bitcoin bonuses

The Advantages of Using Bitcoin Bonuses

The Advantages of Using Bitcoin Bonuses


This is hands down the most effective way to make the most out of your Canadian online casino bonus. 

Bitcoin (BTC) brings a slew of advantages to the table:


More money in your pocket

Super cheap or no transaction fees are a great start. Then, when you keep your earnings in BTC, they’re safe from taxes. Hint: Casinos are well aware of this, so that’s why we encourage you to use bitcoin promotions.


Free money when you cash out 

Casinos make money from bitcoin in all sorts of ways, be it holding the BTC, trading, investing in blockchain projects, ICOs, etc. That’s why they offer you more incentives (read: cash bonuses) for using Bitcoin, too.

Now, let’s see how to turn your free bonus into real money.

How to Withdraw Casino Bonuses

Here’s how it works. 

You can cash your bonus money out whenever you want to, once you fulfill the casino’s bonus requirements. 

These are the most common Canadian online casino bonus requirements:

Rollover: The target amount of money you have to bet before unlocking your bonus money. Let’s say you have a bonus with a rollover of $1000. That means you have to bet a total of $1000.

Specific Games: You may only be able to gamble at certain games to fulfil the rollover requirement. So if it says only slots, then you guessed it. Only your slots bets will count towards meeting your rollover. 

Expiration: And finally, most online casinos will bring you a certain number of days to fulfil all their requirements. So keep your eye on the calendar and don’t let the opportunity pass you by.


Other Casino Bonuses

If you’re still after further pampering, you’re in luck. You’ve got even more options with your online casino bonus.

Gifts that keep on giving:

  • Monthly Deposit Bonus: Get an extra % on your monthly deposits, or a fixed sum of cash.
  • Loyalty Bonus: Get juicy V.I.P benefits like: extra percentages on your deposits, free spins, and nice, shiny toys for grown-ups. We like to think of loyalty bonuses as becoming a king among peasants in your casino. Bow down, right?
  • Refer a Friend Bonus (RAF): Initiate a friend into the casino and you’ll get free spins, free credits to play, extra percentages on your deposits, and some choice online company, of course.  

And thus ends your concierge tour of rewards and bonuses. It’s hard not to feel like a winner when free cash is always on the cards. Don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions of your casino to make sure you’ve got the rules clearly in mind. And remember that Bodog is all about the free stuff. That’s just how we roll.