Best Online Casinos in Canada


Best Online Casinos in Canada

I’m guessing you didn’t show up to a Canadian online casino to play for high-fives and lollipops. You came here to play for real money. 

When it comes to playing online casinos for real money, well, we’ve got that. We’ve got lots of that. 

Not to mention new games, bonuses, promos, live dealers, and safe deposits. 

Let us explain. 

New Games Every Week

Are you the type who needs to keep things shiny and new to stave off boredom? We are. 

That’s why we’re always rolling out new casino games. Every week, to be exact. And they’re all with very real and very green money – real money. Even popular staples like Blackjack and Roulette can retain more spice when you play the gaming field every now and then.

And if you like the sound of dollar signs ringing as you stroll about your day, you’ll be happy to hear that we use Microgaming. That means you can download your games to play offline, anywhere you fancy. 

Speaking of newest games:

Game                                         Prize Pot                         Reels         Rows          Paylines          Minimum Bet
Tiki Vikings                              300x your stake             5                 3                 20                    $0.10
Attack of the Zombies            5,000x your stake         5                 3                 50                    $0.01
Book of Oz                                5,000x your stake         5                 3                 10                    $0


Best Bonuses and Promotions

In case you’re not picking up on our vibes yet, let me spell it out for you. We take care of our own. Period. 

No other Canadian online casino out there takes your money as seriously as we do. Our promos and bonuses are made to maximize your paydays, and we never stop dishing it out. 

Case in point:

  • Bodog Rewards – up to 60 reward points for $1
  • Refer a Friend – 200% of your friend’s first deposit up to $100, plus an extra $25 when their deposit is made with Bitcoin
  • 100% Casino Bonus – up to $600 to play in the casino
  • 100% Poker Bonus – For new players: get a 100% Poker Bonus up to $1,000
  • Bitcoin Bonus – Make a Bitcoin deposit and get 150% up to $900

…just to name a few. 

Live Dealer

With our games, you get to play one-on-one online table games with a professional live dealer over video chat. Everything else is done exactly the same as you’re used to, with virtual bets and your own creature comforts. 

But now you can get your human on with a live dealer for a more traditional casino experience. Imagine those Blackjack cards being dealt right in front of you, and making decisions with your voice instead of your mouse.

Live Dealer casino games


Safe Deposit Methods

Bitcoin, my friends. Crypto is the way of the future, and true security, privacy, and efficiency.

We know how to deposit with Bitcoin, and we do it because it eliminates any and all risk. 

This is why:

  • Government-grade encryption: Bitcoin uses a blockchain that encrypts every transaction. In fact, Blockchains have never, and we do mean never, been hacked. 
  • Untraceable: It’s like spending cash. Out of hands, out of mind.  
  • Decentralized: Read: no “big man” or 1% overseer of your funds.

Oh, and we should probably mention a 15 minute payout time when you use Bitcoin, too. And that’s about how long you’ll spend breakdancing after you win.

Anyway. This is Bodog. And at our online casino, we’ve got your games. We’ve got real humans. We’ve got your security. And we’ve got all your shiny green, real money