Why Play Single Deck Blackjack?

While Blackjack is one of the most popular games not only at Bodog, but in the world, there are more than one version. So why, then, should you play single deck blackjack? Read on to find out.

Blackjack is one of the biggest money-makers for players at the casino, but it’s more than just the one, traditional game – there are more versions of the game than many players realise. Blackjack is your online table games’ Jack-of-all-trades, but you’re here to be master of just one.

From single deck to double deck, six decks, or Blackjack games with special rules, all versions have a unique way to get paid, and all are available at Bodog Casino. Out of all the Blackjack options, however, single deck Blackjack is the most popular to play thanks to its low house edge and lower number of cards to follow in the game.


To show you just why the single deck way of Blackjack is such a hit, we’ll go over the pros and cons of both single deck and multi-deck Blackjack so you can see the difference, then we’ll even add on some handy Blackjack tips to get your own game started off right.

What you’re about to see is the single deck difference.

Single Deck Blackjack vs Multi Deck Blackjack

When it comes to the way the game is actually played, these versions of Blackjack are exactly the same. You get one card face up to the dealer’s face down, and you must decide whether to hit or stand in an effort to get as close as possible to 21 – without going over – while also being higher than the dealer.

The difference comes down to the number of cards in the shoe, and thus your opportunities with moves and odds in the game.

With single deck blackjack, you have only 52 cards to work with – in other words, one regular deck. In multi-deck blackjack, you could have any number of decks. It’s common to see two which is called “double deck” Blackjack, or even six decks like in Bodog’s Classic Blackjack version.

So with a difference of an additional 52 or an additional 260 cards, how does it affect your game, and which type of Blackjack is better bang for your buck?

Like most things in life, there are up-sides and down-sides to both. Let’s start with the virtues of single deck Blackjack.

Pros of Single Deck Blackjack

  • The lowest house edge
  • Easier to keep track of the cards
  • More double-down moves
  • Harder to bust
  • High payouts for Blackjack

Generally speaking, and perhaps the most important, is that single deck Blackjack has the lowest house edge of them all. When you use an optimal strategy like the ones laid out in Bodog’s Blackjack strategy, you can lower the house edge to 0.17%. That’s practically unheard of!

Another benefit of Single Deck Blackjack is that due to the fewer number of cards in play overall, it’s much easier to keep track of them, or even count cards, which is another reliable way to keep the house edge down.

Within the cards in the deck, there are fewer 10-value cards than there are in multi-deck. That means it’s much harder to overshoot your hand and bust, or surpass 21.

Finally, while some casinos offer lower payouts for getting Blackjack in single deck, like 6:5, Bodog offers the same 3:2 payout for both single and multi-deck, so there’s very little to lose.

Single deck Blackjack tip: In either version of Blackjack, it’s always a good idea to split 2-2 and 3-3 when the dealer’s up card shows anything from a 2-7. In single deck, you can also split on 6-6 if the dealer shows 7, and they are required to hit on a soft 17, which they are at Bodog.

Cons of Single Deck Blackjack

  • Harder to get a straight up Blackjack

Not even the holy single deck Blackjack is without its faults.

While it can be an advantage to have fewer 10-value cards in the shoe when it comes to doubling down, the flip side of that is that fewer 10-value cards mean fewer opportunities to get a natural (10-value card + an Ace).

Pros of Multi-Deck Blackjack

  • More widely available online
  • Better to split on Aces

One of the biggest advantages of multi-deck Blackjack is that it’s the most common type you’ll find at any online casino. The reason is easy, because the house edge is slightly higher, and the house tends to prefer that.

When it comes to splitting Aces, you’ll have a better chance to hit a Blackjack in multi-deck since there are more 10-value cards available overall, and that can be an important difference when the moment comes.

Cons of Multi-Deck Blackjack

  • Slightly higher house edge
  • Fewer double-down moves
  • More difficult to count cards

The biggest downside to playing multi-deck Blackjack is the house edge is slightly higher at around 0.46%. It’s worth noting, however, that even at 0.46%, that still makes it one of the most remarkably low house edges of any casino game in existence, so it is certainly not much of a con. Even still, it is slightly higher than its single deck cousin.

Another slight disadvantage to multi-deck Blackjack is that given the higher number of 10-value cards in the deck, you have fewer opportunities to double down.

Blackjack Tip: For example, if you have a hard 9, and the dealer’s upcard shows a 2, you should always double down in single deck, but you should avoid it altogether with multi. Same goes for a hard 11 when the dealer shows an Ace, and a hard 8 when the dealer shows a 5 or a 6. In those scenarios, you should only double down in single deck, and do not double down in multi-deck.

Play Single Deck Blackjack at Bodog

To recap, this is why you should play single deck Blackjack:

  • The lowest house edge
  • Easier to apply a tracking method to the cards
  • More double-down moves
  • Harder to bust
  • High payouts for Blackjack

Regardless of the Blackjack variations you choose to play, remember that using an optimal Blackjack strategy is always the best Blackjack tip to win, and you can use that for either version. If, however, you prefer a lower house edge overall and more opportunities to double down and double profits, then single deck Blackjack is the game for you.