Top Online Casino Games For Pet Lovers

Top Online Casino Games For Pet Lovers

Canada is a nation of pet lovers. More than half of the population owns at least one pet and those numbers have been on the rise in recent times. People look to pets for all sorts of reasons. Some people seek out pets for companionship and to connect with nature, while others like the structure that caring for animals provides. Whether you have a pet, have aspirations of getting one, or just enjoy giving the occasional chin scratch to whatever animal comes your way, we have five online casino games for pet lovers.


Barnstormer Bucks

Farm life, and all of the animals included, is just a spin away in Barnstormer Bucks. This 5-reel, 25-line slot is full of classic farm icons, including sheep, dogs, pigs, cattle and chickens. This game has some fun bonus features as well, including a scatter that can trigger two different bonuses, and a wild that can lead to a major jackpot if you happen to line up five matches.

The scatter icon (Airplane symbol) can trigger a re-spin feature or a free spins feature. In the re-spin feature, you get to continue to spin the reels as long as you’re winning, up to 10 times, while the first reel contains all wilds. As for the free spin feature, you get 10 free rounds with triple the payouts. Scatters also trigger payouts when you land a minimum of two.

Year of the Dog

Launch a session of Year of the Dog to celebrate the 11th animal in Chinese zodiac. This 5-reel slot pays homage to the loyal, obedient and sincere qualities of the dog, which you’ll catch glimpses of as you play.

Fittingly, the dog is the game’s scatter symbol. They award payouts from a special paytable, while also triggering the game’s free spins feature. You’ll get to choose your own free spins package from a list of four options, and for those who like surprises, there’s a Mystery Choice that selects at random. Each package has a unique combination of free spins and multiplier, so you can opt for more free spins, with a smaller multiplier, or vice versa. The best part is the wild multiplies all wins—not just the ones that it helps create.

Hot Cross Bunnies

For a humorous twist on bunnies, Hot Cross Bunnies takes you to a tropical location full of stern and frustrated rabbits. Carrots dangle just out of reach and the heat is rather unforgiving in what would otherwise be a utopia complete with palm trees and sandy beaches. Just three reels and a single payline make up the game, keeping things simple and streamlined.

A Bunny Money feature is worth watching for as there are 27 different ways it can be triggered. If you do trigger it, you get a special set of reels with fruit icons. Below the reels are payouts connected to each fruit icon, and every time you land one of the fruit on the reel, the corresponding fruit metre increases incrementally and progresses towards unlocking the payout.

Fortune Turtle

Set over a peaceful pond under cherry blossom trees, Fortune Turtle lets you try to capitalize on the luck of the turtle—one of four celestial animals that rules over a cardinal direction. Known for power, tenacity and longevity, the turtle represents the North according to Chinese lore.

In Fortune Turtle, the scatter symbol is a dragon-headed turtle perched on a mound of gold coins that lands on reels 2, 3 and 4. Cascading reels accompany wins, so anytime you win a payout, the winning symbols are removed from the reels, creating a void for the symbols from above to cascade down and fill.

A traditional free spins feature is also included in Fortune Turtle. Three scatters trigger 10 free rounds that will feature a special icon on the middle reel. The cascading reels feature is also present in free spins mode; however, with each winning cascade, standard game symbols get replaced by wilds for beefier prizes.

Pandas Go Wild

Animal lovers have been raving about Pandas Go Wild since its release—and it’s no wonder why. This 5-reel, 20-line game gets you a close encounter with the world’s most lovable creatures. Panda bears fill the reels and entertain players with their goofy antics. Some hang from bamboo trees, while others roll on their backs and demand belly rubs.

A nice suite of bonus features makes this game a solid option for the more seasoned casino crowd and includes a Pick & Multiply bonus game, a free spins session and a wild that expands on the central reel and causes a free re-spin. The Pick & Multiply bonus sets up three bonus rounds where you select one of three icons that conceals a multiplier prize. You’ll start with choosing one of three bamboo sticks, then one of three koi fish, and finally one of three lotus flowers. At the end, the multipliers are added together for the total prize.

Meanwhile, the free spins feature is connected to the Lotus symbol that says Free Spins. Three of them trigger 10 free rounds, which can be retriggered to extend the session.

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