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Greetings. We are Bodog Online Casino Canada. You can call us Bodog. And you must be…. the betting type. Perfect. Welcome home.

So, we’re kind of a big deal in the online gambling scene. Why? Because when online gambling first started in the early 90s, we strut onto the scene like it was 1994, and the world was our Sony Discman. We laid the tracks down for everyone else. Bryan Adams may have been on high rotation. After, what is it now, a quarter century? – I guess you could say we know what we’re doing. 

But don’t just take our word for it – here are 4 good reasons why Bodog Online Casino is better than any other online casino in Canada. 

The Most Secure Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for online casino games

#1. The Most Secure Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Bodog online casino is a Bitcoin Casino

And Bitcoin is the digital Fort Knox of money transfers. What makes it so secure, you ask?

Every transaction is encrypted through a reinforced blockchain, which means it’s impenetrable to stealing. On top of that, it keeps the entire transaction anonymous since there’s no need for a middle man. 

And because it’s digital, paydays are transacted in 15 minutes or less.


#2. We Have the Biggest Names in Slots

You into slots? Good. So are we. 

Every big slot (slot) name that’s ever gained traction in the scene has a place on our lineup, with payout percentages up to 99%. 

Fancy A Night With Cleo? How about some Money Magic, Shopping Spree, Food Fight!, Super Diamond Mine, Strike Gold and House of the Dead, just to name a few of our rollicking-good staples?

And when you’ve had your way with those titles, we roll out new slots games every week so you can keep the winnings fresh. 

online slots you can play with bitcoin


#3. Sports Betting Options Galore

From NFL, NCA, MMA, Soccer, NBA, Tennis, Horses, and Nascar – Bodog Online Casino Canada has hundreds of sports betting options to put in your wager and magnify profits: 

Point Spread: Or handicap – place a wager on the underdog

Futures: Place wagers on the outcome of an event – i.e. who’s going to win.

Live Betting: Place a bet on a sporting event that’s already started

Parlay: Or combo bet. Combine 2-12 bets into a single wager 


#4. Every Table Game You Can Imagine

Table games are the core of casinos, both land and online.  

That’s why Bodog Online Casino gives you every table game on the planet. Ones you know, and ones you’ve never tried – all with the option of playing with live dealers from the genus homo sapien.



Poker: Tri-Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Hold ‘Em, Caribbean Stud, Let ‘Em Ride

Dice: Craps, Roll the Dice

Roulette: American and European

If you’re the winning type, you can expect progressive jackpots, eye-bulging bonuses and promos, and of course: very, very real money. 

Hi. We’re Bodog Online Casino Canada. 

The most secure, most lucrative, and most trusted online casino in the world. Enter the house. Pull up a pew.