Canada’s Online Specialty Games Guide: Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Roll the Dice

Bodog Casino Online Specialty Games Guide

Around here, we accept players with all sorts of passions and persuasions. Devotees of slots, Blackjack aficionados, Poker enthusiasts, Roulette connoisseurs. You name the game, we’ve got the fan club.

But what about those bettors who crave something different? Or… special, if you will?

I have a feeling you know just what I’m talking about.

Online specialty games are just the ticket for the player who wants to spice it up a few degrees. Try something new, change Lady Luck’s outfit – see how she goes.

A change is as good as a holiday, according to someone who couldn’t afford a holiday. That’s why, at Bodog, we’re full to the brim with exciting and unexpected online specialty games. Games like Teen Patti online, Andar Bahar online, and Roll the Dice online are mere samples from our plethora of specialty games.

And they happen to be the best specialty games to make a special payout.

So, if you’re a player who’s feeling extra special today (yes, we know you’re special every day, Sunshine), then don’t move a muscle. Stay right here, put your feet up, and we’ll show you how to play online specialty games now.

Let’s start you off with our top three online specialty games.

Teen Patti

Meaning: “three cards” (spoiler!): does not contain teenagers or franchised burgers. Batteries sold separately.

Teen Patti is an old, traditional card game from India. It’s a variation on poker, played with only three cards (you see). At Bodog, we have two versions of Teen Patti online: Teen Patti Rapid, and Teen Patti Pro.

Both versions follow the same Poker rules you’re familiar with. A standard 52-card deck, and cards ranking from ace, being the highest, to low-numbered cards having the lowest value.

The difference between the two versions of Teen Patti online is that one version offers the option for one bet, and the other version allows you to choose between three different bets.

Teen Patti Rapid

This is the “one bet” option of Teen Patti online. The Rapid version is perfect for those looking to have a fast, low-stress game. The only decision you need to make in Teen Patti Rapid is how much to bet on your own 3-card hand. You can choose from: $1, $5, $25, $100, or $500.

Here’s how you play:

  • Drag your chip into the center of the screen.
  • Hit “Deal”, and get three cards face up.
  • If you have a winning combination based on the regular poker rank, you win! Well, that was easy.

Teen Patti Pro

This is the “three bet” option. It’s also based on a three card hand.

Now instead of only placing one bet on your own hand, you have three different ways of winning: betting on the Player, Dealer or a Split. There are also side bets you can make on the specific outcome of the winning three-card hand, with a Straight Flush being the highest (440:1).

Here’s how you do it:

  • Drag your chip into the rectangle that represents the option you’d like to bet on (player, dealer, or split).
  • Decide whether or not you’d like to bet on the specific outcome of the hand (optional side bet) by clicking the menu on the left, and hit Deal.
  • Three cards are dealt to each person, all face up, and the winner is determined.

You win if the person you bet on has a winning hand (or a split if you bet on that), and you win even more if you made a side bet on the exact hand they won with.

Andar Bahar

Welcome back to India. The land that never stops living up to it’s [online specialty games] mystical reputation. That’s a thing, right?

Andar Bahar is a simple, nearly 50/50 game. Similar to flipping a coin. But unlike flipping a coin, there are a wealth of side bets to win, too.

There are two primary bets to choose from: Andar (on the left side) or Bahar (on the right side).

Once you make your bet on either side, one card is dealt to the middle. Then more cards are alternately dealt to each side. This continues until a card that matches the middle appears. If that matching card lands on the side you bet on, you win.

You’ll remember that I said Andar Bahar online is nearly 50/50? That’s because the odds of winning on the Andar side are 1.9, and the odds for the Bahar side are 2.0.

So, if you bet $100 on the Andar side and you won, you’d get $190 ($90 profit + your original $100 bet). If you bet $100 on the Bahar side, you’d get $200 ($100 profit plus your original $100 bet).

But the real reason we think Andar Bahar is one of the best online specialty games is because of the ample side bets available.

For the side bets in Andar Bahar online, you can bet on the middle card’s:

  • Suit
  • Color
  • Exact value
  • Value being above 8, below 8, or exactly 8
  • The total number of cards dealt before a match was revealed.

That’s it for Andar Bahar online. Let’s talk dice.

Roll the Dice

learn how to play real money roll the dice

Say so long to India, and Ni Hao to China.

Roll the Dice online is a modern version of the classic Chinese dice game. It’s one of the coolest online specialty games because the colorful animations and peppy music come alive for a light and cheery vibe. Chair dancing is a common reaction, and you have our tacit approval.

On the screen you see 7 squares to bet on. Each square has its own animation: fish, prawn, crab, coin, rooster, calabash and a triple (three dice). You can bet on any number of squares you like, and roll the dice.

The dice has corresponding symbols to the betting squares. After you roll it, you get paid if the symbols you bet on are the symbols that appear on the dice.

The amount you get paid is determined by how many matching symbols you got.

The payouts for Roll the Dice online are as follows:

  • One matching symbol: 1:1
  • Two matching symbols: 2:1
  • Three matching symbols: 3:1
  • Any triple: 30:1

If you want big wins and you’re not afraid of taking some risk, go for a triple. If you’re more into regular, smaller wins, stick with one symbol for each roll.

Wait – hold up. I’m sensing something. A very special person has just earned a special prize for their participation in this super-special online specialty games guide. Collect your car mirror fluffy dice from the link on your right. Ooooh no, it’s expired and disappeared. Perhaps you’ll have to make your own special luck, friend.

See? All that depth just below your surface, waiting for an online game that piques your interest. Whoever said ya basic never came to Bodog. Grab your special seat, dance a little if the music compels you, and enjoy our left field..