Play Hot Drop Jackpots At Bodog Casino

Hot Drop Jackpots have landed, and Bodog is the place to enjoy the action.

The wait is finally over… Hot Drop Jackpots have finally landed at Bodog Casino. After months of teaser videos, game reviews and an awful lot of anticipation, the hottest new arrival to the online casino world has finally strolled into town.


You’ve no doubt heard of this exciting new product available here at Bodog, but what are Hot Drop Jackpots exactly? Bodog are on hand to reveal all.

Hot Drop Jackpots | The Lowdown

Hot Drop Jackpots have finally landed, but before heading on over to play at Bodog, you’ll want to know exactly what they’re all about. Don’t worry gang, we’ve got you covered.

Live from June 2022, Hot Drop Jackpots allow players to win substantial cash prizes not just every day, but on the hour! In fact, the best time to start playing is when a jackpot is close to dropping, but move fast, as you wouldn’t want to miss out. There is also a Super Jackpot that must be won before a certain amount is reached. The excitement is all too much for us, and the jackpot widgets changing in colour to confirm they are close to dropping really does rank up the heat. Want to know more about the different types of jackpots available at Bodog Casino when joining in with our Hot Drop Jackpots? Stick around, we will reveal all shortly.

Before we move on, have you considered how you will join in the Hot Drop Jackpots fun? Bodog bettors can play via desktop, tablet or even on the go on their mobile – you can enjoy the sizzling action wherever you are! In terms of depositing, you have options aplenty. However, have you considered crypto betting? This increasingly popular and secure way of depositing funds allows you to enjoy our dozens of titles with added peace of mind.

Hot Drop Jackpots | The Functionality

Forgive us, in all the excitement we have waited until now to actually explain how Hot Drop Jackpots work. Arguably one of the main selling points of these scorching new games is that they are so easy to become a part of. All you need to do is login to your Bodog Casino account, load up your funds on one of (or all three) our three eligible titles – and you could soon be one of our winners. Want to know the three titles in question? We’ll come to that in just a moment.

When playing Hot Drop Jackpots, the winnings can be huge. Not only that, they are much more frequent than with other jackpots. It isn’t difficult to see why they are taking the online casino world by storm.

Of course, you’ll want to know how close the jackpot is to landing while you are playing, as that is how the excitement and tension really starts to build. Well, to the left of the reels themselves, you’ll see live widgets that continue to tick by with increasing jackpot amounts and a timer on the time-based jackpots informing players of how long is left before the jackpot must be won.

Red hot flames appear on the reels and become more prominent the closer the jackpot is to being won. As ever, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Types of Hot Drop Jackpots Explained

Another major plus point of Hot Drop Jackpots is that there are two main types of jackpots available – time-driven jackpots and amount-based jackpots. The latter is known as the Super Jackpot, and can reach much higher cash values, while the time-driven jackpots come in the shape of the daily jackpot and the hourly jackpot. They’re fairly self-explanatory, but let’s lay it out for you guys.

Hourly Jackpots

The hourly jackpots might not often reach the same levels as the daily or super, but they are more frequent, allowing players increased opportunities to win. As you may have guessed, the hourly jackpot is to be won at some point before the 60 minutes is up, so if you’re still spinning away of 55 minutes or more, you’ll want to stick around.

Daily Jackpots

The daily jackpot works in exactly the same way that the hourly one does, but it can tick for up to 24 hours instead of just the one. The wait might be longer, but that also means that the winnings can be significantly higher. Similarly to the hourly jackpot, if you are still playing with just minutes left on the timer, your luck could be in.

Super Jackpot

The Super Jackpot can be the most profitable of the three, with this being the only one of its kind in that it is an amount-driven jackpot. Whereas the previous two jackpots have to be hit before a certain length of time passes, the Super Jackpot has to be won before a certain amount. So, if you stop on by at Bodog Casino and see that the Super Jackpot is close to the maximum amount, you’re going to want to start playing.

The best part about these three fantastic jackpots? They can all be active at the same time. Your best bet is to play when all three jackpots are active, that gives you the best chance of winning big.

Hot Drop Jackpots: Available Games

At the moment, there are three popular titles that players can choose to enjoy their Hot Drop Jackpots fun. Each game is very different and all three can be enjoyed perhaps depending on your mood on that particular day.

The rewards that await you when you step into Cleo’s chambers will have you shaking in disbelief. Find out why A Night With Cleo is one of our most popular games online at Bodog.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the options…

Golden Buffalo

Golden Buffalo is the perfect place to start, as we’re all searching for that pot of gold when playing Hot Drop Jackpots after all. This six reel slot offers a stunning 4,096 ways to win, you’ll be celebrating like a wild animal if you win big.

777 Deluxe

If Golden Buffalo provides an opportunity to explore the wild, 777 Deluxe is for those who like to play a more classic title. This modern twist on the fruit machines you see around the world does exactly what you’d expect of it, and the simple gameplay will allow more time for you to focus on those jackpot timers.

A Night With Cleo

Spending A Night With Cleo might sound like your idea of fun, but the heat gets turned up even further when you factor in Hot Drop Jackpots. What will be the highlight of your evening? There’s only one way to find out.


We get it, the temptation is there to keep this Hot Drop Jackpots fun to yourself. But believe us, the secret is out as the casino world is well aware of the new kid on the block.

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Enjoy the Hot Drop Jackpots action at Bodog Casino.