Crypto Betting At Bodog Casino

Crypto betting at Bodog Casino

It’s the 21st century and, as far as Bodog Casino is concerned, cash and credit cards are out, and crypto betting is in. And it’s not just fashion – it’s all about function.

Bitcoin betting is a whole lot more than just a modern way to play casino games for its own sake. The benefits to your gaming experience are instantly apparent and go beyond that first deposit and satisfying withdrawal.


If you haven’t given Bitcoin betting a chance just yet, grab yourself a drink and kick back for a few minutes; there’s a reason so many people are switching to crypto, and those benefits we refer to make the case in point. So let’s run through the biggest upsides, then we’ll show you the easiest way to make the switch from your bank to the world’s newest currency in a few easy steps.

The revolution has already started, so buckle in and learn to bet with crypto at Bodog Casino.

Benefits of Crypto

Before crypto betting was introduced at Bodog, your only option was to use your traditional bank account to make a deposit, which came with a whole host of issues: exorbitant fees, long wait times, and cancelled transactions were chief among them.

With Bitcoin in the mix, though, most players learned how to do crypto betting and put all of those pesky bank issues behind them for a much faster, smoother, and more trustworthy transaction process.

Here’s the crypto betting difference.

No waiting to play. With crypto, your deposits are usually processed in 60 seconds, and 15 minutes max if there’s extra congestion in the blockchain.

Get your money fast.  Instead of waiting up to 2 weeks for your winnings through your bank or via cheque, with crypto, you can have your payday within the hour. No need to wait around twiddling your thumbs.

Tiny fees. Really. Bodog doesn’t charge any transaction fees for depositing or withdrawing with Bitcoin. Your cryptocurrency may charge a small network fee and your exchange may charge a small fee for transferring funds, but those are both negligible in comparison to a bank card.

100% Success Rate. On occasion, some banks cancel transactions due to restrictions on your bank card. When you deposit with crypto, your funds are guaranteed to go through every single time. No restrictions.

Bigger bonuses. Bodog’s deposit bonuses are magnified when you make deposits with crypto, and you can still take advantage of a 150% match up to $900 even if you’ve already made your first deposit with regular currency.  

How to Deposit With Crypto

Sounds pretty good, right? If you like the sound of those benefits, then you can deposit and get cracking within a matter of minutes. Just follow these steps.

  1. Get a digital wallet and exchange set up. You can find a good and trusted selection at CryptoVantage. Pssst – Exodus is our top choice for a crypto wallet.
  2. Use your exchange wallet to purchase a cryptocurrency. Bodog supports these cryptos:
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin SV (BSV)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • USD Tether (USDT)
  1. Transfer your newly purchased cryptocurrency to your digital wallet by selecting “Send” and using the given QR code. Now you’re a proud owner of crypto.
  2. Transfer the funds from your digital wallet to Bodog by following Bodog’s deposit instructions inside your account and using the QR code.

The funds will be ready in a snap, and you’ll be ready to browse the casino floor and play some games.

How to Withdraw With Crypto

Once you get playing and stacking up wins, you’ll eventually want to take them out and spend that new cash on something nice.

Withdrawing with crypto is the best part of Bitcoin betting, especially now that you’ve already got your digital wallet and exchange wallet set up. Getting your money is done in minutes using a few easy steps.

  1. Open up your exchange wallet, and select the cryptocurrency you want your winnings in. Hit “Receive”.
  2. A unique wallet address will be generated – this address is DIFFERENT EVERY TIME and it must be copied EXACTLY in order to go through.
  3. Take the unique address and paste it into the field marked “Your Wallet Address”.
  4. Tell us how much you want to take out in CAD, then keep an eye on your digital wallet, because it’s about to light up.

Best Crypto Coins to use at Bodog

Most people have heard of Bitcoin, but Bodog offers many other cryptocurrency options with slightly different benefits as well.

Of course, Bitcoin is the most popular option since it’s the most established in the market; however, because of its popularity, transactions with Bitcoin can take longer to process due to a higher baseline of network congestion.


Alternatively, you could use Bitcoin SV or Bitcoin Cash which are equally secure but offer nearly-instant deposits and withdrawals.

If you’re the type who likes to take out your winnings right away regardless of the number of zeros it contains, Litecoin is a good option that offers mega-fast withdrawals, especially for smaller transactions.

Since your deposits are immediately transferred to CAD, some players prefer the security of USD Tether which is piggybacked on top of USD to give more predictability to its value. And that does indeed make it more stable, but, the fees for USDT are among the highest.

Regardless of the type of cryptocurrency you go with, each and every one is still faster, more reliable, more private, and more secure than any bank, so you are good to jump on any crypto cruise that floats your boat!

Hot Drop Jackpots

Brand new on the casino floor, and burning a hole in our pockets, Hot Drop Jackpots are the newest way to crank up the thrills and make bank during a session of playing slots.

Hot Drop Jackpot games are played like any other game, except they come with three progressive jackpots that must trigger at three pre-set times:

  • Once every 60 minutes
  • Once every 24 hours
  • Once before it reaches a certain dollar amount

When you play Hot Drop Jackpots using crypto, those winnings are in your pocket and ready to buy a celebratory round of drinks at the bar within a matter of minutes.

Crypto betting is the most popular way to play games at Bodog Casino because the benefits are instant and obvious. It’s faster, more secure, more reliable, and saves you money on fees. If you haven’t already experienced the gaming benefits of Bitcoin betting, now is the time to open up a wallet and see for yourself why Bitcoin betting is the number one way to play.