Latest Bonus Spins and Promotions


Latest Bonus Spins and Promotions

Welcome, guest, to Canada’s house of online casino bonus spins and giveaways. In the Bodog house, we like to say knowledge is power, so allow us to guide you through our offerings. 

When you stay up to date with the latest bonus spins and promotions, you leave our house with big paydays. And truth be told, we love for you to get paid. 

What are the latest promotions at Bodog? 

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Be it a casino welcome bonus or cashing in from a refer a friend bonus – Bodog is always upping the ante with legendary promos to claim. 

These are the newest bonus spins at Bodog:

  • Casino Bonus: 100% extra on your deposit up to $600 (amazing for slots!)
  • Poker Bonus: 100% extra on your deposit up to $1000
  • Sports Bonus: 100% extra on your deposit up to $200
  • Refer a Friend: 200% extra on your friend’s first deposit up to $100 

Choose a promo, claim it, and get playing. 

Winning isn’t so difficult after all, is it? 

Best Bitcoin Promotions at Bodog

Are you a fan of Bitcoin and all things crypto? If you’ve been at Bodog for a while, you know we definitely are. Saw the movie, bought the t-shirt. Told our friends.

That’s why we have the best online Bitcoin promotions, hands down – and we’re always coming up with new ones. Check out the freshest Bitcoin promos here: 

  • Bitcoin Casino: 150% extra on your first deposit up to $900
  • Bitcoin Sports: 100% extra on your first deposit up to $300

If you like free money while disrupting the financial establishment, then Bitcoin and Bodog are your twin best friends. 

How to Earn Bonus Spins when Playing Online Slots

How to Earn Bonus Spins when Playing Online Slots


Our casino bonus spins don’t end with your first deposit. Bodog can’t help but gift you even more (because that’s how we roll). We give you the chance to win free bonus spins when playing slots, too.

All you have to do is start playing, and the game will let you know what you’ve won. 

It’s like this:

  1. Choose your favourite game (hot tip: check out the next section)
  2. Place your bet and the number of pay lines you’d like to play (if you’re feeling boss, then push the “MAX BET” button to play on ALL the pay lines)
  3. Push the SPIN button, and let it roll, baby

Slots with the Most Casino Spins and Multipliers 

So where can you really get the most free spins?

Watch out for the following:

  • 5-reel slots
  • Classic slots
  • 3D Slots
  • Live Slots

A game for every season, a flavour for every palate. 

Your online bonus spins house at Canada’s Bodog casino

Never forget that we’re all about giving: free spins, huge payouts, and hundreds of insanely fun slots with legendary bonuses. 

A little gift of knowledge, because we want you to get paid.