Five Tips for Playing Bitcoin Slots

Five Tips for Playing Bitcoin Slots

Believe it or not, it’s been almost 15 years since Bitcoin was invented. This was the first properly decentralized digital currency, with no banks, government agencies or other third parties getting in between people and their money. If you started collecting Bitcoin way back then, you’re probably a millionaire several times over by now.

For the rest of us, Bitcoin remains a very important tool for getting business done. You can use it to move money quickly and securely across the internet – and into your Bodog Casino account, where you can use it to play all of the great games on our menu.


As always, the online slots are the most popular games here at Bodog. You’ll get the most bang for your buck by using Bitcoin (or any of our other accepted digital coins, including Ethereum) to play, but you can also improve your results by following our top five tips for playing Bitcoin slots.

1. Read the Paytable

Every game at Bodog Casino balances risk and reward, and slots are no exception. You bet a certain amount of money per spin (risk), and get paid a certain amount when you win (reward). To better understand your risk/reward balance, always consult the paytable for your chosen slots before you play.

The paytable for each slot at Bodog can be found by launching the game, then selecting Rules (or a similar category) from the menu provided. For example, if you play 777 Deluxe, you’ll find the paytable by selecting the “hamburger” icon at the top-left corner of your display, then selecting Rules, which will present you with a drop-down menu that includes the paytable information.

That information is gold – particularly when playing Bitcoin slots. You’ll see the payouts for all the “low” and “high” symbols in your chosen game, and how they escalate depending on how many symbols you match. Combine this with the other payouts you can win – like the progressive jackpot that’s attached to 777 Deluxe – and you’ll have a much better understanding of the risk/reward ratio for the game you’re playing.

2. Learn Your Bonus Symbols

Also included in the Rules section is a full explanation of the extra symbols and Bonus games that you’ll encounter with your chosen slot – like the special green, blue and red Sevens in 777 Deluxe. These are usually the highest-paying symbols in the game, unlocking special Bonus rounds and giving you the opportunity to win Free Spins, and/or big prizes with multipliers attached.

In theory, you could just go ahead and start playing without learning all the symbols, but then you wouldn’t be able to follow the action and know when you’re on the verge of hitting it big. And there are a small handful of Bonus games that require a base level of skill to play. Knowing your symbols will allow you to master these games and maximize your return.

3. Stay Consistent With Your Stake

This is one of the most important tips for any game you play at Bodog Casino. Again, aside from the occasional bonus round, online slots are games of chance. Using “progressive betting” systems like the Martingale will not improve your results in the long run.


The smarter approach is to plan your slots sessions so that they last a certain length of time, or number of spins. You can do this more effectively by figuring out the Return to Player (RTP) for your game, using the paytable information we mentioned earlier, then choosing the right bet size for your bankroll and your desired session length.

Once you have your bet size ready, stick with it throughout your session – don’t start betting bigger to chase your losses (or wins), or your session will be at risk of ending sooner than planned. And make sure to stop playing once you’ve reached your time/spin limit. The games will always be there for you the next time you log in at Bodog Casino.

4. Bet on Multiple Paylines

Here’s a tip that even some of the veteran slots players overlook: If you want to get the maximum payouts from your bonus rounds, many games require you to bet the maximum number of paylines per spin – not unlike the Video Poker games at Bodog, where you get the super-sized Royal Flush payout only when you bet the maximum five coins at once.

Some of the slots at Bodog have hundreds or even thousands of paylines, depending on how many rows and reels there are in the game, so again, check the rules for your game to see what the requirements are for your bonus rounds, and choose the appropriate paylines to bet on.

You still need to make sure you’re betting the same amount per spin, though. If you were betting, say, $1 on a single payline, and your chosen game requires 10 paylines to qualify for the top jackpot, bet 10 cents per line – and stick with that bet size, just like we recommended in Tip No. 3.

5. Enjoy Bodog’s Bonus Offers

Online slots are always more fun when you’re winning some free cash on the side. Bodog Casino offers regular bonuses to our players – bonuses that get bigger when you opt for some Bitcoin slots fun or other digital coins to play.

The biggest of these is the 100% Casino Bonus for new players. Make your first deposit at Bodog, and we’ll match it dollar-for-dollar, giving you up to $600 in free bonus cash. We’ll even throw in 50 free spins on the Gods of Luxor slot. Use Bitcoin to make that deposit, and we’ll match that amount by 150% for up to $900.

Other bonuses are available throughout the year at Bodog Casino too, so check out our Promotions page to learn more, and we’ll see you at the slots.