How To Bet On eSports


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Question: What happens when you pit two hardcore gaming enthusiasts against each other?

Answer: More lucrative opportunities for cashing out. Which is way better than a punchline.

Esports is where it’s at. 

From breathtaking CS:GO matches to strategic wars on Dota2, the sky’s the limit. But you can only reach great heights with great information

Bodog is here to put you on top of your eSports betting game

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eSports Betting Odds

In order to leverage games for a sizeable wallet expansion, you need to be familiar with eSports betting odds. Because, surprise surprise: the better the odds, the better your chances of winning. 

Keep in mind the odds in eSports change vastly depending on the teams fighting – so always check them just before you wager. 

But this is a taste of what we’ve got going now:

eSport : CS:GO
Match : Team Liquid – Gen.G
Bodog Odds (Win) :
Team Liquid: 1.40 / Gen. G: 2.80     
Competitors Odds (Win) : NordicBet – Team Liquid: 1.39 / Gen. G: 2.75

eSport : League of Legends
Match : Cloud9 – FlyQuest
Bodog Odds (Win) : 
Cloud9: 1.211 / FlyQuest: 4.00   
Competitors Odds (Win) : 
10bet – Cloud9: 1.20 / FlyQuest: 3.95

eSport : Dota 2
Match :  Team Secret – OG
Bodog Odds (Win) :
Team Secret: 1.222 / OG: 3.85
Competitors Odds (Win) :  10bet – Team Secret: 1.20 / OG: 3.75

eSports Betting Tips

We consider ourselves as fairly smart bettors around here. We never suggest throwing your money into something before we gift you our pearls of wisdom, and a word from the wise. In this case, that would be Bodog. I suppose that makes these words pearls. Pretty. 

Follow these 4 tips for best eSports betting practices. 

1. Set a Budget

Your bankroll is what allows you to have fun with your money and go all-in. Only if you follow it, though. If you find reasons to overspend, you’ll end up losing your funds for placing more bets later. At that point, the party is over. Good day, Sir. I said good day! 

Always ask yourself: How much money am I willing to lose today from eSports betting? 

Then do the following:

  • Set your bet range: Keep it between 1-2% of your total bankroll
  • Set your winnings cash-out goal: Define a milestone you have to hit and automatically cash out your winnings

Now that your bankroll is sorted, you get to think about the game.  

2. Know Your Game

You wouldn’t enter an MMA match with your eyes closed, unless you have the nose of a bloodhound. It’s the same for eSports. Throwing your money on a game you don’t know is like throwing punches in the dark. 

If you’re interested in eSports betting on Fortnite, then you should probably start investing some time in playing Fortnite. Basically, the more time you spend getting to know the game, the easier it will be to spot opportunities and make winning bets. 

Then once you’ve gotten a feel for the games you’re interested in betting on, hone in even more. 

3. Specialize in a Game

Specializing is good and bad. Bad because it reduces your betting field. Good because it makes you an expert in the game. And remember. Expert player = expert bettor = expert winner.

If you don’t want to play the game, then become a fan. Know the teams. Read the latest news.  

Believe it or not, something as simple as actually knowing what you’re betting on will give you an advantage over your fellow betting brethren. That and graduating from the Bodog School of eSports Betting, obviously.

4. Check the Stats and Pre-Vet Each Event

Research pays here, ladies and gentlemen:

  • Check the stats of previous encounters. That will let you know which team to bet on and determine where your best chances are. 
  • Check the performance of each team in its latest encounters. Also helps you judge your best chances. 
  • See if there’s any news that could impact the performance of a team. That’ll tell you which unexpected options have a fair chance of happening. Like the underdog pulling through for a win, for example.

The point is, if you want to have a fighting chance here, you’ve got to tap into your inner Sherlock and investigate.  Elementary, my dear Watson.

Most Popular eSports to Play

We’ve talked about knowing your game. Even specializing in a single one. But what it comes down to in the end is how smart you are when you pick the game.  

And when it comes to picking a game for eSports betting, popularity is the thermometer of cash. 

Think of it this way: in the world of popular games, where there are people, there is money. 

When a game is popular, like Fortnite with 80+ million players, more matches and tournaments are scheduled. You also get new leagues with fresh players rolling in regularly. 

That means you have more opportunities for new bets, and more new players to bet on. And the more bets you can make, yep. You guessed it. The more rewards you can reap.

Here are some eSports with a huge player base to take advantage of: 

  • League of Legends: 80+ Million monthly players
  • Fortnite: 78+ Million monthly players
  • CS:GO: 20+ Million monthly players
  • Dota 2: 11+ Million monthly players
  • Rainbow Six: 2.9+ Million monthly players
  • Starcraft II: 2+ Million monthly players

Major Tournament Schedule

Esports tournaments are the same as regular sports tournaments (maybe minus the head injuries – but you never know with gamers). You have multiple teams meeting to battle each other until you have a winner. The winner then goes home with a huge cash prize. Like… multi-million dollar huge (Fortnite World Cup: $100M+ dollars).

Major Tournament Schedule


These are some upcoming eSports tournaments to watch out for at Bodog. Keep in mind they’re always changing – so check the site for a full list:

June 2020 Events :

  • 16/06-21/06: BLAST Premier Spring Series Finals 
  • 20/06-21/06: Call of Duty League Week 12 
  • 20/06-22/06: Overwatch League Week 20
  • 20/06-28/06: ONE Esports Singapore Major 

July 2020 Events :

  • 03/07-05/07: DreamHack Valencia 
  • 03/07-19/07: Mid-Season Invitational 
  • 04/07-06/07: Overwatch League Week 22
  • 06/07-12/07: ESL One Cologne 

August 2020 Events :

  • 01/08-03/08: Overwatch League Week 26
  • 18/08-23/08: The International 2020 
  • 22/08-23/08: IEM Melbourne

Other Sports Betting Available

Remember when we said the sky’s the limit? Now you’re a little closer. Bodog has over 20 markets for sports betting, besides the ones outlined here for eSports.

From football and baseball to boxing, MMA, and niche sports like snooker and table tennis, Bodog gives you a one-stop platform to wager and win.  

Best odds. Biggest Coverage. Fattest Rewards.

That’s Bodog betting, folks. May the odds be ever in your favor.