A Night With Cleo Game Review

The rewards that await you when you step into Cleo’s chambers will have you shaking in disbelief. Find out why A Night With Cleo is one of our most popular games online at Bodog.

When it comes to an online casino like Bodog, online slots games are the bread and butter of games, and popular slots like A Night With Cleo are the heroes of the entire floor.

You only need to take a quick look at Cleo herself to understand why. Not only is she stunning, with raven black hair and piercing eyes, she’s also the most famous Pharaoh from Egypt; the one and only leader of her people, wife to Caesar, mistress to Marc Antony, and keeper of the land’s wealthiest secrets.


And yet, what you find inside Cleo’s palace may surprise you. Rendezvous with the Pharaoh often results in much more than your standard fare of free spins and multipliers. Those are included, for sure, but it’s the mature content waiting in her secret chambers that will really stoke your desire for a night with Cleo, again and again.

Enter the palace, if you’re up to it, and dance with your femme fatale.

A Night With Cleo Gameplay & Design

The A Night With Cleo online slot has a fairly typical setup of five reels, three rows, and 20 fixed paylines. The game takes place over the Nile when the moon is high, and stars sparkle off the still water.

The symbols are ancient Egyptian treasures of gold, such as the eye of Horus, a scarab, golden rings, and playing card symbols adorned in golden frames.

There are numerous features to hold your interest during the game, but the biggest draw is in the X-rated gamble feature and the randomly awarded progressive jackpot with no max bet.

The betting range is generous, starting at just $0.2 for the minimum and reaching all the way up to $200. With an RTP of 95.45%, it’s not the highest on offer, but it’s more than enough for a savvy, discerning player to take advantage of the features and enjoy the sensual theme.

A Night With Cleo Features

Your meeting at the palace in Egypt starts out innocent enough. You’ll find golden Egyptian relics, jewels, and Cleo herself making an appearance on the board. Through the ethereal chimes of wins throughout the base game, titillating features begin to sprout up and elevate your heart rate a little faster each time.

Cleo Wild

The striking face of Cleo herself serves as your wild. Whenever she appears in the base game, Cleo can transform any regular symbol to help you form a win – and double your rewards as she does.

Keyhole Scatter

Visitors to Cleo’s palace often ache with a yearning for the key to her heart. There will be time for that, and one way to get closer to Cleo is to land the keyhole scatters. If you’re sharp enough to land three, Cleo will take notice and invite you to join her in the lounge for free spins and…more.

Double Up Gamble Feature

Whether or not you’ve earned the Pharaoh’s attention through the free spins round, she offers you a further chance to prove your worth.


Cleo is searching for a brave soul; a risk-taker. After any winning spin in the base game, she will allow you to enter the gamble feature to play your winnings for double or nothing. Each time you guess the correct hand that Cleo holds a flower, your prize amount doubles, and she rewards you by removing an article of clothing. Guess it correctly five times, and you’ve got a hefty prize on your hands, as well as a totally bare Pharaoh from the waist up.

Random Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot in this game is configured to trigger at random at the conclusion of any spin. Unlike many other progressive jackpot games that require you to play on the max bet in order to win, this one will allow you to win on a bet of any size. Keep in mind, Cleo prefers those who aren’t afraid to lay down higher bets, and the game is designed to give better chances to these players.

A Night With Cleo Bonus Round

Free Spins

When you follow Cleo into a private room after landing at least three keyhole scatters in the base game, she offers you 15 free spins to enjoy while she lays back and watches you at work. As you witness your spins unfold, Cleo eyes you seductively from the sofa, daring you to come closer as she triples your wins, even offering to retrigger your free spins all the way up to 180.

Titles Similar to A Night With Cleo

If just one night with the beautiful Cleo wasn’t enough for your taste, there are other games that feature women just as steamy, some even featuring Cleo herself in yet another form.

Forbidden Slot

In Forbidden Slot, the forces of good and evil are mortalised into the forms of two stunning women that come bearing wild multipliers and 10 free spins with multipliers of 3x your total bet.

The ladies are accompanied by their bucking white and black stallions, wearing gothic lingerie that’s stretched thin over their voluptuous human flesh. They appear as extra-large symbols, which can take over a partial or an entire reel at a time, and sometimes even display their unification in a performance of forbidden human desire.

Cleopatra’s Gold

Cleo is back with yet another progressive jackpot, but this time she’s got a lot more wealth to offer with Cleopatra’s Gold.

As the PG version of A Night With Cleo, this is a game you can safely play in the company of wandering eyes. Just because Cleo isn’t showing off her sex appeal doesn’t mean she isn’t still the same generous Pharoah that she always was. In this game, Cleopatra offers 15 free spins with tripled wins, as well as a progressive jackpot that can be won at the conclusion of any game, much like her kindness in A Night With Cleo.


Oh, we almost forgot. A Night With Cleo is also one of three titles where Bodog players can enjoy the new and exciting Hot Drop Jackpots. With hourly, daily and super jackpots up for grabs, there’s a reason why Hot Drop Jackpots are the talk of the town right now.

The online slot review of A Night With Cleo is merely the beginning of your adventures with the pharaoh. As we speak, Cleo is waiting for you in her private chambers with her hands outstretched, hoping that you’ll stop by and take her for everything she’s worth.