War: Bodog’s Newest Card Game

war online casino game

Bodog Casino is the No. 1 place for Canadians to play online casino games day and night. We have a massive selection of games and we’re constantly adding more, as we search for the latest and greatest games on the market. One such game that we added recently is War, which you may recall playing as a child, depending on where you grew up.

Known as Battle in the UK, War has two people face off in quick rounds of single-card draws. The person with the higher card wins the round and takes both spent cards and places them at the bottom of their stack. In the event of a tie, both players go to war by putting down three cards and then revealing a fourth that determines the winner. The person with the higher card takes their opponent’s spent cards to add to their stack. Whoever runs out of cards first loses the war.


Creating a casino version of War required some modifications of the original card game, but it maintains the fast pace of play and overall simplicity. Out of all the online card games in our casino, this one is the best for people who want fast and easy action, like casino slots, but prefer to stick with cards instead of spinning reels. It’s just you against the dealer in War, and most rounds are concluded after a single card is dealt. Learn all of the ins and outs of War, beginning with the game rules.

War: Game Rules

Instead of being pitted against a peer like in the original game, the casino version of War pits you against the dealer, who will shuffle six decks before each round. Both you and the dealer are dealt one card each, and if you took the standard bet, you win if you have the higher card. Fortunately with the casino version of War, you win money instead of cards.

The card ranks are the same as the original game and self-explanatory for most people who’ve played card games before. Twos are the lowest and each rank increases incrementally as you go up, with Aces being the top-ranked cards in the game. Suits are irrelevant.

Should you and the dealer be dealt the same ranked card (for example: 6c and 6d), you have two options. You can declare “War” to continue on and raise the stakes; this will require putting down a second bet of equal value to the first. Alternatively, you can surrender and end the round at that point, retrieving half of your original bet.

If you opt for War, three burn cards are placed face down on the table beside the dealer, and then you and the dealer receive one card each, face up. Whoever has the higher card wins the war. If you and the dealer tie, you win.


One added layer to the casino version of War is the “Tie” bet. This bet wins when you and the dealer both land matching ranks during the base game, and as you’ll see shortly, it pays a premium. You do not have the option to go to war if you bet on the Tie. The round finishes with you collecting your payout.

War: Bets, Odds and Payouts

As mentioned, War has just two betting options to start off the round: you can bet on the Tie, or the Bet, or both. These bets have $0.20 minimums, making War appropriate for any sized bankroll. For the Bet to win, you must be dealt a higher card than the dealer; the payout is 1-1.  For the Tie to win, you and the dealer must receive the same rank (suits have no impact) bupon the first deal; the odds of this happening are much lower, which is why the payout is 11-1.

Should you wage war on the dealer, you must add another bet that’s equal to your original bet. If you tie or beat the dealer, you get a payout that’s 3X your original bet. However, if the dealer beats you, you lose both of your bets. That’s the risk of going to war.

War: Strategy

War is a very simple game to play, and despite that, the returns are pretty good. When played optimally, the RTP is 97.30%. The 2.70% house edge puts War on par with European Roulette. However, one thing to keep in mind is the Tie bet’s significantly lower return of 88.75%. That is still better than what you’ll find at many other casinos that pay only 10-1, but it’s still best to use the Tie sparingly, for entertainment purposes, assuming you want to maximize your returns.

War: Features

If you’re one of the many casino players who enjoy tracking a game’s outcomes to look for patterns, you’re in luck with War. This game includes a Roadmap feature that shows the results of the last 10 rounds at all times. You have the option of checking out the outcomes of the last 50 rounds by selecting the Road Map button. On the map, D represents a dealer win; P represents a player win, and T is a Tie win.

War is available to play free of charge using Practice Play mode in our casino. You’ll get a pretend bankroll to use while you learn the ropes of this popular new game. If the game passes muster, you can play for real money payouts by using Real Play mode. You’ll need to have money deposited into your bankroll and an account set up with us to play for real. Then, it’s time to head out to the battle field and relive the childhood memory of this classic card game.