Play Roulette Online at Bodog: Your Options

Play roulette online

Roulette might be the most important invention ever to hit the casino floor. Not only is it the most beautiful piece of machinery in the room, the roulette wheel was also the spark for a whole new branch of mathematics: probability theory. Our understanding of important concepts like odds and randomness would be incomplete without the work Blaise Pascal did using his early versions of the wheel in the mid-1600s. If you want to play roulette online, Bodog is THE place for you.

You don’t have to be a math wizard like Pascal to appreciate the game of roulette. In fact, online roulette is one of the easiest games we have on the menu at Bodog Casino – maybe the easiest. The only tough decision you have to make is which of our many roulette games to play. We’ll help you choose by looking at three specific games at Bodog, and what makes each of them tick.

Gold Roulette

This is the newest table game at Bodog Casino, and it’s a great place to start if this is your first chance to play roulette online. Gold Roulette features the “European” wheel, which contains all of the numbers from 1 through 36 marked alternately in red and black, plus the single-zero (“0”) marked in green. We’ll take a closer look at that wheel in a moment.

Gold Roulette is especially good for beginners because it takes the classic roulette table features that you’ll see at the live casinos, and presents them to you on an extended display that’s very easy to read, even if you’re playing on the go using your mobile. The display focuses on the layout while you’re placing your bets, showing you all of the different boxes where you can put your chips. After your bets are in, the focus shifts to the wheel, so you can see (and hear) the roulette ball as it spins and falls into the pockets.

In addition to the extended layout, Gold Roulette gives you some new ways to bet on roulette – including the opportunity to “Double or Nothing” at the end of each winning spin. All of the different bets will be explained in full detail when you tap or click the question mark icon (“?”) at the bottom left of your display. You’ll be shown the payouts for each bet you can make, ranging from even money for bets like Red/Black to a high of 36-to-1 for betting on any Single number.

American Roulette

When they make their first visit to Bodog’s online casino, Canada-based roulette players often reach for the game that’s most familiar to them: American Roulette. The American wheel is found at most bricks-and-mortar casinos in Canada and the United States, having made its way over from France during the founding of Quebec and the early days of the Mississippi riverboats.

The main difference between the American and European wheels is the additional double-zero (“00”) you’ll find on the former. This means there are 38 numbered pockets on the American wheel instead of 37, which leads to a higher house edge of 5.26% for every bet (except for the Top Line/Basket bet at 7.69%) in American Roulette, compared to 2.70% for the European game.

American Roulette is also a simpler game than its European cousin. You won’t find the same “racetrack” bets that you will on the European layout – including when you play Gold Roulette – just the standard “inside” bets like the Single (one number), Split (two numbers) and Street (three numbers), and the popular “outside” bets like Red/Black and Odd/Even.

Bodog Casino also allows you to experience American Roulette in two ways: the Classic version, with the familiar casino-style felt, and the “New” version, with its streamlined layout that’s very easy on the eyes. Try each one for free using the Practice mode to see which you prefer before committing to play roulette online.

European Roulette

Finally, we return to the same European wheel that’s used in Gold Roulette. It’s easy to get confused about which came first: the wheel with just the single-zero, or the one that includes the double-zero. The first wheels used in France actually featured both zeroes, then the single-zero wheel was introduced in Germany in 1843 as a promotional gimmick. Despite this, the European wheel still gets called the “French” wheel in many parts of the world.

That’s partly because of those “racetrack” bets we mentioned above. Alongside the bets you can make with the American game, European Roulette provides a special section for “call” bets, also known as “announced” bets. These bets all have French names, as follows:

Voisins du Zero (“Neighbours of Zero”): A nine-chip bet that covers all 17 numbers on the wheel between the 22 and the 25, inclusive.

Tiers du Cylindre (“Thirds of the Wheel”): A six-chip bet on the 12 numbers between 27 and 33, inclusive.

Orphelins (“Orphans”): A five-chip bet on the remaining eight numbers between the Voisins and the Tiers.

All three of these bets have their own spaces marked on the inside of the racetrack oval. Just put your chips in that space to place your bet, and the automatic croupier will do the rest. You can also place a Neighbours bet on any of the numbers on the racetrack, which will cover that number plus the two to the left and right on the oval. For example, “2 and the Neighbours” will be a 5-chip bet on 17, 25, 2, 21 and 4.

Again, you have your choice of Classic European Roulette or the new streamlined version when you play at Bodog Casino. There is also a second version of European Roulette that we added to our menu not too long ago; this game gives you most of the same visual elements you’ll find in the Classic version, but with a simpler look and the ability to bring the roulette wheel onto and off of your display anytime you like.

If you’re still keen to play roulette online, we have tons of informative articles here at Bodog Casino that will help you get the most fun out of your time at the wheel. Our FAQ and Help guides will also give you the full rundown of what you can expect, so take the time to check them out, and we’ll see you at the tables.