How to Play Bingo Goal

For those of you who like your soccer but haven’t yet strayed down the garden path of bingo, we’ve got the perfect game for you - Bingo Goal, and today we show you how to play it.

Can you ever get enough soccer? We’ve watched on with the rest of the world as the Champions League unfolds, match by thrilling match, eager to get to the moment where we’ll know, once and for all, which team – Liverpool or Real Madrid – are truly the best in the UEFA tournament.


While you’re giving your Champions League betting slips one last lingering look before you pick your winner, there’s another game out there that isn’t played on a schedule – except for yours. This is your shot at the top prize, but when you get the ball, you’re going to break all the rules. Leave the fancy footwork aside, because this playing field is (gasp!) all hands.

Foul! Red card! Penalty kick! Where are the refs?

Bingo, But Not As You Know It

Relax. Bingo Goal at Bodog is a type of Bingo game, but it’s nothing like what you’ve played before. There are more cards, more balls, and more prize potential that you’d ever see at your local Bingo hall. Gameplay centres around soccer and leads up to a match-defining penalty kick, just like Bayern Munich had with Chelsea in the Champions League of 2012 – and the stakes are nearly as high.

Are you ready to see what you’ve got on the field? Lace up, and follow us.

Bingo Goal: This Is No Average Bingo Game

Unlike regular Bingo where you get one, maybe two, cards to play, Bingo Goal prefers to liven things up a little with four.

You are not required to play four cards, but doing so makes you eligible for the progressive jackpot, and it also increases your prize value overall. Makes sense, right?

You can expect intense action in this game, but real-world soccer experience is an optional extra. In Bingo Goal, your all-star skills come preloaded in the game, and the ball is configured to draw itself closer and closer to you at every kick.

When it comes to winning potential, long gone are the days of up/down/across as the only ways to win. With Bingo Goal, there are multiple winning configurations on the number card. Some patterns even trigger bonus rounds, and one very special pattern is the way to the biggest trophy in the game – the progressive jackpot.

Regular Bingo has its downers, like falling just one measly number short of a win. In Bingo Goal, that missing digit is a whole lot closer. If you’re just one number short of landing a pattern, the game will give you the option of buying more balls to get you across the goal line.

If certain patterns happen to overlap, the game automatically awards the highest win: SCORE!

To play, simply select your bet size, hit “PLAY” on the glaring green button, and watch the balls roll out. You always knew you’d be a champion.

Bingo Goal: Bonuses and Features

This Bingo game doesn’t stop at matching a few numbers and calling it a night. Prepare yourself for a long list of features that crank up the winning potential, and put you right in the centre of the action, surrounded by the faceless masses chanting your name.

Penalty Kick Bonus

If you land the bonus pattern (which you can see above the cards in the game), then you’ll want to take a deep, calming breath. It’s time for a penalty kick, and your entire team is depending on you. No pressure, though.

The stands go dead silent, and every wide eye on the stadium is fixed squarely on you. This is the biggest moment in your game, and possibly your career, and the fate of an entire team rests in the toe of your cleat.

For the penalty kick, you must click on a target to make it past the goalie and into the goal. If you manage, you win a cash prize, and your team’s entire fanbase lets out an almighty roar!

Extra Ball

If one round didn’t quite make it for you, it’s time to go back to the locker room to regroup. In the bingo game, the one missing number will be highlighted in yellow. You’re then presented with the option to purchase up to 12 more balls to try to get that last one. Simply select “No” if you’d like to end the round, or “Yes” if you’d like to buy another ball. This is your Captain Obvious speaking.

The last time we checked, the real-life pitch would never be this forgiving, but this game is played by Bodog’s rules, and we say it’s a go. A Bin-go. A Bin-Go-Go-AL. Somebody stop us.

Progressive Jackpot: BIIINGOOO!!

You’ve never heard such raucous cheering whenever one lucky ball player at Bodog dribbles down the field past a swarm of defenders and makes one final shot at the goal with seconds left on the clock, sending a curler past the goalie to slam right into that jackpot.

The opportunity is yours if you want it, as long as you play with four cards on a bet of four or higher. Then, you’ll be looking to hit Bingo in the first 30 balls. That’s your winning formula right there.

Then the game is yours, and the UEFA Cup has nowhere else to go but into your loving arms.

Change Cards

Another major plus of playing on the Bingo Goal field is the ability to change your cards however many times you want to before hitting “play”. Now that’s something you’d never see at the local Bingo hall, let alone on a real-life soccer field. No red ones, thanks very much.

Champions League Betting at Bodog

With your freshly won jackpot winnings from Bingo Goal, the only way up from here is to top it up with a winning bet slip from your Champions League betting at Bodog. You have filled one out, right? Good. A quick update!

As it stands, Liverpool is leading the books with +110 odds and a spread of -0.5. Real Madrid are the underdogs at +235 on the moneyline and a +0.5 spread. If Real Madrid can cover their spread, bettors that back the team get paid +235, as opposed to Liverpool’s +110.

If you’d prefer to combine the scores, you could also wager for the popular choice of over 2.5 or 3 for odds of -110, or under 2.5 or 3 with odds of -110.

Whether you’re getting some skin in the game with Bingo Goal or through betting on the Champions League, there’s a hefty prize pot waiting to be claimed by you. And if you play your cards right, you just might kick the goal of a lifetime.


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