Knockout Football Rush Game Review

Knockout Football Rush

The crowd is dead silent, and the penalty kicker takes a deep breath in. He lunges towards the ball in perfect form, smashing it with the top of his cleat… then the announcer shouts, “he shoots, he scores!!” and the fans erupt in cheers as they chant his name.

But the real question? Do you have what it takes to be on the pitch?

Knockout Football Rush is one of the best casino slot game with a sport theme, and it gives you the chance to be the star of the game.


Just as Lionel Messi blew us away with 91 goals in 2012 and Robert Lewandowski won the European Golden Shoe with 35 Bundesliga goals in 2021, you can enter this slot and gain the positioning and technique of these two superstars to score some major jackpot goals of your own.

Whether it’s the Premier League in the summer or the FIFA World Cup starting in November, online casino games like the Knockout Football Rush slot are the perfect way to put on your game face and show the world just what you’ve got.

Game Overview

Habanero is back with another thrilling game with a classic touch. The bonus features within the lit-up football pitch are enough to draw a crowd of eager fans. Depending on your talent on the reels, you have the chance to win up to a whopping $2,500,000 per spin.

Knockout Football Rush is done over 3 reels and 3 rows, and you get 6 paylines going horizontally and vertically.

A low minimum bet of $0.10 and ample multiplier features make it a great choice with decent profit potential for those with a small bankroll, and the max bet of $100.00 means high rollers have an opportunity to make some serious cash during game time.

The 96.88% RTP is considered very good, and with high volatility, that tends to award bigger wins more frequently, this game could have a potentially very profitable combination.

Now that the stands are packed, the players are pumped, and the whistle is about to blow, let’s walk onto the pitch and see what’s in store for our game.

Game Design

The competition takes place over a football field at night, bathed in light by the lamps. The bleachers are packed with an excitable crowd, and you feel the support as they cheer on your every move.

Soccer balls, whistles, goalie gloves, cleats, and an empty pitch roll through the reels as your regular symbols, and an adrenaline-pumping anthem keeps you focused on the game at hand.

Game Features

When you play slots online you play for the features, and the Knockout Football Rush slot does not disappoint.


While you run through the reels making yourself open for a player to pass, one of them may hear your calls and a ball might come your way. This football is your Wild, and it can substitute any other regular symbol to help you win.

Wild Multipliers

As the coach shouts orders from the sidelines and well-meaning fans contribute their advice through mouthfuls of crisps and sips of beer, you find yourself surrounded by football symbols on all sides, and multipliers start running rampant on the field.

  • 3-5 footballs: multiply your total wins by 2x
  • 6-8 footballs: multiply by 4x
  • 9 footballs: multiply your wins by 60x

Penalty Kick Bonus

As you take the ball and dribble in perfect form towards the goal, one of your rivals slips his foot in your path in an attempt to steal the ball, sending you flying face first to the ground, and anywhere from one to three Wild soccer balls show up on reel 3.


That’s a foul if you’ve ever seen one, and the ref blows his whistle and lifts the yellow card, possibly awarding you a penalty kick which is awarded at random.

During the penalty, the game screen drops out of sight and your best kicker takes position. They kick Wild footballs towards the reels and wherever they land, the balls stick in place. As the reels begin to spin again, the footballs move up the reels one row per spin, awarding wins as it goes.

RTP Explained

The RTP of this game is 96.88%, which is above average for similar slots. If you play the game over time, you could expect to get about 96 cents to the dollar back.

So let’s say you wager $100. A 96.88% RTP means you might expect to get just under $97.00 back thanks to the game’s features and rewards, although it won’t happen in just one or two spins.

The RTP is calculated as an average, and you’re bound to see fluctuations go up and down either way, especially in the short term.

Similar Titles

If you loved the rush of collecting sticky Wilds in Knockout Football Rush, then you’re going to go ballistic for the features in these similar games, too.

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This is the original game that Knockout Football Rush is based on. Knockout Football has a similar setup in terms of graphics and feel, but now there are 5 reels and 3 rows, and one bonus symbol with special payouts, and two bonus features called Super Striker and Knockout Free Games.

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You’d better have some energy left because Football Mania Deluxe gives you a sip of Gatorade and nudges you right back onto the field. The footballers in this slot have some personality, and a Football Bonus Matrix Table keeps score of all the footballs you land, awarding a big prize at the end for the more you get.

With world-class football events like the FIFA World Cup stealing our attention in real-life games, the best sports slots at Bodog are emerging from the locker room for another showdown as well. You have the chance to be the star of the game, so get your training in, then enter the field to play slots online with the Knockout Football Rush slot.